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This Isn't Facebook
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
You're right this isn't facebook - yet :p

We will be rolling out facebook connect next month, which has the ability to import all of your facebook friends, profile data and pictures right into footytube in just the click of a few buttons.

The point of the new community features is to offer somewhere for you to meet other like-minded footy enthusiasts and share videos and links and make friends with people that you wouldn't otherwise have met through your friend networks on facebook. It's a lot more niche specific, with fantasy football league, quizzes and prediction leagues coming out after the summer, footytube is really a melting pot for sharing all things footy with your friends.

So is it a simple-pimple site to watch videos? Yes, if you want it to be.

Is it facebook for football? Yes, if you want it to be.
Wayes (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Love the new site.... But with everyone's suggestions coming out, I'm getting the feeling that people want this to be more of a facebook thing. Fair play. But in my opinion, this is a simple-pimple site to watch football.... Man-stuff (and some really cool ladies).... No need for friends and blogs.... Ra ra ra.... Just good old football.

Ps: To the dude on the video who made the site.... Well done mate! Shame you support Southamton though....
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