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Status Appeals
[account-removed] 1 month ago
I was banned simply for stating that we (Barca) wanted Bellerin back
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 1 month ago
Actually you were put on Status, not banned. For the extremely poor timing of your comment. Exercise some tact next time, it'll be up to Godspeedysick to decide when to allow you to comment again
[account-removed] 1 month ago
Thank you but I would like to delete my profile
[account-removed] 1 month ago
Thank you but I would like to delete my profile
Spidermax (Arsenal) 2 months ago
Today I found out that my comments are not being shown for some reasons. After a while it will be shown. I guess a mod has to approve my comments.
It was weird for me that almost no one answered my posts and questions and now I know why.
I want to be able to talk to people while the topic is still hot and active. So if I can't have that please let me know so I don't exhaust myself talking to others while they won't see it.
Would appreciate it if I get quick answer
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 3 months ago
OK, I get banned because a word 'fuk off'. Then, what about Danipak's 'fukk off' on me at page 17? If this word 'fuk off' is inappropriate, what about 'asshole'? And so many other 'f**k off' at page 10 of arsenal forum? Why double standard? And only ban those have different opinions from these MOD?
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 3 months ago
Simple, you didn't report it and it got missed and buried in the rubbish. However when I check after the match and see your comment on the top page, that's pretty easy to spot. I will steadily go through all the pages and punish anyone who deserves it. You have been on the radar of the mods for awhile now for past rudeness so you are punished differently to somebody who has had a good reputation for longer than you have been on the site, I'm sure you understand that.

The Arsenal fans are disgracing themselves lately, it makes me very glad I no longer post on the forums as it has become a very unintelligent and increasingly disrespectful place
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 2 months ago
So when will I be off status?
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 2 months ago
Well you basically show no remorse for your actions, preferring instead to accuse mods of double standards. So I figured you can stay on Status for awhile and think it over. I would be thought someone who's been on Status before would have more sense
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 2 months ago
Lol first of all you have said 1 week. It's true there are other similar comments not removed. I do not report everything even until now because I knew if I do that, it will be a busy day for a MOD. I just ignore all the rude comments on others. Well, I don't argue back after your explanation, so when will I be off status exactly after you said a week last 10 days
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 2 months ago
Let me explain something to you. Status is a place for people to come to terms with what they've done wrong on the site, not a timed detention where you ignore us for a week and wait to be reinstated with no remorse for your actions whatsoever. I don't believe you care about our rules so this is what I'm going to do. I'll take you off Status. However since this is your second time on Status and you don't seem to care about the rules very much, the next time you step out of line and ignore said rules, you won't go back on Status, you will be banned outright
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 2 months ago
Man, please ! I do follow the rules, I admit I did make a mistake for the foul word, I really get mad whenever people speak about their frustration and someone else come and tell you to go support other team. Why would you sound like I make a mess and chaos here often? As far as I concern, I tried to follow the rules here as I can, and I believe the last time I got into so called provisional system whereby my comments will not appear until approved by a mod is about a year ago. I am not sure I get into so call 'on status' before this. And until then, I don't think I receives any warning or so.

I genuinely knew why I was here and I accept that, but what I was calling above is just a fair treatment. People like I mentioned above make way more foul words here than me, I got straight into status, but he don't even get a 'warning'? Seriously, I never report any comments ever, even if those are harsh on me or other people, because I knew that won't change their mind on us and of course it would make all the MOD busy. Also, I quite disappointed for you calling me not making sense. When I was unable to make comments, I came here to find out the reason that why only I am the one getting such 'on status' but not others, and their comments are not even removed, which is a fact back then. I accept your explanation, moved on and waited patiently as you told. If I am a person not making sense, I would go on and argue, to me that is very naive. However, I am quite shock that you have said I showed no remorse of my action. How?

I really enjoy this site, I have been here since 09 but finally make an account years after. footytube is one of my daily visit for years, even if I did not make comments, I come up and view people's opinions daily. I am really disappointed that I was here looked as a troll here to be honest, I tried to make contributions as I could. You did your job as a MOD here, I appreciate that. But of course, as what you have said to me, it looks like I am irritating to all. I promise I would slowly leave this site
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 2 months ago
Well perhaps you didn't mean it the way it sounded then but I read the initial comment as an accusation. If that's not the case then fine, we'll just move on. The person in question has never done anything wrong on the site. That doesn't mean I won't ask them to tone it down if I see them being rude, I always step in when I see that. My best advice is that if you get mad when you see someone squash another's opinion just ask them to chill rather than tell them where to go. Before I was a mod I got a name on the forums for defending others from attacks, there's no reason you can't do the same. You must understand however that we will always give less repeat chances to a user who's been on Status in the past. As I said to Viper before, I don't like to ban people for no reason EVER, in fact I don't like to ban people at all. So as long as you respect the rules then there won't be a problem. Enjoy the site mate
Ghanakid21 (Chelsea) 4 months ago
I just want to start by saying I know why I was put on status and that it was the right decision by the Mods. I was very angry that rival fans were coming in during Mourinho's sacking and making jibes at him and his career achievements (especially from Arsenal fans playing innocent, like they were trying to understand our pain, but really enjoying themselves taking shots at our predicament). I make it my mission on this site to never, go on other forums when one of us are going through harsh times because it's an easy way to either get enraged by comments and want to respond or laugh at their pain and want to chime in. We all want to be the guy that says "I told you so" it seems. Likewise, I'm sure if I went to rival forums at the time of Mourinho's sacking, I'd see a LOT worse and probably would want to respond angrily and get in a type-off internet battle.

It just adds insult to injury when rivals want to take their opinions (which, again, are rarely ever objective nor innocent of foul play) to our home base. It's like "can we please rage/cry/sneer in peace or among ourselves for a bit? "

Still, that doesn't give me the right to personally call someone pathetic and tell them to go "F" themselves. I understand that Dougie's comments about Mourinho still fall into the guidelines of what is allowed on this site and mine were not. I apologize to him and you, the Mods, for having to waste time with such needless internet quarrels.

As much as I'd like to be taken off status, reading some of the posts from my fellow Footytuber Blues about the Mourinho/CFC situation, makes me glad I'm not there to turn it into Captain America: Civil War.

If it is alright with you guys, I'd like to remain on status for the duration of the holidays so cooler heads can prevail and the Ghanakid can shed his battle armor.

Still love this site. Still come to it everyday to check what's being posted or just to watch the highlights.

Happy Holidays!
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 4 months ago
Well said mate, good on you for owning up to it. I have no problem with that, I'm satisfied that you understand and know you did the wrong thing. Original Status term was till after Xmas but if you wish to stay on it longer that can be done. Just post on a mod's wall anytime after Xmas if you want your account reactivated ok? As a side note Dougie actually asked to leave the site when I placed him on Status for the same argument, so any conflict between you both is resolved. Cheers and Merry Xmas
Ghanakid21 (Chelsea) 3 months ago
Hi Zilch! Happy New Year Mate!

After a good break, I think I'm ready to responsibly chip in again. Let me know when I can get my status lifted (went to a mod wall, but couldn't post).

Thank you!

DTaDiablo ((Footytube Staff)) 3 months ago
Hi Ghanakid,

Happy New Year to you; I hope you had a good time with your family / friends.

We're happy to take you off the status system now that Christmas period has passed. If you can allow a good hour or so then you should be able to contribute on the site how you used to.



[account-removed] 4 months ago
I was banned for making a post on Chelsea's forum which I felt was completely appropriate, and so did many on their users. A former mod even defended me, saying that although I had come at a tough time for Chelsea fans, I was within my right to say what I said.

I was defending myself after a personal attack from a user and did not resort to personal attacks myself.

None of what I said would remotely resemble "trolling", so I'm quite surprised and annoyed that my account has been banned
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 4 months ago
I put you on Status mate, all the mods are busy on holiday so I thought I'd help out for old time's sake. You should've known better than to go and call out Ghanakid on their forum. You have a history of antagonizing the Chelsea forum for your own amusement so is it really a suprise that you deserved this? I know what you were doing, don't act so innocent, any excuse to wind up their forum. Enjoy your Status, maybe I'll take you off as an Xmas present, if you've grown up by then. Good day.

And FYI, deliberately dodging the swear filter is NOT appreciated either
[account-removed] 4 months ago
Zilch would you mind doing us both a quick favor and deleting my account please? I'm not sure how to remove it
[account-removed] 4 months ago
Don't know why I have been banned....

Sure sometimes I can be less than subtle about my opinions on things but I feel that my being banned is pretty shallow.

I get the feeling it is because I called out @chelsea61 for calling Liverpool an average club.

Maybe your MODS shouldnt be publicly belittling other clubs especially when they are by far more prestigious against the compared.

Please explain....
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 4 months ago
3. Harassment of Members / I'm Policy
There is zero tolerance for predatory behavior. This includes stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy, or the revealing of other members' personal information. Do not abuse the instant messaging system, if someone doesn't wish to talk to you, please respect their privacy. In doing so, it is far more likely they will speak to you at a later date and far less likely that they will add you to their ignore list and/or report you for harassment. Anyone caught abusing this policy will be permanently banned from footytube

That's why. Their is however no rule against belittling another club on your OWN team forum, as long as it's within reason. If you can't help but get your precious feelings hurt by another user calling your club average, perhaps you should reevaluate your life. Given that on your wall is a string of warnings that you don't seem to care about, perhaps this will wake you up. I'll take you off Status after Xmas, good day.

Btw you're not banned, you're on Status. If you were banned you wouldn't have an account anymore
[account-removed] 4 months ago
Hi Zilch

Instant messaging. I didn't know footytube had I. M. Please provide evidence that I have been abusing any I. M policy! I literally have never spoken to anyone via Instant messaging on footytube so your claim that I have abused it is quite frankly a big load of bollox.
Along with this, your reply seems to be emotionally fueled. My "precious feelings"? "perhaps you should reevaluate your life"? Wow, seems very personal. Either I have got under your skin or your not very good at your job.

While I'm at it. Who exactly have I harrassed?

I thought this website was run relatively professionally but your reply is pathetic and seems like it was written by a hormonal teenage girl.

Hopefully I can see the next reply with a little bit of professional integrity.

As mentioned please can you provide evidence for your claims
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 4 months ago
If you want to be a smart ass, I'll keep you on Status till after New Years, you know full well what you did, you even stated it in your Status Appeal and you know it's for Harrassment of a member not the I'm policy. I don't have time to deal with children so either act like an adult or stay here for another week. Here's your proof, have a nice day.

"Massive LOL at @chelsea61 calling Liverpool an "average club" on the chelsea page.

Plastics do make me laugh....

He probably didn't know who Chelsea were before Roman came with all of his money.

What a joke. "

FYI, I'll treat you the way you treat me. Aiming barbs at mods, trying to paint them in a bad light etc is not the way to get in the good books. It's clear from your comment wall you don't give a damn about what we think so I thought I'd respond in kind and see how you like it.
[account-removed] 4 months ago
Wow I have really got under your skin havent I....

Besides I wrote it on our forum just as chelsea61 wrote on his. Surely you can't use double standards like that and pretend to have any professional integrity and/or moral highground!

This is laughable. We both know that I could just make a new account in about 2 minutes and just carry on my merry way.

[account-removed] 4 months ago
On top of that I have had 2 or 3 complaints in almost 2 years.

I called out your MOD bro. Get over it. Your making yourself look unprofessional and painting this website with a bad brush by displaying your playground counter arguments.

Plus your showing everyone that MODs can get away with sin while all the users are expendable
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 4 months ago
No you havent gotten under my skin at all, not personally. You're a clown, you made a personal attack on your forum whereas Chelsea61 made a comment about a club. One of these is against the rules of the site, the other is not. If you're too immature to recognise the difference I suggest you go and find another site.

I actually don't care how I look mate, people like you make this site worse and I'm tired of such attitudes
[account-removed] 4 months ago
Oh I'm a clown now.... And I havent got under your skin.... So you are using playground name callling and yet you are calling ME immature. I think you may need a little pat on the back to make you feel better about yourself while you are clearly trying to take advantage of your position of power on this website.

Is this how this websites representatives conduct themselves?

It is quite obvious that you don't care how you look, but obviously you are less than considerate about how you are representing this website.

Hopefully footytube can find more emotionally controlled and slightly more professional MODs in the future.

This has given me quite a pleasureable experience getting under your skin but as I'm sure you know, I'm just going to make a new account and carry on posting on here and lets face it.... There is nothing you can do about it.

Thanks for your time little buddy!
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 4 months ago
Perhaps you're unaware that I can actually ban each and every account you make, you're not the first to try that. Also creating a new account while still on Status is grounds for an immediate ban so make your choice. Your original Status Appeal was disrespectful and arrogant and has set the tone for how I've dealt with you. Why should I show you respect when you are giving none to us
[account-removed] 4 months ago
Sorry mate, I wasn't name calling in my status so actually I don't think it was nearly as shallow or disrespectful as yours.

Also, I am the customer and it is your responsibility to rise above any poor behaviour and diplomatically identify the resolve. But instead you handled it terribly.

Lesson learnt maybe....

Of course you could ban me on my next account but first you will have to identify me....
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 4 months ago
You think it's hard to identify you? I could tell you your address and full name if you like but I wouldn't ever disclose such information on a website. You're not hard to track believe me. You're not a customer, you've paid exactly ZERO to post on this website, therefore you are a freeloader and subject to any rules of the site, which you have willfully broken. I'm not going to be courteous towards someone who was quite obviously condescending towards the mods in his original Status Appeal. You want to talk properly? I might just change my tone but if you continue to be sarcastic and unapologetic then forget it.

If you want the inconvenience of having to recreate a new account every single time you're rebanned, then go right ahead, you're not the first to try and we have measures to prevent it. Or you could start talking normally and own up to what you did which is what you should've done straight away rather than criticise the mods and complain that it's not fair. You do understand this is a Status Appeal right? You aren't banned, just suspended
[account-removed] 4 months ago
I have various addresses and can easily lie in personal information.come in its hardly going to be difficult.

I am sorry for naming and shaming your MOD, but it surprises me how harsh you are willing to be against users while I have seen your MODS conduct themselves unprofessionaly on countless occasions.

Of course I understand that I am on status and not banned.

Please read back your messages and realise you have no authority to call anyone condescending ever....

I do realise I haven't apologised yet. My main feelings out of this conversation is surprise at how it is being handled. All of the name calling and condescending amd belittling replies has kind of deterred me from having any respect for you as an administrator to this site.
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 4 months ago
That's what the last person said as well, we have been provided with tools for such things. As I said before, if you choose to make a new account then you will be permanently banned. As it is currently, you haven't been. Read your first post and imagine you're me, there's no way you would've shown any respect either. Perhaps if you'd been less rude in the first place you'd have found me quite reasonable like so many others on this site. I am simply tired of the self entitlement attitude of so many users on this site who think it's fine to disobey the rules and ignore the mods. If you take a look at your own comment wall, you will see a warning post from Tomikato saying that next time there will be no warning. Hence why you went straight to Status.

You picked the wrong time to break the rules. What with Xmas holidays, Mou's sacking etc several people have found themselves on Status in the past few days
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 4 months ago
Quite frankly I'm sick of this whole "I'm a customer, you have to be nice to me while I get to aim sarcastic barbs and in general be a smart ass to you" attitude of so many users. Well I've got news for you, you don't pay a cent and I don't get paid a cent, which means I'm not going to put up with any rudeness, I'm just going to tell you how it is instead. Your original comment was enough for me to realise you had no intention of being polite so why should I be? This isn't my job, I volunteer my time. Which means I'm not going to waste it trying to be polite to someone who has no intention of being respectful in turn. Think about that. I can be perfectly reasonable when the user isn't dripping with condescension
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 4 months ago
Fun fact time, every comment you make has to be approved by a mod before it even appears on the site. Don't believe me? Try refreshing the page after posting. This is because you've been previously regarded as a troublemaker by the mods. So I'm afraid since I'm the only mod online atm, unless I happen to be around, you can't post anything, not even on here. But you knew that right? You know everything. Have a nice day Mr Spicer.

As you can plainly see, none of your comments are even appearing anymore. I didn't mention your first name as I wouldn't do that online, that would be invasion of privacy. As for your other account, you keep that. If you choose to use it, it'll be removed and so will any new accounts that you make. I still haven't banned this one yet so I have no reason to ban the other either, you make your choice what you want to do. It's clear to me you don't care at all about trying to publicly shame Chelsea61. Your opinion of me doesn't bother me in the slightest, I've helped far more users and done more for this site than you ever will. I could care less if you hate me, think I'm a jerk etc but I am telling you that you either respect the rules or find another site to enjoy yourself on. Now I'm going back to my day, I've wasted enough time on you
[account-removed] 4 months ago
Hey Zilch, just thought I would let you know that I have had a new account over the last couple of days and have posted since.

I don't plan on calling you out for what you are on a public forum but I do plan on talking football with the usual bunch.

Fun Fact Time - these have been messages just for you and not for other people.

Have a good christmas.
DTaDiablo ((Footytube Staff)) 4 months ago
Hey Yeafootball well as you know we have a one account policy and the fact you're using other accounts to bypass measures put in place will give us no option but to ban this account and other accounts and believe me we will find them.

Naming out mods is against our rules and clearly you have zero care in following some simple rules and being the customer doesn't give you special privileges. Chelsea61 is a well respected moderator on this site and gives it 110% and you can see that in the posts he makes throughout the website. We also abide by the same rules because us moderators are just fans of football and volunteers - that's all.

If you read back on your wall you can see you've had warnings from other moderators about your conduct so it's clear to me you don't like following rules!
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 4 months ago
Go ahead and call me out, I could care less, see how far it gets you. I'd wager I've helped a lot more people on this site than you have and I probably have a lot more friends. You want to post like a sneak go ahead but you haven't posted on the Liverpool forum, so I guess you'll have to enjoy the site without the freedom to post on your own team page. As Diablo said, you will be found, they always are and while you might hide for a bit, the fact you're a jerk guarantees you'll draw attention to yourself again, people like you always do. Enjoy wondering each time you log on whether or not your account will be deleted. All this because you're too immature to own up to what you did. Pathetic really
Joe420x (Chelsea) 6 months ago
Last I heard from the mods they said to take my comments to the Chelsea page. Also, I commented on a rival that was essentially trolling our page. Other than that I pinkie promise that ill watch my comments a bit closer
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 6 months ago
Your comment wall is full of mod comments of which most you haven't responded to and let enough time go by that the heat on you has died down. Its part of the reason we put you on status in the first place. Its been nearly a month since you were put on status and we did it to get your attention.

We appreciate your promise to tone down your comments. We will let you back on once We see you've responded to this. But know that any further attempts to mock rivals in their own forums will be met with a similar response
Joe420x (Chelsea) 6 months ago
I still think chelsea are finishing ahead of liverpool at very least.  
Joe420x (Chelsea) 6 months ago
Joe420x (Chelsea) 6 months ago
So. I was taken off status and put right back on before I was able to even make a comment. What kind of game are you all playing here?
MrBukLau (Chelsea) 8 months ago
I'm here to apologize for say "fuk off" 4 months ago. This was also why I got muted.

I need to get back to footytube asap. We still haven't played well since I left footytube.
1 win in the last 10 games for us, counting the pre-season friendlies.

And No EPL cleansheet since the start of the season, 2nd home loss in mourinho's 150 home games.

Please let me back asap, chelsea need me, I'm the special one behind the scenes
MrBukLau (Chelsea) 8 months ago
I admit I'm a completely different person and mature now after taking a break from footytube. All my comments made in the future will only be sensible one and will not contain any aggression
MrBukLau (Chelsea) 7 months ago
Can I get a reply please?
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 7 months ago
Hi Victor! Sorry for the late reply, I've been away for almost a week on holidays. I'm very glad you now understand why you were banned. I tried to help you last time but when you blew up it was out of my hands.

We will give you another chance. Please do your utmost to keep your comments civil. If you ever are really angry you can post anything you want to say on my wall, anything. As long as nasty comments aren't being made in public you'll be fine. If we do let you back on and you attack someone there'll be no recourse, it'll be a straight ban no questions. You ok with that?
MrBukLau (Chelsea) 7 months ago
Hi c61, thanks for yor reply, my long time mate. I pondered on my mistakes, and will show maturity now
Azeal (Liverpool) 8 months ago
I appeal, although I didn't offend anyone and the remark didn't even seem to offend the person I was supposed to be branded of offending. However, the almighty Moderators, have mercy of my soul and let me speak again
TheCheshireCat (Manchester United) 8 months ago
Sweet mods, i've been as good as can be, can I please be allowed to post again? Pretty please? I won't use bad language ever again I promise!
DTaDiablo ((Footytube Staff)) 8 months ago
Hey we all know you're very likely to use bad language , but it's really the way you've been attacking other users which is seriously wrong.

If you can edge back on the explicit language and refrain from referring to Real Madrid as 'Aids' and stop being combative; then you'll be fine
TheCheshireCat (Manchester United) 8 months ago
Ok I promise I won't call RM 'aids' or tell anyone to suck **** anymore.    
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 8 months ago
Ok, I do agree with that status I'm getting atm. It was quite over the line on my foul language. My bad. I promise to try my best to limit down those bad words, and will personally say sorry to that other user.

My bad and I'm totally fine with being on status for a while haha
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 8 months ago
Hi mate. Yeah, that was unexpected from you. If anyone is giving you problems you can always call on any mod. We're happy to see you've cooled down and accept your apology. Maybe don't worry about personal apologies unless you find it completely neccessary. Sometimes the person on the other end doesn't want to hear it and your pressence may reignite the argument unless you know the guy. So we'll get you off Status but we'll be keeping an eye out for a bit. You might see a slight delay in your comments reaching public eyes. This is part of our probationary period, if all goes well you'll have no mod restrictions in a couple weeks. Welcome back on mate!
Hadee318 (Liverpool) 8 months ago
@C61 Hi mate I want to explain what happened, but before I do, I hope you keep a record of the comments that are removed for future reference?
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 8 months ago
Hi Hadee318. To answer your question we do have records of every member's comments. We are open to second chances and you are not banned as of yet. We leave room for people to explain themselves. Going to another members wall with such a comment as you did is considered stalking, its written right in the guidelines. Only if you knew the person and that kind of nasty banter was accepted then there wouldn't be an issue. In this case however, the user reported your comments as abusive and we took action. You now have the floor. Please explain why you did what you did?
Hadee318 (Liverpool) 8 months ago
First of all I want to apologise for personally attacking the guy on his wall, it was uncalled for and it was silly of me to do that.

As for the reason behind my outburst, I just saw red when when he replied to my initial comment with a very aggressive tone and couldn't help myself from reacting and there's no excuse for that.

From what I can remember my comment was between Liverpool fans and the worst thing I said in my comment was at the end when I commented "stop chatting out of your arses" which surely isn't that bad, and I don't think it deserved such an aggressive reply from him, also it wasn't directly aimed at him, but to the thread in general.

So there you have it, If you could please explain why he replied to my initial comment with such aggression and wasn't reprimanded I will be grateful.

Also I would like to add if I find anything offensive in the future I will report it to the mods and not take action myself. Cheers mate
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 8 months ago
We are aware of the other party involved. He's no angel himself and we are keeping a close eye on him. His retaliatory comment was removed as well and I warned him on the Liverpool forum and got a response from him. And as it escalated so quickly and it was a busy day for us we took no further action as we felt putting you on status to cool down was all that was neccessary at the time.

We're satisfied with your demeanor now and are willing to let you back on the forums. Keep in mind, your comments may be a bit delayed as we will be monitoring them during a probationary time in which we see proper conduct from you and after we're satisfied that you are playing nice you'll be taken off our monitoring system. If that is acceptable to you then we can proceed with taking you off status. Last request: do not attempt to go back to Azeal's wall and try to avoid digging up the past. The scales tip in his favour right now in terms of how your interaction went so just let it slide. And if you are provoked by him please report the post but only if it is against community guidelines.

Once I see your response agreeing to these terms we will let you back on. Please try to learn from this. We do our very best to not go straight to banning people unless they show no remorse for their actions. You've responded exactly how we would have wanted so we're willing to give you a second chance mate
Hadee318 (Liverpool) 8 months ago
Thank you. I agree to the terms and I won't let you down
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 8 months ago
I left a note on your wall. You're back in
Azeal (Liverpool) 9 months ago
[account-removed] 9 months ago
@C61 Yours is an overly abusive decision. I have already accepted what KGB proposed and you feel the need to pin me down more. That's f*****g sadistic!

For the record, my posts on liverpool page are not troll, even the mods agree with that, several times. I agree I can be contentious at times but that reason is nowhere good enough. Your sole reason to ban me from their page is because the loudmouth portion of their fans don't like to read my comments, and that is the dumbest reason ever. I have already apologized for my past offense several times but you still feel the need to dig that up once more to justify yourself.

Me being on their page frequently is a fair reason to ban me now? Where on the site rule does it state we must be liked where we post? This is not some f*****g rainbows and lollipops world, if they and you can not take banter from time to time with a pinch of salt then go FCK yourself with them. And don't you dare talk to me about respect, because I have always been respectful, everywhere, even towards the worse liverpool fans when they threatened me over and over.

If I am no longer free to say what I wanna say, out of fear of their reactions, then I prefer sign out for good. When banter is no longer tolerated the concept of a forum is dead. When you do not know the difference between banter and troll then how can you be a mod anymore?

Let me trouble you one last time and ask you to remove my account. All the best to you irl.

[account-removed] 9 months ago
Feel free to delete whatever you want to cover your asshat btw. Ciao!
NaijaCarefree (Chelsea) 9 months ago
Hi guys,

I am here to apologise for my behaviour in the past especially towards C61 and having had time to reflect in the last couple of months I have missed all debate and fun on this site. Should have done this earlier but had a lot on my hands these last couple of months and I am just beginning to find more spare time now. I promise to be of good behaviour
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 9 months ago
Hi Naija, things are running a little slow right now. I'll discuss letting you back on with the orher mods. I'll get back to you in a bit, probably a couple days
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 9 months ago
Also, appology accepted. I know you were just starting to get the hang of things here when you were banned. And I felt bad about having to let you go regardless of what was said. If the others agree you'll be let back on but you'll see a slight delay in your comments as you'll be under review from the mods. If you can accept that and promise to play nice your chances of being let back on are good. Be in touch soon
NaijaCarefree (Chelsea) 9 months ago
Thanks C61.... I accept your condition hook, line and sinker and looking forward to when I'll be allowed back on
Tomikato 9 months ago
Hello Naija. I should remind you that the whole episode started out when you attacked me with some really abusive mannerisms - with no regard for any decency. Any reason why you decided to conveniently leave that out of your apology?

Here - a look at both our walls will refresh your memory.

Link: [go to page 3]


In addition to that you have lost your cool several times while attacking other members of the site. So - it is important that you understand that your ban was a culmination of multiple strikes from your side. Your return to this site depends on a couple of things

1) You go back and review your behavior from the last day or two when you were banned and come back and apologize for that (and not leave a sneaky apology like above)
2) You realize that you cannot attack other users and genuinely assure us that you will stay out of trouble and respect others
3) Anything else that fellow Mods will add in addition to these points
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 9 months ago
Hey Naija,

Us mods would be happy to let you back in and give you a second chance, but for that to happen we need to know that you understand what's expected. I remember that you caused a lot of problems because you'd frequently lose your cool, get lost in chest-thumping and start to insult other users or become over-aggressive. These things happen once in a while with everyone -- we are football fans after all, and football is a game of passion -- but they happen all the time with someone for a reason. That reason is: you are allowing yourself to get carried away, and probably also enjoying provoking people.

So if you want to come back, we need to be sure that you come back as someone more mature. If you want to come back because you miss attacking people and making fun of them, it's not worth your time because you'll be banned again within a month. But, if you want to come back because you miss being part of the community, then you have to respect people more. Not just be polite to them, but actually think of the others on the site as people who deserve respect. In that spirit these are some rules for you that we expect you to follow:

1 - No troll-baiting: We expect you to make no comments designed to provoke a reaction from other teams' fans, such as offensive jokes about other teams or taunting.
2 - No responding to trolls either: This one is very important. Just because the other guy is wrong doesn't make you right. If you start getting into a heated debate, you have to stop and think if you're just feeding a troll. If you make the situation worse but offending him and his team, thereby offending a whole bunch of other fans, that is ad bad as trolling in the first place.
3 - No insults or provocation to individual members as well as teams: this is a no brainer.
4 - Have some respect for mods: This is not to say that you can't question us, or that we're always right. Rather, you have to understand that being disrespectful to a mod makes his job harder, because he loses authority in other peoples' eyes and other users also get discontented listening to you. So if you challenge a mod and insult him, EVEN IF you're right he has no option except to shut you up.
5 - This is related to 4. You need to repair your past relationships with mods.... Bridges you burned on your way out. I appreciate that you apologized to C61, perhaps you should also talk to Tomikato and any other mods you had arguments with and sort the old problems out.

That's all from my end, although other mods might add some points. Try not to think of these as orders.... They are rather designed to help you get integrated back in without causing any problems for you or us. It will take effort from you to become a good user. If you feel like you don't want to make that effort, it's better for all of us not to let you back in.... Because neither you or us want to go through the whole process of trolling and banning all over again. So think about it and let us know.

- Tanmay
NaijaCarefree (Chelsea) 9 months ago
Tomikato and any other Mod I have insulted, upset or aggravated in the past please I do apologize for all of that and will be looking to avoid a repeat of such in the future. I know you guys have a tough job and I wouldnt like to add as I have done in the past.

Thanks in anticipation of your kind understanding
Tomikato 9 months ago
Naija - that is a good start. Let's be positive and move forward.

The Mods have decided to let you back in. Just keep in mind that your posts will be scrutinized and you will be expected to be at the best behavior. There will be no third chances. Skating on real thin ice, if you will.

Having said that - we are hoping all will be well and you will use this opportunity to enjoy your time as others will in the company of your posts. You have been a valued member earlier and that's the capacity we want you back in. So cheers and welcome back buddy! Once the changes are processed through the system you should be good to go

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