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Status Appeals
Glennyboy92 (Barcelona) 8 months ago
Is this how you appeal?

Anyway, It's been a while since I've been on here. I know I deserve to be on status and hence why I never really bothered appealing. I know aggressive behaviour isn't really allowed, it's just because I'm so used to the free-for-all type discussions on youtube and facebook.

Anyway, I know that now. And seeing as it's such a special night, perhaps I could be given a second chance?
AssasinedViper (Arsenal) 8 months ago
Mods, could anyone explain why I'm still banned from posting?
AssasinedViper (Arsenal) 8 months ago
Mods, I hear what you've said. Won't happen again
DTaDiablo ((Footytube Staff)) 8 months ago
Thank you for your response Viper
Bazinga (Chelsea) 9 months ago
Mod's- I had a deal with Dred on united forum for the Chelsea vs Liverpool match.

I have changed my DP to LVG and he has changed his to Jose as per the agreement for Draw

Since I have been banned from the site.... Kindly communicate the same to Dred
Marehan (Liverpool) 9 months ago
I Apologize for being culpable, which means I've broken site principles and that I plan to never break these guidelines again
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 9 months ago
Thanks Marehan
Kwadman (Real Madrid) 10 months ago
This is embarrassing why is footy treating me differently, I have raised so many valid issues on Madrid Forum, Politics should have no place in here, yet footy is quick to threaten me with a ban. However I agree certain things i've said were unacceptable, and I agree to cut down "if any" my antics and to think twice before I post any comment. I also understand that as moderator's its your duty to treat members fairly and equal.

Kgb112 10 months ago
A few mods asked you about 5 different times, both on your forum and on your wall to stop insulting specific users. And yet, you kept doing it. Sometime we use status to get a user's attention when they seem to be ignoring us or perhaps are innocently missing our comments. I will take you off status now, because I just needed you to see our comments and realize that you needed to tone down the targeted insults.

Please let me know if you have any questions
Teja7 10 months ago
I'm here to appeal my status.
Apologize to anyone who was offended by my comment and for breaking site rules.
Although I have to say, in my defence, I was responding to what another user said and didn't come up with the term myself. I apologize for laughing and condoning what was said
Redordead94 (Liverpool) 10 months ago
Shifting the blame onto me eh? Cheeky bastard!
Tomikato 10 months ago
Teja, first or second hand, it is all the same in the sense it can hurt folks on the site. We follow equal rights and are welcoming to everyone no matter what orientation. In fact we like to celebrate diversity. I am sure you understand that. You are a good and active user for the site, let's not get embroiled in all this. Cheers buddy. Off status
Teja7 10 months ago
@Redordead - nah bud, I'm not shifting the blame that's why I didn't name the user I don't think I should have been put on status for laughing at a joke.

@Tomi - I've been part of this community for more than 5 years, almost 6, and I just think that the mods were way to quick to pull the trigger on my status, which is what irks me. But I understand the mods' POV also so I won't argue too much. I know you guys got your hands full and this isn't a job that exactly pays dividends for the amount of work you do.
Cheers, Tomi.
Tomikato 10 months ago
@Teja, in cases like these, we cannot give you preferential treatment for status (we already had a user complaining). The status is just protocol.

Yes, what we can do is have a positive belief that you did not mean harm and will explain yourself without too much ado. Of course, this comes from the fact that we know you well and don't expect you to get into trouble. I also made sure that I catch your reply at the soonest and take you off status as soon as you reply. Only because you are a good user. Hope that means something to you. For blatant troublemakers we let them get a good rest before we reply or even think of taking them off status.

So don't take this badly. Also, you were put on status for reinforcing the joke, not condoning it. The other two pool users condoned it and were warned. Anyways, let's put this behind us
Teja7 10 months ago
Yeah, I did notice Tomi Thanks for that.  Agreed, let's put this behind us. Water under the bridge, bud! Cheers!
Redordead94 (Liverpool) 10 months ago
After considering the post I made on the Liverpool forum regarding my distasteful nickname of De Gea, I do realise that it was highly insensitive and uncalled for. On behalf of myself and the Liverpudlians that upvoted me, I apologize for any offence caused. I am certainly not homophobic, I do have a few homosexual friends myself, and if they had seen what I posted I'm not too sure they'd be alright with that – especially since one of them is a United fan!

I also apologize for the response I gave to Tomakito on my comment wall. He's a genuinely nice fella, I've seen his honest and respectful posts on the Liverpool forum since I started using this website just over a year ago. So if you see this mate, I'm sorry! Hope we can banter in future, in a nice way.

If you can see past this one incident, I assure you I will become a better user. After all, I do feel like I've made some friends here and there, whilst using the site.

Cheers folks!
Tomikato 10 months ago
Fair enough Lloyd. My first comment to the Mods was that you are not really homophobic, but that your post goes against site rules. Glad you clarified.

I do use gay jokes in the presence of my friends who are gay - and they love the banter just like you said. The key difference in the situation is that I know them personally and I know what they are OK with. Just that on a forum like this - we need to be sensitive that we do not hurt anyone's feelings - since you don't know everyone.

Most importantly - we understand you genuinely meant no harm. Banter is encouraged mate. Bring on the banter. The more creative the better. We do not want to reduce the fun levels on the site. I am taking you off status.

Edit: You spelt my name wrong. It is not 'Tomakito'. Back on status you go
Redordead94 (Liverpool) 10 months ago
Genuinely made me smile while I read that, you're a good man 'tomikato'! So in light of what has just happened:

Let's see who's the real deal this weekend, Smigs or David 'the llama' De Gea?
(please don't hit me)

Anywho, banter will follow. Take care mate!
Tomikato 10 months ago
Cheers mate! Prepare for the greatest derby in the EPL    Counting on you for some good banter
Liverpool4LyFE (Liverpool) 11 months ago
I get put into this for agreeing with the spurs fans? This is just unacceptable far worse people post more things which they get overlooked and where are the mods when they are posting crap?
Tomikato 11 months ago
Sorry buddy - my mistake. I rectified the situation on your wall. Apologies
0restes11 (Arsenal) 11 months ago
So I'm here to apologize about my actions. I posted something on another footytubers wall.... I guess I'm passionate about football and I should use my energy in positive ways.... I understand there probably are better ways to deal when disagreeing with other people's ideas....

I thought your own wall was something like a private message but I was incorrect.... Moment of misjudgment....

Like others feeling a bad taste in my mouth.... I gotta' say I had a slight disagreement with Zilch and I guess we sorted it out.... What I didn't appreciate was Cloudst who is a mod aswell blindside me in a comment later on without mentioning my name and commenting on the issue. I gotta' say that pissed me off and which led to the comment on cannon's wall.

Take me off the status if you want but if you want to refer to something that was discussed earlier then call me out. There's no need to give a long spiel about your thought's and then state that "some people need to learn to accept when someone knows more than you" without actually directing it at me. I'm sure Cloudst and Zilch have spoken about this which lead to the attack. Tbh i've watched football all my life, I had valid points, I play football at a premier league level in aus. And for someone come and tell me that I should learn to accept when someone knows more about football is a spit in the face.

I always thought footballers and football lovers had more steel then that. Either way I apologize again and try be more positive in my comments. But would like to see a quid pro quo relationship rather than feel like I'm in a big brother controlled forum. If that's not on for the mods then don't bother releasing my status.... But atleast reply to this
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 11 months ago
Hey man I'm trying to work this out, what comment did Cloudst blindside you in? It's not about accepting others knowledge, it's about not getting angry at someone else's opinion. If you can't debate properly then don't bother. That's precisely why I decided not to keep debating with you the other day when I pointed out your temper to you. I'm retired now but I played with Marconi if you're old enough to remember when they had a team in the A-league. That club kind of went down hill though, years after I'd left due to injury.

I've gone through Cloudst entire comment history, are you referring to this one?

"Guys if you have a problem with us (or our opinions for that matter) please discuss it openly, don't go and talk behind our backs. We're all here to freely express our opinion on forums within the rules of the forums. We know sometimes there's gratifying things that happen that make you want to openly express something but please don't shoot down others by calling them "retards" if they have an opposing view. We're here for discussion and debate not to call names at each other because one person doesn't share the same view as you. Please keep things civil as possible and be up front if you think we're pressuring your opinions because we're people just like you as well.

That's your mod announcement of the day "

^ Because that comment was made because you made that comment on Cannon's wall. The comment the previous day about respecting other people's opinions and accepting knowledge from others was made by GodSpeedySick
0restes11 (Arsenal) 11 months ago
Southern districts aye.... Yeah man I used to go watch games at sydney united and marconi.... I used to work as a bartender at Marconi club.... Anyways I apologize I wanna leave this behind.... The cloudst comment was made from the bellerin talk.... At the time we already finished with the debate and I said lets just get over it.... And the post made after by cloudst.... I thought it was already over at the time.... Anyways please lets drop it?
0restes11 (Arsenal) 11 months ago
Btw I played premier league for revesby last season
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 11 months ago
Sounds like a good idea to me. Ok you're off Status but please, if you disagree with an opinion just don't angry. Give your reasons why instead.

Not a bad team, hope you manage to avoid injury and go further than I could
0restes11 (Arsenal) 11 months ago
Ok.... Small world
RealFan (Real Madrid) 11 months ago
You know, I've been in really big trouble before but I've never actually been a status. Hmm I guess this is what it feels like to get punished for something you've been warned about a billion times.

Anyways, I'm not here to apologize for my actions, nor do I expect chelsea61 or every other mod to accept it. I'm here to tell you guys I fully, 100%, understand footytube has changed drastically since day one.
-The site is much more popular (the mods want a friendly environment to welcome all ages)
-More active users (more of a chance someone will get offended by something you thought was harmless)
-New mods (I've been used to mods being more relaxed about trolling/banter. I guess that is just unacceptable now)

I've been told I will stay on staus for several days no matter what I say (or don't say) I think that is more than fair
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 11 months ago
Ok, all of the things you have said here are positive. Thank you for recognizing you took things too far. Let me say I think we got off on the wrong foot. And I apologize for coming in hot to your forum calling you out. I think and the rest of the mods agree that certain things have gone too far for too long.

We don't see the same levels of animosity on the other major forums. Madrid and Barca forums are particular hot spots these days as there have been less mods trying to hold those forums to a certain standard. That standard has always existed in the guidelines, it just hasn't been enforced in the Madrid forum not having a regular mod since White. I've been a regular since I joined in 2009. I know how things used to be. Even before I became a mod I have never been a fan of trolling or insulting behavior. So you have to understand why I came in to your query on the mods letting go of a standard we feel needs to be brought up, not down.

I understand that as a mod I have been given certain authorities. I recognize that those authorities should not be abused. I pride myself on being able to communicate even with the most heated rival. Not just in football but life in general. I do see you are a decent person. That I know you a bit better from this I will not walk into your forum assuming you're up to no good.

Take it easy on us mods will ya? We're volunteers and we love this site, that's why we do it. We're not looking to eliminate old members. We're just trying to bring your forum back to the same standard we hold the rest of the site to. And every time someone questions a mods authority there we lose a bit of ground and as you may have witnessed now are mopping up.

Give us a day to talk amongst ourselves. Your response here already shows you are not the kind of person who ends up banned. It really does help your cause that you came back so level headed. Thanks

footytube Moderator
Pejvl 11 months ago
I'm glad you responded well to this RealFan. The problem with banter is that not everybody will take it the same way. Imagine if a controversial moment appears in the next Clasico, and minutes after it you see rival fans trolling you about it and enjoying your anger. That would not be a good environment at all, that's more of a YouTube scene than footytube. This status period will help you cool down a little, that can help a lot
Kgb112 11 months ago
Very classy, thank you
RealFan (Real Madrid) 11 months ago
So what happens now?
Kgb112 11 months ago
As I originally said, and as you've made clear that you understand, you'll stay on status for a few more days and then we will take you off. A few months ago the mods decided that we would keep someone on status for at least one game day when they got very close to getting banned. What you did didn't get you that close, if you responded poorly you would have been very very close. With that said, we will take you off status before RM's game on the 7th.

So let's say this:
1. You stay on status until the 6th
2. We all go forward with the knowledge that a repeat of yesterday's type of blow-up will result in a ban.

Sound good? And again, thank you for keeping a level head in your response to this status. Like I said, it's very classy of you
RealFan (Real Madrid) 11 months ago
Sounds great
Pejvl 11 months ago
Sorry for being a little late, but I lifted your status just now. Welcome back
Tharius (Real Madrid) 11 months ago
Well didn't realize that would offend anyone as the opinion was made in the context of futbol, because the perception of dirty play by Argentenians has a very long history in futbol never referred to Argentinians as a people which is another matter entirely but only meant in the context of futbol, I have always in all of my posts particulary if someone attempted to offend or what people call baiting or whatever I am ususally one of the first to try and shut it down without seeking any recognition for it I do it to assit Pejvl keep it real at least on the Madrid forum when I can, perhaps a character opinion with the the mod of my forum should also be sought.

And in respect to the word Puto it is a word used in my language very often and I was quoting a very well known Argentinian player now coach who called another coach after a champions league match, and was having a clarifying conversation with anpther member of the Madrid forumn of the actual literal meaning of the word and its conotations.

So your interpretation of this comment as hate speech against a particular group of people in no way reflects my belief that they are dirty players and many others share the same opinion, again only in the context of futbol not as a people.

I am not calling on anyone to hate anyone group but calling out what a well known Argentinian futbol coach called another futbol coach and higlighting that its a common thread in Argentinian futbol to play dirty which is an opinion regarding their style of play not a statment of hate towards the people of Argentina, it is confirmed by the the amount of violence and resulting deaths in Argentina that is also a very well known fact in the futbol world.

Sure I could have better written what I wanted to say about him but was written on the fly
[account-removed] 11 months ago
When you will get me back again? Its been long long time that I was ban
MrBukLau (Chelsea) 11 months ago
Reverse me from status please. When I say fk off, I mean it in a very light and bantering way, not actually heated or in any tension. From now on, i'll replace fk off with "what a noob". I hope you're more satisfied with that.

Please remove me from status?
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 11 months ago
No personal insults Victor. I've known you for a long time and I still don't know that what you said was light banter. Its offensive to be told to fk off even if you shorten it. Not even calling someone a noob is acceptable at this point because you always do it excessively. I'll have a chat with Zilch and get back to you. Just hang on for a while. You said you're not heated yet you've been very busy here and you're using alot of caps and posting aggressive comments aimed at people who don't deserve it. Just cool down for a bit
MrBukLau (Chelsea) 11 months ago
Fine, I do apologize for that, but what my tune in there and my personality in real life isn't anywhere close
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 11 months ago
Hey man I don't doubt that you're a nice guy but it says pretty clearly in the guidelines to not tell people to fk off etc and this is hardly the first time of asking. All it does is irritate the other user and cause problems. Haven't talked to Chelsea61 yet due to timezone difference but I'll get back to you soon
MotionChamp (Chelsea) 11 months ago
I would like it if you guys can unblock me from posting comments on this forum. Apparently I did not know it was a crime to have multiple accounts. Reason why I made this new account is because I forgot the password for the old one. I would like it if you guys delete the previous account and let me use this account (MotionChamp) to post and comment on this forum
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 11 months ago
The reason you were put on status was so we'd get your attention. We commented on your wall and the Chelsea page. You did not respond so it came to this. I see you've seen our comments now. Yes we will take you off status and remove your previous account. I just have to say, when you join a public forum make sure you know the rules. Here are ours;


All we need from you now is an agreement that you'll not create anymore accounts. And play nice with the other Chelsea fans. From your previous history you started calling your own fanbase "fools". As a new member it wasn't the best start. So you have a fresh start here with this new account. As soon as you respond here acknowledging this we'll take you off status
MotionChamp (Chelsea) 11 months ago
I promise not to make any other account and I agree to play by the "Rules". Ill play nice and try not to call people fools or whatever language I may have used at the time
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 11 months ago
Ok. Thanks for responding. We tried to hail you a few times and it ended up here. I'll put you back on as soon as I finish this message. In the future, keep an eye on your wall. These comments also automatically email you on the email adress you signed up with so it will show up as mail there too. Your previous account will be put on status until its removed. Carry on but know that the Chelsea forum have many regulars and if you spend the time to get to know us you can become part of a great group of people. Cheers!

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