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MrBukLau (Chelsea) 1 year ago
I'm here to apologize for say "fuk off" 4 months ago. This was also why I got muted.

I need to get back to footytube asap. We still haven't played well since I left footytube.
1 win in the last 10 games for us, counting the pre-season friendlies.

And No EPL cleansheet since the start of the season, 2nd home loss in mourinho's 150 home games.

Please let me back asap, chelsea need me, I'm the special one behind the scenes
MrBukLau (Chelsea) 1 year ago
I admit I'm a completely different person and mature now after taking a break from footytube. All my comments made in the future will only be sensible one and will not contain any aggression
MrBukLau (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Can I get a reply please?
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 1 year ago
Hi Victor! Sorry for the late reply, I've been away for almost a week on holidays. I'm very glad you now understand why you were banned. I tried to help you last time but when you blew up it was out of my hands.

We will give you another chance. Please do your utmost to keep your comments civil. If you ever are really angry you can post anything you want to say on my wall, anything. As long as nasty comments aren't being made in public you'll be fine. If we do let you back on and you attack someone there'll be no recourse, it'll be a straight ban no questions. You ok with that?
MrBukLau (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Hi c61, thanks for yor reply, my long time mate. I pondered on my mistakes, and will show maturity now
Azeal (Liverpool) 1 year ago
I appeal, although I didn't offend anyone and the remark didn't even seem to offend the person I was supposed to be branded of offending. However, the almighty Moderators, have mercy of my soul and let me speak again
TheCheshireCat (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Sweet mods, i've been as good as can be, can I please be allowed to post again? Pretty please? I won't use bad language ever again I promise!
DTaDiablo ((Footytube Staff)) 1 year ago
Hey we all know you're very likely to use bad language , but it's really the way you've been attacking other users which is seriously wrong.

If you can edge back on the explicit language and refrain from referring to Real Madrid as 'Aids' and stop being combative; then you'll be fine
TheCheshireCat (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Ok I promise I won't call RM 'aids' or tell anyone to suck **** anymore.    
Oohtobeagooner (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Ok, I do agree with that status I'm getting atm. It was quite over the line on my foul language. My bad. I promise to try my best to limit down those bad words, and will personally say sorry to that other user.

My bad and I'm totally fine with being on status for a while haha
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 1 year ago
Hi mate. Yeah, that was unexpected from you. If anyone is giving you problems you can always call on any mod. We're happy to see you've cooled down and accept your apology. Maybe don't worry about personal apologies unless you find it completely neccessary. Sometimes the person on the other end doesn't want to hear it and your pressence may reignite the argument unless you know the guy. So we'll get you off Status but we'll be keeping an eye out for a bit. You might see a slight delay in your comments reaching public eyes. This is part of our probationary period, if all goes well you'll have no mod restrictions in a couple weeks. Welcome back on mate!
Hadee318 (Liverpool) 1 year ago
@C61 Hi mate I want to explain what happened, but before I do, I hope you keep a record of the comments that are removed for future reference?
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 1 year ago
Hi Hadee318. To answer your question we do have records of every member's comments. We are open to second chances and you are not banned as of yet. We leave room for people to explain themselves. Going to another members wall with such a comment as you did is considered stalking, its written right in the guidelines. Only if you knew the person and that kind of nasty banter was accepted then there wouldn't be an issue. In this case however, the user reported your comments as abusive and we took action. You now have the floor. Please explain why you did what you did?
Hadee318 (Liverpool) 1 year ago
First of all I want to apologise for personally attacking the guy on his wall, it was uncalled for and it was silly of me to do that.

As for the reason behind my outburst, I just saw red when when he replied to my initial comment with a very aggressive tone and couldn't help myself from reacting and there's no excuse for that.

From what I can remember my comment was between Liverpool fans and the worst thing I said in my comment was at the end when I commented "stop chatting out of your arses" which surely isn't that bad, and I don't think it deserved such an aggressive reply from him, also it wasn't directly aimed at him, but to the thread in general.

So there you have it, If you could please explain why he replied to my initial comment with such aggression and wasn't reprimanded I will be grateful.

Also I would like to add if I find anything offensive in the future I will report it to the mods and not take action myself. Cheers mate
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 1 year ago
We are aware of the other party involved. He's no angel himself and we are keeping a close eye on him. His retaliatory comment was removed as well and I warned him on the Liverpool forum and got a response from him. And as it escalated so quickly and it was a busy day for us we took no further action as we felt putting you on status to cool down was all that was neccessary at the time.

We're satisfied with your demeanor now and are willing to let you back on the forums. Keep in mind, your comments may be a bit delayed as we will be monitoring them during a probationary time in which we see proper conduct from you and after we're satisfied that you are playing nice you'll be taken off our monitoring system. If that is acceptable to you then we can proceed with taking you off status. Last request: do not attempt to go back to Azeal's wall and try to avoid digging up the past. The scales tip in his favour right now in terms of how your interaction went so just let it slide. And if you are provoked by him please report the post but only if it is against community guidelines.

Once I see your response agreeing to these terms we will let you back on. Please try to learn from this. We do our very best to not go straight to banning people unless they show no remorse for their actions. You've responded exactly how we would have wanted so we're willing to give you a second chance mate
Hadee318 (Liverpool) 1 year ago
Thank you. I agree to the terms and I won't let you down
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 1 year ago
I left a note on your wall. You're back in
Azeal (Liverpool) 1 year ago
[account-removed] 1 year ago
@C61 Yours is an overly abusive decision. I have already accepted what KGB proposed and you feel the need to pin me down more. That's f*****g sadistic!

For the record, my posts on liverpool page are not troll, even the mods agree with that, several times. I agree I can be contentious at times but that reason is nowhere good enough. Your sole reason to ban me from their page is because the loudmouth portion of their fans don't like to read my comments, and that is the dumbest reason ever. I have already apologized for my past offense several times but you still feel the need to dig that up once more to justify yourself.

Me being on their page frequently is a fair reason to ban me now? Where on the site rule does it state we must be liked where we post? This is not some f*****g rainbows and lollipops world, if they and you can not take banter from time to time with a pinch of salt then go FCK yourself with them. And don't you dare talk to me about respect, because I have always been respectful, everywhere, even towards the worse liverpool fans when they threatened me over and over.

If I am no longer free to say what I wanna say, out of fear of their reactions, then I prefer sign out for good. When banter is no longer tolerated the concept of a forum is dead. When you do not know the difference between banter and troll then how can you be a mod anymore?

Let me trouble you one last time and ask you to remove my account. All the best to you irl.

[account-removed] 1 year ago
Feel free to delete whatever you want to cover your asshat btw. Ciao!
NaijaCarefree (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Hi guys,

I am here to apologise for my behaviour in the past especially towards C61 and having had time to reflect in the last couple of months I have missed all debate and fun on this site. Should have done this earlier but had a lot on my hands these last couple of months and I am just beginning to find more spare time now. I promise to be of good behaviour
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 1 year ago
Hi Naija, things are running a little slow right now. I'll discuss letting you back on with the orher mods. I'll get back to you in a bit, probably a couple days
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 1 year ago
Also, appology accepted. I know you were just starting to get the hang of things here when you were banned. And I felt bad about having to let you go regardless of what was said. If the others agree you'll be let back on but you'll see a slight delay in your comments as you'll be under review from the mods. If you can accept that and promise to play nice your chances of being let back on are good. Be in touch soon
NaijaCarefree (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Thanks C61.... I accept your condition hook, line and sinker and looking forward to when I'll be allowed back on
Tomikato 1 year ago
Hello Naija. I should remind you that the whole episode started out when you attacked me with some really abusive mannerisms - with no regard for any decency. Any reason why you decided to conveniently leave that out of your apology?

Here - a look at both our walls will refresh your memory.

Link: [go to page 3]


In addition to that you have lost your cool several times while attacking other members of the site. So - it is important that you understand that your ban was a culmination of multiple strikes from your side. Your return to this site depends on a couple of things

1) You go back and review your behavior from the last day or two when you were banned and come back and apologize for that (and not leave a sneaky apology like above)
2) You realize that you cannot attack other users and genuinely assure us that you will stay out of trouble and respect others
3) Anything else that fellow Mods will add in addition to these points
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 1 year ago
Hey Naija,

Us mods would be happy to let you back in and give you a second chance, but for that to happen we need to know that you understand what's expected. I remember that you caused a lot of problems because you'd frequently lose your cool, get lost in chest-thumping and start to insult other users or become over-aggressive. These things happen once in a while with everyone -- we are football fans after all, and football is a game of passion -- but they happen all the time with someone for a reason. That reason is: you are allowing yourself to get carried away, and probably also enjoying provoking people.

So if you want to come back, we need to be sure that you come back as someone more mature. If you want to come back because you miss attacking people and making fun of them, it's not worth your time because you'll be banned again within a month. But, if you want to come back because you miss being part of the community, then you have to respect people more. Not just be polite to them, but actually think of the others on the site as people who deserve respect. In that spirit these are some rules for you that we expect you to follow:

1 - No troll-baiting: We expect you to make no comments designed to provoke a reaction from other teams' fans, such as offensive jokes about other teams or taunting.
2 - No responding to trolls either: This one is very important. Just because the other guy is wrong doesn't make you right. If you start getting into a heated debate, you have to stop and think if you're just feeding a troll. If you make the situation worse but offending him and his team, thereby offending a whole bunch of other fans, that is ad bad as trolling in the first place.
3 - No insults or provocation to individual members as well as teams: this is a no brainer.
4 - Have some respect for mods: This is not to say that you can't question us, or that we're always right. Rather, you have to understand that being disrespectful to a mod makes his job harder, because he loses authority in other peoples' eyes and other users also get discontented listening to you. So if you challenge a mod and insult him, EVEN IF you're right he has no option except to shut you up.
5 - This is related to 4. You need to repair your past relationships with mods.... Bridges you burned on your way out. I appreciate that you apologized to C61, perhaps you should also talk to Tomikato and any other mods you had arguments with and sort the old problems out.

That's all from my end, although other mods might add some points. Try not to think of these as orders.... They are rather designed to help you get integrated back in without causing any problems for you or us. It will take effort from you to become a good user. If you feel like you don't want to make that effort, it's better for all of us not to let you back in.... Because neither you or us want to go through the whole process of trolling and banning all over again. So think about it and let us know.

- Tanmay
NaijaCarefree (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Tomikato and any other Mod I have insulted, upset or aggravated in the past please I do apologize for all of that and will be looking to avoid a repeat of such in the future. I know you guys have a tough job and I wouldnt like to add as I have done in the past.

Thanks in anticipation of your kind understanding
Tomikato 1 year ago
Naija - that is a good start. Let's be positive and move forward.

The Mods have decided to let you back in. Just keep in mind that your posts will be scrutinized and you will be expected to be at the best behavior. There will be no third chances. Skating on real thin ice, if you will.

Having said that - we are hoping all will be well and you will use this opportunity to enjoy your time as others will in the company of your posts. You have been a valued member earlier and that's the capacity we want you back in. So cheers and welcome back buddy! Once the changes are processed through the system you should be good to go
Sexyted (Barcelona) 1 year ago
Could someone tell me what exactly I said offensive to anyone.... Because I'm totally lost here.... ON breaking OF SITE rules AS FAR AS I CAN SEE? & on top of that.... No previous warning to anything said from staff?
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 1 year ago
You've read all the rules but can't SEE WHAT you've DONE wrong?

Perhaps you missed the part about excessive CAPS speech, rule 6.

6. Excessive 'TXT Speak' and capital letters
We know some people find it easier to write shorthand words such as 'dem', 'der', 'w8', 'dat', but we have a lot of people from different backgrounds, countries and ages in our community and many of our users will find comments written like this hard to understand. The same applies to excessive use of CAPS in your posts and uneccessary exclamation marks! After your sentence. Please think of others before you type, it only takes a few more seconds to make your posts legible, and you're far more likely to get a response and make new friends by doing so

On top of that you were irritating a Real Madrid user named Pedmar during a very busy time for us, being the Champions League playoffs. As a result, a mod named Cloudst decided to take a strict approach and stop you flooding the page with capital letters. Here's a tip: TURN OFF capslock
Glennyboy92 (Barcelona) 1 year ago
Is this how you appeal?

Anyway, It's been a while since I've been on here. I know I deserve to be on status and hence why I never really bothered appealing. I know aggressive behaviour isn't really allowed, it's just because I'm so used to the free-for-all type discussions on youtube and facebook.

Anyway, I know that now. And seeing as it's such a special night, perhaps I could be given a second chance?
Bazinga (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Mod's- I had a deal with Dred on united forum for the Chelsea vs Liverpool match.

I have changed my DP to LVG and he has changed his to Jose as per the agreement for Draw

Since I have been banned from the site.... Kindly communicate the same to Dred
Marehan (Liverpool) 1 year ago
I Apologize for being culpable, which means I've broken site principles and that I plan to never break these guidelines again
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 1 year ago
Thanks Marehan
Kwadman (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
This is embarrassing why is footy treating me differently, I have raised so many valid issues on Madrid Forum, Politics should have no place in here, yet footy is quick to threaten me with a ban. However I agree certain things i've said were unacceptable, and I agree to cut down "if any" my antics and to think twice before I post any comment. I also understand that as moderator's its your duty to treat members fairly and equal.

Kgb112 1 year ago
A few mods asked you about 5 different times, both on your forum and on your wall to stop insulting specific users. And yet, you kept doing it. Sometime we use status to get a user's attention when they seem to be ignoring us or perhaps are innocently missing our comments. I will take you off status now, because I just needed you to see our comments and realize that you needed to tone down the targeted insults.

Please let me know if you have any questions
Teja7 1 year ago
I'm here to appeal my status.
Apologize to anyone who was offended by my comment and for breaking site rules.
Although I have to say, in my defence, I was responding to what another user said and didn't come up with the term myself. I apologize for laughing and condoning what was said
Redordead94 (Liverpool) 1 year ago
Shifting the blame onto me eh? Cheeky bastard!
Tomikato 1 year ago
Teja, first or second hand, it is all the same in the sense it can hurt folks on the site. We follow equal rights and are welcoming to everyone no matter what orientation. In fact we like to celebrate diversity. I am sure you understand that. You are a good and active user for the site, let's not get embroiled in all this. Cheers buddy. Off status
Teja7 1 year ago
@Redordead - nah bud, I'm not shifting the blame that's why I didn't name the user I don't think I should have been put on status for laughing at a joke.

@Tomi - I've been part of this community for more than 5 years, almost 6, and I just think that the mods were way to quick to pull the trigger on my status, which is what irks me. But I understand the mods' POV also so I won't argue too much. I know you guys got your hands full and this isn't a job that exactly pays dividends for the amount of work you do.
Cheers, Tomi.
Tomikato 1 year ago
@Teja, in cases like these, we cannot give you preferential treatment for status (we already had a user complaining). The status is just protocol.

Yes, what we can do is have a positive belief that you did not mean harm and will explain yourself without too much ado. Of course, this comes from the fact that we know you well and don't expect you to get into trouble. I also made sure that I catch your reply at the soonest and take you off status as soon as you reply. Only because you are a good user. Hope that means something to you. For blatant troublemakers we let them get a good rest before we reply or even think of taking them off status.

So don't take this badly. Also, you were put on status for reinforcing the joke, not condoning it. The other two pool users condoned it and were warned. Anyways, let's put this behind us
Teja7 1 year ago
Yeah, I did notice Tomi Thanks for that.  Agreed, let's put this behind us. Water under the bridge, bud! Cheers!
Redordead94 (Liverpool) 1 year ago
After considering the post I made on the Liverpool forum regarding my distasteful nickname of De Gea, I do realise that it was highly insensitive and uncalled for. On behalf of myself and the Liverpudlians that upvoted me, I apologize for any offence caused. I am certainly not homophobic, I do have a few homosexual friends myself, and if they had seen what I posted I'm not too sure they'd be alright with that – especially since one of them is a United fan!

I also apologize for the response I gave to Tomakito on my comment wall. He's a genuinely nice fella, I've seen his honest and respectful posts on the Liverpool forum since I started using this website just over a year ago. So if you see this mate, I'm sorry! Hope we can banter in future, in a nice way.

If you can see past this one incident, I assure you I will become a better user. After all, I do feel like I've made some friends here and there, whilst using the site.

Cheers folks!
Tomikato 1 year ago
Fair enough Lloyd. My first comment to the Mods was that you are not really homophobic, but that your post goes against site rules. Glad you clarified.

I do use gay jokes in the presence of my friends who are gay - and they love the banter just like you said. The key difference in the situation is that I know them personally and I know what they are OK with. Just that on a forum like this - we need to be sensitive that we do not hurt anyone's feelings - since you don't know everyone.

Most importantly - we understand you genuinely meant no harm. Banter is encouraged mate. Bring on the banter. The more creative the better. We do not want to reduce the fun levels on the site. I am taking you off status.

Edit: You spelt my name wrong. It is not 'Tomakito'. Back on status you go
Redordead94 (Liverpool) 1 year ago
Genuinely made me smile while I read that, you're a good man 'tomikato'! So in light of what has just happened:

Let's see who's the real deal this weekend, Smigs or David 'the llama' De Gea?
(please don't hit me)

Anywho, banter will follow. Take care mate!
Tomikato 1 year ago
Cheers mate! Prepare for the greatest derby in the EPL    Counting on you for some good banter

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