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MaxiMix (Lecce) 2 years ago
I see you people made mistake. Chelo said I was using some other profile(I can see it in RM forum) and you people couldn't check that? And one more thing.... Define trolling?! As that is new word for me. You can leave message on my wall, as that is the only place I can write!
Madridista174 (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
MaxiMix (Lecce) 2 years ago
So which of my posts is stempled as trolling exactly?
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 2 years ago
Here is a complete copy of the footytube community guidelines:

footytube Community Guidelines - Read Before You Post

Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 3 years ago
Respect our community and we'll respect you right back

Everybody here loves footy just as much as you do and we treat all of our users with a lot of respect. We have a mind-boggling set of community features that inspire great passion and debate, and allow you to express yourself in ways not seen on a footy community before, but as with any community centric site, some of these features are open to abuse and as such, we all expect a little respect from you in return.

Nobody is saying you have to act like Mother Theresa on footytube, but we do have some definite rules that help us to keep footytube so ruddy brilliant.

Most of these rules are just commonsense and surely won't apply to you, but some are a little less obvious, so do take a few seconds to read carefully

1. Hate Speech / Racism
We have absolute zero tolerance on hate speech of any kind and breaking this rule will result in an immediate ban without warning. Hate speech includes speech or language which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation/gender identity.
If you are unsure whether what you are about to post may offend, then don't make an idiot of yourself by posting it - our members comprise of many different races and nationalities and, quite rightly, won't tolerate this kind of behavior, meaning you will find yourself permanently banned from the entire site rather sharpish

2. Spam
We all hate spam. Do not create misleading comments, private messages or post / profile links that are designed to promote your own website or service. If we find spam of this kind, the website links in question will be sent to blacklist.Org, and several other third party spam protection services and you will be banned

3. Harassment of Members / I'm Policy
There is zero tolerance for predatory behavior. This includes stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy, or the revealing of other members' personal information. Do not abuse the instant messaging system, if someone doesn't wish to talk to you, please respect their privacy. In doing so, it is far more likely they will speak to you at a later date and far less likely that they will add you to their ignore list and/or report you for harassment. Anyone caught abusing this policy will be permanently banned from footytube

4. Video and Link Content
Do not post links to highlights videos or any other videos that you do not own the copyright to. Do not post links to illegal LIVE streams. Our moderators will remove any such links, so it's a waste of your time and ours. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned

5. Mature Content
We have a strict policy on mature content links, photographs and videos. Do not post these to your profile or footytube comment boards. Abusing the link sharing system will result in you being banned. Just remember, if you wouldn't show it to your Mum, it probably doesn't belong on footytube.

6. Excessive 'TXT Speak' and capital letters
We know some people find it easier to write shorthand words such as 'dem','der','w8','dat', but we have a lot of people from different backgrounds, countries and ages in our community and many of our users will find comments written like this hard to understand. The same applies to excessive use of CAPS in your posts and uneccessary exclamation marks! After your sentence. Please think of others before you type, it only takes a few more seconds to make your posts legible, and you're far more likely to get a response and make new friends by doing so

7. Excessive Team / Player Bashing / 'Trolling'
We all like to have a friendly jibe or two every now and again, but team bashing comments such as 'Arsenal are Crap', are just plain rude, immature and well, a little boring. If you aren't able to articulate why you think arsenal are crap, there's not really a lot of point in saying it. The same goes for over-zealous praising of your team, saying 'Arsenal Rules!' may very well be true in your opinion, but it doesn't make for interesting reading, try telling us why they rule?

8. Swearing
Although swearing IS allowed on footytube, please refrain from unecessary and over-use of profanities. There is a time and a place for swearing. Please Note: Swear words are automatically filtered by default. If you prefer your posts with more colourful language, you can override the filter via your account settings page.

9. 'Spoiler' Policy
Respect those that do not yet know the match results, try to avoid making any posts that will reveal score lines in the topic title. This also applies to any LIVE match score / video chatrooms that you may be participating in.

What happens if I get banned?

footytube is a huge site, with a massive member base and our moderators often don't have the time to look into great detail at a member's history before making the decision to ban a user. Having said that, we're not complete fascists here at footytube and we don't think we're asking a lot of you to follow these simple guidelines, so you should never find yourself in a position where you are banned from the site.

On the rare occasion that a user is banned from the site, it is important that you understand that your account and profile will be deleted and your IP address blacklisted from the entire site, which includes the ability to watch videos. In some instances, we may send you a friendly warning before adding you to our ban list and there is also a possibility that we will look into any appeal that you may make after getting banned, but there is no guarantee, so just follow the rules.

Please Note: If a user gets banned for breaking Rule #1, there will be no appeal process and no second chances - call us lefty liberal hippies if you want to, but the bottom line is, we simply don't want shallow-minded idiots like this to be part of our community.

So, to surmise, treat other people with the respect you would like to see given to you, and expect to receive numerous hugs, a warm glowy feeling, and other fluffy hippy s**t in return

RealMadrid46 (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
I have only posted comments on RM page and Non of them are Offensive so why am I banned from posting on RM forum
Benzmadrid (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
I knew I couldn't post on any wall, but now why can't I reply to RM posts or post on my friends post?
Airman23 (Arsenal) 2 years ago
How long am I banned from posting? I am new to the site and have already been restricted from posting for making a joke about gareth bale. Then persisting to annoy the tottenham fans didn't know that would result in me not being able to put in my two cents on any subject on footytube
Tony (footytube staff) 2 years ago
Well you know now mate, that's why the community guidelines are in place, but few choose to read them, then complain when they get told off.
I didn't put you on status, it must have been someone else, so I don't know what comments you had reported, but you obviously have been reported more than once, as you don't get put on status for one reported comment, unless its really bad, like homophobic or racist, for which you would be banned straight away without warning.
Have a read of the community guidelines mate, I have left you the link below.
If you can give us assurances you will improve your behaviour we can think about taking you off status, so gimme a shout.
I hope this answers your queries as to why your on status, but as I said, I have no record of what your comments were, but I trust my fellow mods in any decision they take.
Good luck

Airman23 (Arsenal) 2 years ago
I have been falsely prosecuted by posting on a tottenham wall being an Arsenal fan. The only disrespectful comment I made was referring to Gareth Bale which was removed. I simply got into an argument with one individual where we both equally had inappropriate comments. Though I believe I was reported numerous times being an Arsenal fan on a Tottenham page. I didn't realize the rules were very strict until reading them now, I will watch where and what I post from now on, thank you for the heads up.
Tony (footytube staff) 2 years ago
My best advice to you is.... Stay off the spurs page, you can say what you like about spurs, their fans, their players and their manager on your own arsenal forum as long as its within reason and not abusive towards an individual.
We do give leeway on your own forum to have a go at rivals, but once you go to their page with that attitude, its trolling, and that's more than likely the reason you have been reported.
You should be off status shortly.
Good luck, and it doesent cost anything to talk footy and be sensible about it
SKZaman (Chelsea) 2 years ago
Just look at my fan val some one made me angry
Ltm017 2 years ago
This is not a status appeal but other than write on a mod's wall this is the only place I feel I could direct this.

I would like very much to know why my comment was completely deleted from the Premiership page? No evidence whatsoever that I even replied to a comment. There was nothing wrong with what I said, it was respectful while honest. So I see no reason why it is no longer there
Johny (Arsenal) 2 years ago
K, I admit I was trolling the spurs forum. Which wasn't taken too kindly by some of them. But some of them wasn't trolling like welcoming one of their members, and complementing Jan Vertonghen in really hard language. But because of my history with them(which isn't that great) I see why they interpreted it that way, and I don't blame them. I might have trolled once or twice some of the big 4 clubs too. But that's about it. I'll keep my opinion to my own forum, unless if its something contributing to football on other forums which isn't rude
Johny (Arsenal) 2 years ago
C'mon guys its been a day and a half and no reply from you guys.... Someone help me get away from status as I've already vowed not to break the rules anymore as stated above. Cheers mates hope you get this message soon
Tony (footytube staff) 2 years ago
Right jonny, I hear ya.
First of all, it was not me that put you on status although I can see why you were put on it.
IF you can give me assurances as to your behaviour I will see about getting status lifted off your account tomorrow, that's the best I can do at this point, but we do need your assurances, and stay off the spurs forum
Johny (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Yea no problem buddy, I assure you my behaviour will be on tiptop shape from now on. By the way, can I still contribute to football on the Spurs forum anymore? As they welcome people willing to contribute positively on their forum. Just a question
Tony (footytube staff) 2 years ago
As I said above, I would advise you to stay off the spurs forum as your not flavour of the week there mate, so there is no sense in inflaming the situation.
You can go there IF you have something constructive and positive to contribute, but in all honesty you would be better staying away from it.
Just a bit of friendly advice from an experienced footytuber
Tony (footytube staff) 2 years ago
Right jonny, that's you released back into the wild, keep it sensible mate and behave yourself, we will be watching, so you will be on parole for a while.
Good luck and enjoy the site
[account-removed] 2 years ago
What exactly did I do wrong?
[account-removed] 2 years ago
I tried to contact you through I'm and through your wall, but this is with regards to you posting an article about Manchester United's economic policies written by someone else, all across the site. I'll quote what I've written on your wall again.

Hi Max,

I've tried contacting you through meebo earlier, but it seems you didn't get the IMs. The posts you are making are straight forward copy pasting an article written by someone, which is grounds for plagiarism. Its not sufficient to post the name of the person in question. If you have the article anywhere online, please post a link of it instead and your opinion of the article instead of copying the entire article in itself.

Also, please stop spamming your article across every forum on the site. The article in itself is interesting, but the approach you're taking to it is not to try and raise awareness, but actually raise anti club sentiments across other forums against one club. This is in poor taste, and does constitute as trolling. I'd recommend that you post a link to the article in "The Stands", along with what you make of the article and your opinions and inferences of it. If you'd like to just post the link, then it'd be valid to do so in the Manchester city page.

Have a good day.

If you can give me assurances that you will rectify your approach as suggested, and not try and post a plagiarized essay onto the Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United pages, then you shall be taken off the status. I hope you can understand how seeing a lecture written by a supposed Arsenal fan that members have no contact to, and posted by a rival City fan will effect the United fans
[account-removed] 2 years ago

Oh hi Magneto
Sorry about that I didn't see your I'm,

I understand and I can assurances that you will rectify your approach as suggested no doubt.

[account-removed] 2 years ago
Right Maxxie. Going to take your assurance and let you back to normal since it is the first time you've erred. Eagle fly free!
Ldinho (Manchester United) 2 years ago
But seriously, you can't just ban me for swearing.... And I stopped trolling a long time ago. So tell me what exactly the problem is so I know my limits?

And if there is a punishment or whatever, fine I'll take it.... Just know that I am not taking this ban lightly. I post here every f*****g day and you guys just ban me without even telling me what I did wrong. That is disrespectful and you should learn to lead by example if you are going to be a mod
Tony (footytube staff) 2 years ago
Mate I did not put you on status, but after reading some of your comments about mods editing and removing your comments, I can see why you are on status, you don't expect to talk to mods like that and everything be hunky dory?
I agree whoever put you on status should have left you a message as to why.
If you can give me assurances as to your future behaviour and tone the swearing down a bit, I will see about getting status lifted, and NO trolling
Ldinho (Manchester United) 2 years ago
Ok so, my comment was maybe a bit harsh. Honestly I was kinda wasted when I wrote that. Lol And yea, I'll try to avoid swearing.... You got my word
Tony (footytube staff) 2 years ago
Not a bit harsh mate, very harsh.... Try and be a bit more civil for your own sake, and go easy on the booze.
Wanna tip? .... Stay off footytube when your blitzed.... Lol
Ldinho (Manchester United) 2 years ago
I'll keep that in mind. Haha. Thanks man
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
First I want to open by quoting Tony:

Tony (Manchester United) 3 months ago
I did not make any mistakes, it was not down to me that he was put on status, but my fellow mods don't make mistakes, every comment reported is in front of us, and it is more than one comment reported that gets you on status.

(This is on this very thread)

So I must ask why people are pardoned so easily? I would like to draw attention to Johny who has already been pardoned from "status" but unfortunately the mods have made a mistake with this one:

Johny(Arsenal)1 hour ago
Barcelona is my second favourate team besides Arsenal. I've been following them for 9 years before it was cool to follow them. I miss the days of Ivan Helguera and Frank De Boer. And don't forget Fernando Hierro the great Spanish Captain. That team was way better than the team right now unfortunately. Charles Tello.... Please give me a break, more like Figo for me!

Johny(Arsenal)1 hour ago
I can't wait for Pep Guardiols to direct Barcelona to another cup this year. He seems like a good manager. Now just needed is Roberto Carlos as Assistant manager, and everything is set.

I also propose that more mods be added to the site as the number of members has grown while the number of "active" mods has fallen
Johny (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Wow dude all the Barca people actually laugh over it and don't have a problem with it. Considering the way Madrid and Barca fan were attacking each other today, I just felt people needed a laugh or two. Like some of the stuff about wishing Pepe should've been injured longer e. T. [C.] You are actually the first person to have a problem with it which I feel speaks volume. Trolling means saying something disrespectful towards a particular object in order to get as maximum anger towards it. If the people have a chuckle over it, why report something that eases a situation man. Like today I even made fun of my team winning the emirates cup, because people were already starting to talk sour of how they wish United would lose tommorow, and other negative stuff that are irrelevant right now. Just easing up the tension mann. I quit my old ways of Posting something that would lead to people getting angry about. I. E. The Tottenham forum, and I've never been there except wishing Magneto a speedy recovery mate. And anything interpreted as so recently was just opinion, or just a 1 off thing, since we're all human. As a matter of fact some comments on your recent history were also rude to other users on the site, and you've also been warned about foul language and abusive behavior, by other mods. And compared to your rude votes which have hit the 200 mark, I'm surprised you're calling people out like this. It's like a thief arresting someone, for stealing something. And if a message is controversial then people flag it so the mods can take a look, otherwise it's almost impossible, as there is no evidence, of the occurence, which the mods have stressed enough for people to do. Kinda seems unfair accusing the mods of not doing their job if there are no reported comments(which I don't think I've gotten since status) Hope you understand and have a good day mate. Cheers
Tony (footytube staff) 2 years ago
Peter status is not a ban mate, its a system whereby we can leave someone in limbo for as long as suits us, leaving them the ability to communicate via their wall only.
When they have seen the error of their ways and give us assurances as to their future conduct we can release them back into the forums.
Its up to them after that, if they mess up again a ban is very likely, or another spell on status as a last chance depending what the offence was
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
I should say I haven't been given a warning for anything with regards to my remarks. The only thing of that sort I can see is from the ever elusive BigShel.

Rude votes are given by anyone who has an account which is why it is a "vote". Very often when a user hears something which isn't butterflies and unicorns to them they will give you a rude vote, just how it works around here. The fact that there is a "Rude" vote means that its acceptable to be rude on this site anyways. So nothing wrong there.

You should understand being rude and being a troll are different things. I can tell you a troll would have a profile picture like yours.

Anyways to repeat. Being rude is not a crime on footytube. Trolling is
Tony (footytube staff) 2 years ago
I think I know the difference between trolling and jovial banter, but thanks for the advice mate
MisterArsenal (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Can I please be unblocked...
Titi (Arsenal) 2 years ago
I'm wondering why some of my posts get deleted even though they're not inappropriate. If there is any way to see deleted post I'd like someone to tell me what was wrong with my reply to BlueJose's post on the Chelsea forum
Juventusfc (Juventus) 2 years ago
I was told today that I got reported by some users for my childish behavior of Zeman and I did not act appropriately. I stand by what you guys said that I was saying bad things and I plead "guilty" but my reasons for my very stupid comments is:

I was really into the game and I was so angry I just kept typing ridiculous things that I shouldn't have think of it like the heat of the.

The Greatscot already gave me a warning and I have respect your decision and being a member since February 19, 2010 I don't want to get kicked out so I apologize deeply and I just want to get back to posting on the Juve forum but in a more respectful way.

Thank you footytube Staff
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
Ok Omar that's pretty much what we want to hear mate, but be warned if it happens again you will be left on status for a few days or worse banned without warning.

Take it easy mate
Juventusfc (Juventus) 2 years ago
Alright I will defiantly think again before I post
Messibra91 (Borussia Dortmund) 2 years ago
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 2 years ago
I see that i've been banned from posting on the Spurs forum and every other page I think, is there any way I could solely post on the Spurs forum and you ban me from all the other pages? If not is there any chance of me getting a last chance and just sticking to the Spurs forum and you trusting me with a final chance?
I've been an active member of that page for about 2 and a half years and also have been active over various other pages throughout the site. I'd be ashamed to be blocked from the site as its one of the first things I open on my browser almost every day. If I give you an assurance not to post anywhere else and if I even post one thing out of the Spurs forum you block me?
Thanks, Rogue
Tony (footytube staff) 2 years ago
The problem is mate, you have flouted other warnings from mods about your posting etc; and inflaming situations.
If you can give me assurances as to your future conduct I will see about getting you off status, but beware, next time you won't even be on status.
A bit of advice is to stay off rival forums, even if you do say something constructive theres always an idiot who will pretend to take offence.
This will be your last chance if you take it
WhiteHartRogue (Tottenham Hotspur) 2 years ago
I'm only going to stay on the spurs page, if I can contribute into oer posts but only like "best prem teams" and things like that. Nothing that would make me write anything others might find offensive, otherwise ill stick to the spurs page only
[account-removed] 2 years ago
My advice to you rogue, would be for you to stick away from the premiership forum and other team chats altogether. Others can and will bait you when you go there, and the natural reflex will be to lash back at them. There is far too much history between you and especially the Chelsea fans. While someone might instigate it and will get a warning, you will be at the risk of getting permanently banned, as Tony says, next time, there won't even be a status option.

Stick to the Spurs forum where you are among friends that value your posts, instead of having to battle your way to put in a simple observation in a different forum. I've known you for 2 years now, and it already feels strange not to have you post there for a day. You know how a lot of us on the Spurs fourm have good friendships with each other and value each other's posts. I am glad for your responses to both Tony and Kyle and I hope you take the advice given and not jeapordise such relations for the sake of a few laughs
Tony (footytube staff) 2 years ago
That's you released rogue, don't disappoint us

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