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Status Appeals
Matt (Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
If you have a status applied to your account and you think it is unfair please let us know here
Ant (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Also note that if you have a status applied to your account, you probably have a comment left on your wall by a member of staff, so check there first
[account-removed] 1 year ago
How am I supposed to prove that I won't make "status" comments if you won't let me comment?  How can I get off status? . Please
UpTheIrons (Swansea City) 1 year ago
How am I supposed to prove that I won't make "status" comments if you won't let me comment? How can I get off status? . Please fat ginger matt
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
You don't with that attitude mate
[account-removed] 1 year ago
I was banned to post because I posted meme which had this line "Spent 500 million on players to win 2 games against barca and 2 trophies". I was said that's troll and if I post anything negative again I will be banned. For mother of god's sake, how a fact is troll? I was said, you cantdo this, you can't do that. And, there is no where written I can't post a fact. If it is a modern world where things are done according to law and order than no one can just say you can't do this, you can't do that. It's like government officials can do whatever they want even if it is not written in law book. Can they? No. Then how can footytube's admin can? Yeah I used bad words also but after I was warned I didn't. I was just arguing that my logic is valid. But it seems here you just can't do anything against admins will
[account-removed] 1 year ago
I love selective memory.

I've given you the rules on the madrid chat. I've given you a final warning when you've said the following on the real madrid chat. Would be nice if you could explain this as well please.

Getaasciesh(Barcelona)17 minutes ago
But anyway I won't give any f**k. I can make thousands of account and troll thousands? You guys mad?

Getaasciesh(Barcelona)10 minutes ago
F**k dude I'm an IT expert. I know how to hide my ip's ass.

Getaasciesh(Barcelona)7 minutes ago
You GUYS f*****g ARE behind ME seriously? SHOW ME terms AND condition where IS written I can't troll IN madrid forum BUT ONLY IN barca forum.

Getaasciesh(Barcelona)5 minutes ago
Some people have fun going club some people have fun getting wasted some have fun having holiday, I get fun trolling madrid's fan. Yeah I have fun this way. This is me. And you are more and more provoking me.

Now that is trolling. Please don't try and act innocent, and that you were banned for one simple meme. I just had a word with you for it on your wall (for which you've given me a troll reply as well). As soon as two mods came onto your case, you pretended not to understand basic rules and basic english, and are to this point, trying to act innocent. You aren't. It IS written in writing what you cannot do. I have pointed that out to you. To that, your response was

Getaasciesh(Barcelona)2 hours ago
And I gave zero f**k to you sir...

So, we're not trying to act outside what's the applicable rule set on the site. Infact, your initial post was a minor issue, and just got a little talking to. If you didn't overreact and blow the roof off, you'd still have your posting rights intact.

If you're blaring music at 3 AM in a densely populated apartment, the police will come in and ask you to tone things down. If you tell them that its your party and you don't give a damn, then the police will get annoyed with you and tell you that you are violating private space of others. If you then tell the police that they can "fuck off", then you're in trouble. Then comparing this scenario to the administration in North Korea, and bringing in a racially sensitive political debate into this to try and save a case you don't have, you've practically sealed your fate. We've still given you a chance to apologize after that, and you've gone for "I'm innocent".

Unless you begin to understand where you've gone wrong, there might not even be a way back for you. For your sake, I hope you try and stop trying to prove that everyone in the world is wrong and out to get you, understand your mistakes and make the right apologies.
[account-removed] 1 year ago
I made apologies about f**k words sir. If you can gather all proof against me then you could also see that post where I have apologized. I haven't apologised about that meme only which never can be reason to ban any user
[account-removed] 1 year ago
I want my rights get restored?
[account-removed] 1 year ago
Getaasciesh(Barcelona)54 minutes ago
I apologise to all the people for using f**k words. But my main post had a fact and I won't apologise for it. Either it is post or meme it doesn't matter. If fact hurts you than it is not anybody's problem. You can say a african's color is black but you can't say He is bad because he is black. There u get, what is fact and what is sarcasm, trolling, abusing, racism.

That was your half baked apology. Frankly, your initial post has had next to nothing to do with this. Apologizing for swearing is fine. But you really haven't even begun to understand where you are in the wrong form a social standpoint.

1) Likening us trying to tell you not to troll the Madrid page to the administration of North Korea is simply not on.
2) Telling me that you give "zero fucks" when I try and have a polite discussion with you about your trolling is not on.
3) Trying to lie your way into saying that you are innocent is not on.
4) Trying to say that you'll create multiple accounts and continue to troll is not on. With this very statement, you are a self confessed troll.
5) Trying to say that I haven't given you the rules and that we're acting out of order is not on. look at your own status appeal.

"And, there is no where written I can't post a fact. If it is a modern world where things are done according to law and order than no one can just say you can't do this, you can't do that. It's like government officials can do whatever they want even if it is not written in law book. Can they? No. Then how can footytube's admin can?"

This clearly shows you think you've been wronged and that you're not at all sorry for trolling an opponent team's page. If we restore your posting rights, I can see you go right back onto the Madrid page and troll again.

I'd like to see your answers to each point that's been raised, and try and convince both myself and Tony that you won't return to your trolling ways if your posting rights are released.
[account-removed] 1 year ago
About fucks I apologised already. About North Korea, I couldn't get anything to compare but that country. About lie, What lie? I didn't lie cause before that post I used f**k words but not after that, I was just arguing in a nice way. If you ban me then I have no other choice than to create new account. And, yes there is no rule for what to post what not to post where to post where not to post, all are being said by mouth and assumed to be known by user automatically. Lastly, I won't troll madrid in madrid's forum but just in barca's forum. In Barca's forum I will troll my ass off. Now, is this okay?
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
Right mate, and I'm not sure I am doing the right thing here.
Heres the deal, you give me assurances you won't go on the madrid forum at ALL, or any other rival forum trolling, and we can think about reinstating you.
As for you trolling the barca forum about real madrid, that's fine as long as you are not abusive, a jokes a joke, but theres a limit.
If I even see your username on the madrid forum you will be banned asap, no more chances.
That's the deal
[account-removed] 1 year ago
Pleaseeeeeeee. What kinda deal is this? Can't I post non-troll things in their forum? I meant words which have good meaning? Can't I praise when they play good or write other good things? Huh?
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
I think you have burnt your bridges in the real madrid forum asish and you would never be taken seriously in there ever again, so staying out of there would be a very good idea, not to mention we have told you to stay out.
Just do as we ask for now mate and we will see about reinstating you, but you are on thin ice and need to behave yourself, you are lucky to be still here, and have cost us mods a lot of wasted time, we like to enjoy the site as well, rather than policing users like yourself.
As for threats of making more accounts, you would be wasting your time, they will last a few minutes if that
[account-removed] 1 year ago
Okay okay and okay. Just do it. I don't need to go to RM page at all
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 1 year ago
You guys spent too much time on just a single troll imo
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
Thanks for the advice again peter
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 1 year ago
No problem    We need to invent an award for the patience which you guys have
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
They say patience is a virtue, I'm sure sure about that to be honest.... Lol
[account-removed] 1 year ago
Please re-activate my account bec I don't do anything wrong
MaxB86 (Manchester City) 1 year ago
I gave a opinion and got banned?
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 1 year ago
@MaxB86: You haven't been banned you're on status. It's one thing to give an opinion and another to come into a rival forum and be abusive. Your account has a total of 6 posts, none of which are visible on your profile, meaning all 6 have been removed by a mod, 3 by me. You made 2 abusive posts that I removed and I asked you to stop. Your response to this was to post another rude comment aimed at a Newcastle fan, so you tell me why I should take you off status when it appears you just want to troll?
[account-removed] 11 months ago
Why have I got banned for no reason
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 10 months ago
Because you're Tacticalmaster! Duh...
Ekoj (Perspolis) 10 months ago
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 10 months ago
You're correct, you didn't get a warning. And the reason for that is we knew you'd figure things out. We wish to keep this discrete for your sake and without meebo the options are limited. We know for a fact that you are both SamrSenior and Mt4321, we have proof of this. So we brought you here to talk about it. The previous account SamrSenior was warned quite sternly about not creating multiple accounts to stalk other users, this copycat account of Mt1234 is going too far. I realise you don't like the guy but we can't allow this sort of behaviour. If you have a problem with another user, ignore him, responding to him will only get yourself in trouble. So we're saying emphatically, DO NOT create anymore accounts like this, as it would be a pretty silly thing to lose your account over. Now I get along with you, which is why I'm the one making this post, so I really hope you take this onboard. I do not wish for any further action on our behalf to have to take place
Ekoj (Perspolis) 10 months ago
Zilch (Footytube Staff) 10 months ago
Lol @ Lionel Messi. Good to hear, we will take you off status now on the assumption there will be no more spoof accounts. Cheers
[account-removed] 9 months ago
Have you guys not made a decision yet?
Fthehaterz (Bayern München) 7 months ago
Why have I been banned from posting. All I posted was revenge is sweet
Fthehaterz (Bayern München) 7 months ago
Someone please explain how my post was offensive or abusive I made one comment
[account-removed] 7 months ago
Zilch can you help me I apologise for causing any harm if I can get my commenting rights back
I'd appreciate it I did it for banter wanted a laugh so if I can have it back I wouldn't be trolling as there call it
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 7 months ago
@fthehaterz and @ftherhaters.... For one, you have an extremely inappropriate username.

@Januzaj I asked you a question where you posted at the end of the status appeals. Reply there please
[account-removed] 4 months ago
Ahh mods? I've posted an a big apology but I don't why its removed any way I hope that you saw it if you didn't then tell me to re Write it again
Ratboi75000 (Arsenal) 3 months ago
I feel like i've been banned forever!.... Its been weeks!.... Months!    When will my ban be lifted is all I want to know?
CR7RM4L (Real Madrid) 3 months ago
Ohhh come on this is crazy I did nun what kinda s**t site is this you can't say nun and if you people feel offended
Benzmadrid (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
Why can't I post on RM page?
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
If your put on status you can only comment on your wall, so be sensible and stay off status
KayceeKaycee (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
What exactly did I do? I did nothing but make innocent comment as regards Madrid victory. I am sooory if I did or said anything to offend anyone.... Wasnt my intention
KayceeKaycee (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
I am a Real Madrid.... Manchester United and AC Milan fan.... Am I also banned from talking in my team chat room? I did nothing wrong
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
This is a new troll system lads, and if you get put on status the only place you can comment is your own wall.
Its no good saying "what did I do wrong", we get reports from other users about your behaviour, and we gather evidence to support those claims, so if you are on status, your guilty.
To get off status you will need to give assurances about your future behaviour, and if you continue you will go back on status, and eventually you will be banned.
I hope this clears this up a little, we think its a great system, although the trolls will think differently.
Behave yourselves and keep commenting, otherwise troll and no one will hear your cries
DavidUnited30 (Manchester United) 1 year ago
And what if you are falsely accused?
Ant (Liverpool) 1 year ago
No one is put on thr troll list without being confirmed by staff that they were in fact trolling. Go to anyones profile and their comment history is there
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
We have the reported comments in front of our face mate, so there is no mistakes.
As for anyone thinking they can get someone on status because they don't like them, or their team, that won't work either, as the reported comment must be what they say it is.
So anyone falsely reporting comments for no reason will find themselves on status very sharpish for time wasting.
So if your on status, you deserve it
Titi (Arsenal) 1 year ago
I don't think things are as fair as you make them sound
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
This is for you and everyone elses benefit mate, unless your into the trolling yourself? .... Lol
No one likes a troll, and we are only looking after your interests.
No one picks on anyone here, or shows favouritism, I certainly don't, and anyone that knows me, knows that
Grimey (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
I would really like to know exactly what I said that can be considered trollish. For future reference
Ant (Liverpool) 1 year ago
If you are a fan of "Team A" and spend half your day on "Team B"s page doing nothing but posting about how bad/dirty/cheating their team is, people will end up reporting you. I wasn't involved, but I just had a peep back through your comment history
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 1 year ago
@Grimey I swear I am not piling on but by your own admission you have stated that you intentionally troll and enjoy getting under peoples skin
Grimey (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
I was joking when I said that. I said 'I feel like I'm getting a reputation as troller in the barca page' or something to that effect as in "I don't why". As far as the Troll bandidos that was a clear joke
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 1 year ago
OK fair enough
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 1 year ago
Not a question about status (as I don't think I have one [yet]) but is there a limit to how many reports a person can do?
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
Put it this way, theres no sense going mad on the report button, because if we find the comments you have reported are innocent, the reportee will find themselves on status for lying and wasting our time.
If someones comments are genuinely abusive or whatever, it won't matter how many times you report them, as long as they are not time wasters
[account-removed] 1 year ago
Well if I don't have my freedom of speech f**k it I don't need this suckish website. You peoples will lose alots of fans
Omar (Arsenal) 1 year ago
You are free to say whatever you'd like.  That doesn't mean we won't act accordingly.
[account-removed] 1 year ago
We have a footyroom defector.  
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
NO, we will lose a lot of trolls, maybe that does not suit you?
UpTheIrons (Swansea City) 1 year ago
Why was I banned for telling a joke? Does no one hav a sense of humour on this website?
UpTheIrons (Swansea City) 1 year ago
Clearly the staff on this joke of a site don't hav a sense of humour. I suppose you wouldn't if you sat behind a computer screen all day like those losers
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 1 year ago
OK So since you put it so nicely you should be off troll status immediately. Now I'm just joking but do you see how my joke is not funny at all? That's how other users feel when you constantly troll them
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 1 year ago
If you're from England your sense of humour should be pretty all right. Do you want to swap? (profile pic no thanks, actually)
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 1 year ago
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 1 year ago
My apologies for breaking into this in a way that probably isn't sending the message across, so I would like to word it differently, if I may, from a standard user point of view. Sense of humour is
Highly misunderstood on this site, and one reason could be the different nationalities and what is perceived as acceptable and fun. I don't know what Mr Monster posted, but as long as it's not
Insulting to race, religion etc. How do you judge what sense of humour is
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 1 year ago
First the Mods and Admins on this site span all races multiple nationalities and numerous continents. We work together as a team and when there is question about intent or whether we are perceiving something correctly we usually work it out together before deciding what is appropriate and what is not.

[account-removed] 1 year ago
Sorry for talking about liverpool on a bayern real madrid thread. My first comment here was arrogant so I am editting it NOW.
I was only talking about liverpool with this liverpool fan for conversation, for fun. Its not a heinous crime, so please let me comment again, thank you
[account-removed] 1 year ago
Take me off the status, please and thank you. I didn't rob a bank
[account-removed] 1 year ago
This is my first "offence". I was joking about how liverpool will "win the league in 2015" on a bayern champions league page. Yes ok, it was silly, but its not a big deal, if I knew you guys were this uptight about comments, I wouldnt say it. I will only talk about teams that their title is on the thread name from this point on. Now take me off status -. -
Ant (Liverpool) 1 year ago
No-one gets the troll status for a single comment
Footylover123 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
I did not use any obscenities nor did I call anybody names. I discussed Mourinho's lack of innovative tactics during the game vs Bayern. Just because sore Madrid fans can't accept criticism and they report me, doesn't mean its fair that you put me on status
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
Listen to me mate, you created this account for trolling the madrid forum, and you have been trolling all night with mocking remarks.
I don't know why your worried about this account anyway, as I already know who you are in your original account, and if you don't behave, you could lose that account as well.
I think we should be looking to delete this account, one of them has to go.
The balls in your court
Fabinho (Barcelona) 1 year ago
Wait wait dude, arent you being too harsh? I mean c'mon yesterday when barca lost vs chelsea every madrid fans came to our forum and trolled but I did not see any comment removed? First I'm sorry for my stupidity, but I just can't stand it when madrid fans troll or accuse my team of having affairs with UEFA and bla bla. Now will you please remove me from this status and I will never go troll in madrid forum?
Fabinho (Barcelona) 1 year ago
My team*
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
Harsh? , have you ever went and actually read the community guidelines?
Team and player bashing in a rival forum equals trolling.
And yes.... !, there were madrid fans put on status as well.
As mods we can only deal with what we are told, and what we see when we are online, so no one is picking on anyone, I just happen to be the unlucky mod who has to deal with these unfortunate episodes.
I like to read and comment myself, but instead I get landed with guys trolling, and having to sit here writing to you guys instead of enjoying myself, so you make our day miserable as well.
As for releasing you guys from status, I don't have the power to do that until tomorrow, you are put on status automatically, and its up to the unfortunate mod who happens to be online to deal with it.
Providing you guys give assurances you will stay off rival forums, we will release you tomorrow.
But footylover needs to contact me, I guess you guys know each other
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 1 year ago
@Fabinho it's not quite so simple once you get on troll status which by your admission you were trolling the program will hold you for an undetermined amount of time. Basically the system is controlled by you when you behave you won't get flagged and if people report your comments repeatedly and they are not trolling they run the risk of going on troll status. This way we don't have to baby sit users and they control their own fate.

Edit: I am sure all the account removed status you saw next to some of those comments is proof enough we do take trolling seriously
Puya (Barcelona) 1 year ago
If no-one is allowed to troll against any team, then why have Madrid and English fans always constantly accused barcelona of having affairs with UEFA in the past three years and they are still doing that many times? Are accusations considered appropriate only if they are against barcelona?
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 1 year ago
Here is what you and many do not understand it is not one or two comments that get someone flagged it is a repeated pattern that the program picks up. For example if you are a fan of France but 90% of your comments are in another nations chat you get flagged. No one gets flagged for simply posting in another chat unless you do so excessively. And fair warning to all excessive reporting of another comments can also flag you
Puya (Barcelona) 1 year ago
Fair enough and reasonable...
Maxsensei (Inter Milan) 1 year ago
I didn't say bad words and I wasnt rude - I just wrote my opinion which was going against the team that the video was showing. What shall I do if there is no freedom of comment?

People who uses inappropriate language should be flagged, not people who likes debating
Benzmadrid (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
The staff member are becoming harsh as hell. Guys just chill with all the banning and blocking. I don't think I have said anything that would have pissed the opponent but unfortunately they don't get a joke. So plzz I request to unblock me
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
A guy said it took 140 million worth of players to miss a penalty to neuer and get knocked out, I said it took a penalty, a red card and 80 percent possession to get knocked out.... And somehow I get banned.... How exactly is that trolling? .... And please don't tell me I have a history because I don't.... And whats the point of not being able to post on forums when you can reply to any comment posted.... I mean a person could still troll all they want
Benzmadrid (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
I know I mean even if you post somethng nice on others page and they report it, you get ban for trolling. Guys plzz don't be so harsh
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
If someone reports something stupid we disregard it, and warn them for time wasting, so your wrong on that count.
And its more than one comment that gets you flagged for trolling.
Trolling is a pain in the arse for ALL the decent users, and a nightmare for us, why someone feels the need to go onto a rival forum and upset the apple cart is beyond me, that's when the s**t hits the fan
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
"And its more than one comment that gets you flagged for trolling. "

That's my point exactly.... Even if I did troll.... I don't have a history of trolling.... The last time I made a comment which was not considered a good one, you sent me a warning.... That was more than a year ago and I never created any sort of troubleafter that.... So you can't tell me I'm on status for "varoius" comments.... Anyways how long will this thing take?
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
Listen mate, it was not me that dealt with your case, so I don't know what you said, but you must have rubbed someone up the wrong way with remarks.
If you can give us assurances you will behave yourself, I will see about getting you released within the hour.
But? .... If there are anymore comments likely to cause annoyance you will go straight back on status.
That's the best deal I can do for you mate
Madridista174 (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
I can stand for what DaGaza is saying. He is one of the coolest and most level headed people on our side. How he has managed 103 rude votes is completely beyond me. If ever there was a troll, it is not DaGaza. Please cut him some slack
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
I don't misbehave but alright Tony.... Deal    Thanks Madridista174
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
Well don't be giving anyone an excuse to report you, good luck
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 1 year ago
In my honest opinion a mistake was made with DaGaza. You must have mistaken him for Pedmar who someone has slipped past the grasp of this new feature
Tony (footytube staff) 1 year ago
I did not make any mistakes, it was not down to me that he was put on status, but my fellow mods don't make mistakes, every comment reported is in front of us, and it is more than one comment reported that gets you on status.
Anyway he's released back into the wild now
Juvefan (Juventus) 5 months ago
Thebarcashow can you lift the ban from my account!

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