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Read This Before You Make A Topic!
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Ok, you have a great idea for a new topic and can't wait to create it and hear everyones opinions.

Think about naming it something useful. For example, don't call your topic "LOL haircut" or something. Name it "Worst haircuts in football!" and put it in the funny football section. If you want to discuss a particular league, put the name of the league and the year in the title, like "A-League 2010/11 Discussion".

The next part is important....

Just before you make it, please, please, please use the forum search feature up near the top right of the screen. For example, if you want to discuss Ronaldo or referees or anything else, then search for those keywords. Chances are there is already a large and vibrant topic about the subject and you can make your post in there instead of making a brand new topic.

Keeping all related posts together in one big topic makes sense. Otherwise, we'll end up back in the situation of having twenty seperate discussions going on about Ronaldo and no single topic covering all angles.
* Is Ronaldo the best?!
* Is Ronaldo the greatest?!
* I think ronaldo is awesome, discuss!
* Why Ronaldo is the greatest!
And so on....

If you've searched using variations on the words in the topic you plan on making and find no results, then that's fine, please go ahead and start a new topic!

Finally, if you are unsure where to make a new topic, or if your topic is something that will naturally expire after a few days (discussion about a particular match or incident for example) then please make it in the Terrace, not the Stands. The Stands are intended for the more serious, long lasting footy debate.


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