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Online/Offline Chat
Jabernard (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Minor suggestion - is it possible to upgrade in your profile the option to either automatically sign in or not? I often just sign in to watch a video or two and hate to log in to the online chat, especially if I don't want to talk to anyone.

Current situation is not a problem at all, just thinking of ways to improve the site. An option to automatically sign on or not would be good (as is, you always automatically sign in - i'd prefer to have the option to or not). Thanks
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 7 years ago
I am definitly in agreement or is it possible to be visible only to certian friends who you want to chat with anytime and still offline to others. You have no way to tell what you are gonna' get when you friend someone so a polite way to minimize interaction without offending some one seems like a good idea
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
This is a good idea Jab, and one that I think I would use myself sometimes

BigShel - we are going to implement 'only show top friends in meebo' which I think takes care of that nicely.

Any more thoughts like this, keep 'em coming guys, there's lots of little things we miss from time to time

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