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Buckhr (Arsenal) 4 years ago

I am a first time poster, and I would like to start by saying that I love footytube. This site keeps me up to date in ways that I cannot expression enough appreciation for.

I don't know who has heard about this, but in the UK a ruling was made by the courts that a 23-year-old student who ran a website linking to pirated content was eligible for extradition to the US to be tried by the US courts. Essentially, the ruling means that if a domain is registered as .Com or .Net, the US can prosecute linking of illegal content, even ifcontent is not hosted.

See this article: Link:

The article relates specifically to schools, but it clearly has implications for sites like footytube as well. Just wanted to bring it to attention for the powers that be, as I would hate to see anything like this happen to the curators of this great site.

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