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Link To Posts/blogs On Profile Page
Jabernard (Chelsea) 7 years ago
I have a suggestion - maybe include blogs you want to follow or specific topics you have started on the profile page.

Currently, it is not a problem to just look for your last message, or to search for it. But, it would be nice to have a section near the top next to iLike, iShare, Photos, with 'Forum Tracker' or something like that.

Under the Forum Tracker page you could have a running list of posts or forums you are interested in following, or posts that you have made and you would like to follow.

You could also just put a button next to posts with a plus sign like to 'add friend' or 'add fan' with 'follow this blog' or something like that.

Jabernard (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Also, it would allow any one who is interested in following posts you make or comments to see what you are interested in tracking
Alen (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I believe we are working on a new profile design that will have a similar feature, so you can tracke your latest posts and check replies, not sure if Lee has anything like this in mind
Jabernard (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Any word on the new profile design?
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
Won't be for awhile yet.

*Takes deep breath

Right now we're working on new homepages, called iTeams, then a FIFA Online system where you can play your footytube friends at FIFA / create friend leagues etc. After that, we'll be finally getting the API live, THEN we'll redo profiles, watch video page (to cater for widescreen videos) and we'll also be redoing the main footytube homepage.

*Gasps for Air

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