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Keywords And Tags Idea, Footytube Personal Digest, Etc
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I have tried to come up with a few more ideas of improving the site, and this is what I have so far:

1.) on top of every chat-page, there are pictures. I don't know how much they are viewed or accessed, but I think it might save some space if they are classified as "Pictures" and then placed in the bar that also houses "Team overview", "Latest team news", "Match centre", "Results", and "Fixtures". The saved space could be used for other stuff, or just saved to make the page a little smaller.

2.) Keywords and Tags.

The Stands is meant to be the place for intelligent debate, but the problem is its not easy for some fans to participate in discussions since they are not aware when topics that might interest them are made. So, the quality of the discussion is diluted because potentially interested parties and sets of fans are not aware of the topic existing. I think the way to counter that is to use keywords and tags.

Keywords- (this system imo is automated, and not done manually by the writer)

When someone makes a topic in The Stands, then keywords of the topic name and the message can be highlighted and saved in the database. The keywords of the message can then be used by an AI or a system, and links to this topic are then posted to the right hand side of the targeted chat page(s).


A topic about Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea's finances is made in The Stands, and the keywords of the topic name and message are selected by AI, and links to the topic are posted on the right hand side of the relevant Chat Rooms, namely:
-Premier League

Tags (this system is done manually by the author of the thread, and not by AI)

When someone makes a thread in The Stands, then after the topic has been written, the author is allowed to use certain tags to notify potentially interested parties of the topic. The tags are made beforehand by footytube, and the author just has to click on it. Or like it is in youtube, the author can type the Tags and separate them by strokes or commas. The TAGS of the message can then be used, and links to this topic are then posted to the right hand side of the targeted chat page(s).


A topic is made about which club has the best full-back to play in the Champions League in the past 10 years. After the author has written the topic, he clicks-on, or types manually, the following Tags:

-Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich, etc.

That way fans of all the chosen clubs get notified and they can join in with the discussion.

For National Teams discussions, like, what is the best XI when you combine current player pool of Germany and Spain. Then, the following can be notified:

-Germany, Spain, and (all major Spanish and German clubs).


Adopting the keywords, and/or TAGS method, should have the following results:
-increase discussion in The Stands
-increase number of people that take part in discussions
-attract all interested parties to the discussion
-decrease false cases of trolling because there is now an effective way to engage people from rival clubs without having to be termed a troll, since the clubs Chat Room is not being used for the discussion. The Chat Room of rival clubs and countries is then merely being used for alerting potentially interested parties to the existence of a topic in The Stands that they might be interested in, by posting a link to the topic on the right hand side of the targeted Chat Room(s) as determined by the Keyword and/or Tag method.

3.) the Keyword and/or Tag method can also be used in another way. Topics made in The Stands, and other forums can be saved onto the footytube database on a month by month basis, and a footytube Personal Digest can be made. Also, this uses the concept of "being a fan" of a club in another way.


Videos, blogs, etc of Chelsea can be saved on footytubes database for a month, and at the end of the month these items can be sent to fans of Chelsea as a End Of Month Personel Chelsea Digest. Youtube has something like this as well, where videos of those you have subscribed to are sent to you at the end of the week/month. So, those who have clicked on the "become a fan of Chelsea" button will receive this end of month digest.


That's my ideas so far. I would like to hear your views on it.

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