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How Do We Get The Wrong Badge Changed?
Harrywrags (Partick Thistle) 5 years ago
I am a very rare breed of human being, in that I do not support Man Utd, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Celtic etc. I am a humble supporter of a little know Glasgow team, Partick Thistle. However, for as long as I can remember on footytube the club badge assigned to Partick Thistle is that of Bologna, and while a very beautiful University city it is not the team I have followed my entire life!

Can WE GET IT changed, please?! And how do we, or the moderators of the website go about changing it?

Thank you in advance, from all 5 of the Partick Thistle fans that use this forum.

Ant (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Well said! The first stop you should make is here: Link:

Fill that in with your post above and it will scoot off to the powers that be. Perhaps those on high will smile down upon us and make the change?

Best of luck and keep us informed if it does or doesn't happen because there's no way I'm heading to the Partick Thistle area to check! I'd get lost on the way
Harrywrags (Partick Thistle) 5 years ago
Thanks for your help Mr Ant. I've forwarded the message onto the link supplied, and will keep you informed of any change, for I'm sure you're keen to know.

Thanks again
Tony (footytube staff) 5 years ago
Up the jags.... Lol, nice to see fans from ALL clubs taking part in footytube

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