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Home Page Not Attractive
Hittash (Liverpool) 5 years ago
The home page looks very ordinary its needs do be in great style because we are footy tube. Staff members should look after this need some improvement
Ant (Liverpool) 5 years ago
I tend to agree. Luckily, a brand new homepage is about 90% finished. No timeframe as yet for the release, but keep an eye out!
Juno (AC Milan) 5 years ago
Yup. Its a bit stale now. But luckily we do get a refreshing change every now and then
Fiasc0 (Eintracht Braunschweig) 5 years ago
I'm pretty sure that you put the focus on functionality clearly arranged rather then a hughe colorful popup world
YoloToure (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Function over fashion please! Don't make it all flash-y moving stuff and flashy please!
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 5 years ago
This is the new FT? Meh.... Can't even bring up my teams anymore.... Only lists a few. Sigh.... Miss the old FT.... Recent visit to Forums and same ol same ol.... Highlights are still slow and pitiful.... Kiddies all over the place.... Mud slinging.... Trolls.... Think I will just get what Viola info I can get and split.... Have fun guys.... The good ol days are just that.... Sorry.

I get Fox Soccer and 2 other free sites for live games.... Works for me. I have started an online business that sets up soccer vacations all over Europe.... And playing/recording music.... Traveling.... Not much time for FT anymore.... Hope everyone is cool.... I noticed that as soon as I left the Mod Squad.... Everyone but 2 people stopped all contact.... So pretty much says it all.... It's cool.... We all have our priorities.... Stay in touch around 2014 for some great deals on Brazil WC trips if interested!
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I missed how easy it was to go to your team pages
Jimmybreeze (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Interesting users have been dropping like flies, but I'm not sure the owners are really hearing the truth. Maybe, in their world everything is dandy and nothing ever changed. Maybe because what they believe in is right, must be right. I don't know, but this site is getting more worse, and has been for a while
Jimmybreeze (Manchester United) 5 years ago
The kids are on of the biggest gripes. If you want some credibility, then find a way of restricting their access. But of course, traffic might be the only thing the bosses are concerned with, not the quality of posts, or the quality of user. Pretty sad really. I don't really understand how they can sit back and watch this
Jimmybreeze (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I would give it one. But seriously, its getting more cluttered by the day. Slow, unresponsive. Its a bit of a no show, which is ironic since there is so much stuff on there to make it more interesting
Matt (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
The header is just the beginning of the changes and as always we listen to our users about what they want. We are analysing the traffic through the new header and will adapt if/when it becomes obvious something is not quite right.

To answer a few of the questions posed here:

1, Kids/Trolls/Uniteresting users, We have strived to make our forums a place where people can discuss the game in an interesting and considerate way to this end we set out strong policies that our mods enforce. We have attracted blog writers to add even more content in recent months. At the end of the day the forums are driven by our users.

2. Team access. The new header streamlines the massive lists of teams in the old header to trending teams and your own 'My Teams'. The under utilised search function is now streamlined to ensure you can find any team.

3. Site speed. The new header is a lot lighter than the old one and should result in a quicker page load.

Apart from a few comments the general feeling we have been getting over the recent changes has been overwhelmingly positive Please continue to provide feedback good or bad we do listen

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