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Horses (Bristol Rovers) 7 years ago
Hey guys,
Love the site, honestly I do, but I will probably stop coming here if I keep having to meet the page advertising your pro service every time I visit. That the 'skip this' button then opens in a new tab is even more annoying.
Please allow cookied browsers to skip the front page automatically
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
Hey Horses,

We actually got rid of the open in new window today.

However, we won't be removing the roadblock any time soon. The best way you can get rid of it, is to go PRO. As you are probably aware, PRO is Pay What You Want. If you don't want ads or roadblocks of this nature, feel free to spend as little as you like upgrading your account.

We'd love to remove the necessity of a roadblock (and will eventually), but right now we are trying to raise as much cash as we can to pay our huge server and data bills. You may not know it, but footytube isn't owned by a corporation, and we don't have access to unlimited resources.

Futhermore, we are about to launch Openfooty, the world's first truly free football data API. That might not mean much to you, but it's a pretty big deal to the cash strapped footy developer who has prior to this been unable to develop decent footy sites due to lack of money and access to free data.

Needless to say, when we do this, it's going to put even more strain on our servers. So it comes down to this:

Would you rather have a roadblock to skip, or no footytube at all?

If this really is stopping you from enjoying footytube, and you can't afford to pay $1 to go PRO, then of course we will be sad to see you go, but right now, we need to think more about the good of the football community as a whole than the minority of individual users who do not understand what we are trying to achieve.

Horses (Bristol Rovers) 7 years ago
I noticed that it didn't open in a new tab just now and thought that I must have had a reply! Thank you for the response, lee. I'm glad it was more polite than some other feedback I have seen from your staff from this forum.

I would've contributed straight off, except I found your campaign needlessly disruptive. I do understand the trials of startups though - I work for a new website and it's a fine line to walk.

I like what you're doing with the API - have you not had any problems with the FA over it? I know they blocked/(still block?) permission to broadcast fixtures data to football iphone apps, so I assumed this kind of stuff was a bit of a lost cause?

I'd like to say: I do love the site, I was introduced to it by a friend back in september and I check it every day for new games to watch. I came here straight from the bbc website to watch the inter game - I saw the last five minutes this afternoon but they didn't mention chivu breaking his skull. Must've been some collision!

Again - thanks for the reply and thanks for the site,

Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
Yes it's always a fine line with these types of things, and we are very sensitive about over aggressive, in your face advertising (not something we are ourselves a fan of). Hopefully most people who have actually read the PRO+ page, recognise the positive spirit which is intended.

In the 3 years we've been live, we haven't asked anything of our users, or used cheap advertising tricks such as popups / popunders, or annoying in your face banner advertising, to greedily grab quick cash. We've been in this for the longhaul from day one and it's cost us a lot of personal wealth to get here.

Rather than asking for charity or hand-outs, we spent a hell of a long time building the PRO+ upgrade into a service that we ourselves, as football fans, would want to be a part of.

We are all guilty of putting things off until tomorrow. The nag screen, as annoying as it is, reminds you of the other areas of footytube that often go unseen by the causal surfer, every time you visit. And, although it's only a temporary measure, the increased conversion levels are something we are in great need of presently.

Just a quick-note about our staff being a little short in some of the feedback requests.

They are all incredibly hard working, passionate members of the site, and most have been with us from the early days. This means they have seen many changes on the site over the years, and with each change, there is always a backlash, with a tiny minority of users who threaten to leave the site. This happened when we launched version 2 of footytube (insane), and it happens with every slight cosmetic change we make to the site.

If a user highlights his concerns in a polite and rational manner as you have, then we have no problem discussing problems sensibly. However, many of the complaints we get, are more demands than respectful requests - "Do this / change this, or I'm leaving the site" etc.

They are the kind of self-opinionated people who believe that issuing threats of leaving the site and stamping their feet will get them what they want. They jump straight into the forums, don't bother reading other threads to see if their problem has already been addressed, and then have the audacity to demand immediate action - or else. At the end of the day, we've come too far and dealt with too many people like this in the past, to give them much of our time, and least of all our respect.

I am conscious how this may appear at first glance to some of our newer users (such as yourself), but you don't have to look too hard around the site to see that the staff are a very approachable and genial lot

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