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St1or (Barcelona) 4 years ago

Didn't know where else to post this but in the site feedback section.... I have a little problem that I've noticed lately. My posts don't get posted right when I post them. Usually takes 30 mins to an hour before I see it on the site, whereas others I know can post instantly.

This is especially frustrating when I am in the middle of a conversation during a game or something.

I remember seeing someone else have this problem and it had gotten fixed for him.

Any help?
Ant (Liverpool) 4 years ago
If a lot of your posts have been reported by other forum users, there is a chance the system has put a delay on your posts. It will work itself out over the next short while, and in the mean time, probably best to not do anything that could get your posts reported by others
Alexinho (AC Milan) 4 years ago
I can't really help you at the moment but I guess I could give you an advice for the future.

It seems like it is a trend shared by trolls and those who take discussions to other teams pages in such a manner that they get reported.

(It doesn't matter how you regard your own posts quality here and how much it is telling the truth. If enough people report posts of a user, he will start to see that his posts will need confirmation by mods before been displayed and it will in general be delays in his comments)

My best advice here would probably be that you lay off rival teams chat pages if that is where you think your posts is been reported. At least until you find a way to express your feelings without them reporting you there.


Oh Ant already replied now.
St1or (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Oh sounds good. I was just curious that's all...
MadBro 4 years ago
I have this problem like 2 months now....

Wherever I post it takes at least 1 hour to show up

Wtf? Can't any admin take a look at my account or something? I can assure you I don't troll I doupt it has anything to do with reports....

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