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Discussion On Censorship And What Can Be Done
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
I'm starting this topic as a forum about the staff/mods and some perceived views that we're faceless monsters that storm about wrecking everyone's fun. Please feel free to speak your mind and I will do my best to answer fully and truthfully.

Opinions, thought, suggestions appreciated. Please try to remain civil
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
By means of some background, I'll give my version of events, and please be aware we have a copy of the offending comments if needed.

Quite recently we've been alerted to some repeated aggressive commenting by certain user(s) over in their rivals forums and on their rivals walls. The comments were full of swear words and were borderline racist at times. When the comments were reported by multiple members (who support various teams, not just the one being attacked), we investigated, deemed the comments were unsuitable and removed them, as per staff guidelines. Naturally if a fan of one team is over on a rivals forums swearing them out and insulting them, we might need to get involved.

When they were removed, it sparked the affected user to make a rally call against the staff, acting like the injured party and basically calling us the worst things you can call another human. The accusation was made that we 'protect our own' and abuse the power. I don't believe this to be true at all - and if it is a common perception I want to resolve it as soon as possible.

I'll address the accusations here.

1. That the mods ban people as they wish.
This isn't true. It can't be true. Mods can't ban anyone on a whim. They can't ban anyone at all - they don't have the power. If someone is repeatedly causing trouble and using racist/homophobic comments or just generally being a complete jerk, we will mention it to them in a casual way, asking them to stop. If they don't, we will personally contact them to warn them, explaining why they are being warned, usually three times over the period of a few weeks if they persist. After that, the mods and admins discuss the case, review the comments, make a final warning that they will be banned if they keep going.... And if there is no change, they get banned. Simple and fair. Most other sites ban on the first serious offence, no warning.

2. Mods delete posts for no good reason.
Mods delete posts as part of their job. There's no getting away from that if you can imagine some of the things written on the Israel/Palestine walls or in similar places. Under every post, even this one, there's a report button. If someone is breaking the rules, report them. We'll see it.
Now, if someone is just making an opinion in a civil way, that's not breaking the rules. I could go onto the West Ham forum and say "I don't think West Ham will win the league". If that gets reported, it probably won't be deleted. However if I went on and said "f*** you c***s you are all s***". That will get reported and deleted, and you'll probably get yourself noticed by the staff.
If someone writes 80% comments like the swear filled one above, and then writes a decent comment between it, then there is a chance it will get reported/deleted by accident. The fact is, for the really nasty foul mouth users, 99% of you won't see any of the really bad stuff they write. But we see it, all of it.

3. Mods stick together against the users
Mods stick together, yes, but against the users? No. You have to understand what a mod is. Mods are all chosen from the community of regular members, just like I was, as being people who have added a lot to footytube in a positive way. Good fan valuation, low rude votes, intelligent, positive comments, and so on. They are suggested by other good members that have been picked before them. When they become mods, they get a couple of extra buttons and a staff badge, that's it. Not some godlike power.
If you have 500 or more good, intelligent comments, if the community seem to respect you, and if your comment history is constructive and adds to the site, there is a very good chance your name has been mentioned as a possible mod. We only add two or three every six months, from the community, so there isn't room for every good member. We balance it up and try to pick supporters from all the major teams, or as close as we can get.

All I'm saying is, as a mod, I'm here to use the site, have fun, enjoy football. I hardly wake up every day eat my cornflakes and try to work out the best way to annoy people. None of us are like that. If we seem curt or angry sometimes, it might be because we just spent the last two hours cleaning up some of the most horrible, racist hatred you can possibly imagine. I'd like to think we're approachable, responsible, and willing to chat.
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
Wow this is quite a thread, I don't really have anything to add but credit to the work that you do for this site Ant

I am surprised that TonyLA and another Milan fan Ramtin? Or something got removed but I guess they must have said something bad
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Thanks man. I just wish some of the people that are seething with rage would write out their problems here instead of in their own forums where no-one sees it.

TonyinLA specifically asked us to remove his account so it was by request, I think he may have started another one. Ramtin was never banned as far as I can see (the account is still live)
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
The guy ramtin you mention had at least 8 accounts, most of which were banned, and if I mentioned the other account names he had, you would understand who he was, and why he was banned.
Users think we don't know about their accounts, believe me, we do, but if someones not really using as a weapon to annoy others, we would overlook it a bit, but once theres any abuse, you could lose all your accounts, so its not worth making other accounts
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
People are asking "How is it fair that our comments are removed, and theirs aren't when they are just as bad".

It's really simple. We don't have a huge staff. Just a couple of employees and a couple of volunteers. We can't read every topic, every day. Its as simple as that. Stuff gets written at 5am, while I'm asleep. That's why there is a report button. When a message is reported, we get alerted.

So, with that in mind, don't argue that nothing gets removed, if you don't ever report it. What reason would I have to go to the Wolves board, for example, or even more obscurely some 2nd division Dutch team.

We read every reported post in context and based on the writers intention and history we will decide if it gets dropped or not. It might get dropped if its full of swear words, homophobia, racism, hatespeech, or if its purely designed to cause anger or hatred. If someone writes ten comments that are really bad, and the eleventh says "I like biscuits", yes, there is a chance the 11th will be deleted too because of the trend.

If some people still don't get it, don't get what they might possibly be doing wrong that might lead to comments being removed, then I really don't know how much more I can explain
Beckpro19 (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Mmmmmm I think footytube Mods are awesome, they control reallly well my fav site for watching highlights and talk about football . People that hate mods of this site, have never been in any forum. Most mods in other sites are dumassees who believe they are better than anyone. That's one of the reasons I like to post in footytube, mods aren't paris hilton type of ccharacters, cheers Ant I hope you get this problem sorted out.

Pd: Sometimes I wright offensive commentarys, just cause I am drunk, I hope you forgive me D:
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Thanks for your kind words beckpro, I wish more users would see us mods in a different light, I was an ordinary user like yourself a year ago and can talk about football with anyone, I seemed to be well liked, but once I became a mod, a lot changed.... Lol.
And the other mods will tell you theres times we wish we were back as ordinary users, we are only trying to help the site at the end of the day, out of our love of football, I'm not here to annoy anyone, whats the sense in that, I would rather chat to a scouser for two hours, rather than rip the back out of him for no reason other than he follows a different team to me.
Well I'm ok, the other mods are ^&**&%$$£%T^&^&'s.... Lol
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Ant, if it's me you're talking about here you're simply rewriting history to suit yourself. I certainly did not write any racist comments packed with swear words. I posted on the Arsenal wall about their comments up through the months about Tottenham not having the class to play at top level and certainly not in champions league. I was then abused, which I guess was fully expected, and I posted some answers to that. (Still not with any racist comments packed with swear words....) My little bit of teasing on their wall, compared with the non-stop abuse we're experiencing before & after every single match from 12 000 gooners amounts to absolutely nothing. Interestingly enough, the same gooners who on a daily basis spread their hate choose to go ahead and report me & other Spurs fans as soon as we open our mouths. I posted on the walls of two particular haters, still without any severe language or any sort of racism.

Since this debate started I have had some posts deleted and my fan valuation severly reduced. Interestingly, a fairly aggressive Arsenal-fan with posts both on their chat - AND several abusive posts on the Spurs chat (after THE debate, after spurs FANS complaining TO YOU about NOT moderating OR deleting arsenal FANS) has his posts still standing. Even with Spurs fans complaining about them. And most interestingly: HIS FAN valuation HAS increased. So pardon me, but from this I can only read what your saying as bullshit! Excuse my French!

The other thing that you earlier posted in the Spurs forum is that it's ok to be aggressive and rude, as long as you do it in your own forum. I would have thought not. It certainly doesn't make the greatest environment for kids as users. Anyone can claim themselves as a fan of a team, indeed some people are fans of lots of different teams
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Check out HarryyB...
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Ok, first things first, slow down. None of your comments were included in anything that was said in the Spurs chat by me, and as far as I know, you weren't part of what I was talking about, so we can rule that out. I specifically didn't write usernames in this topic because it wasn't a call to arms or a finger pointing exercise, just a place to fix the issues a few fans think are going on - and believe me I want to fix it.

If you feel Spurs fans are getting bashed while Arsenal fans walk free, lets sort that out now. I will tell the staff that it won't be tolerated. I will say this: if any user has a history of nasty comments, there is a good chance your comments will be reported by members and investigated first by staff. That's not specifically directed at you, but any user that writes bad stuff. That's common sense.

I've written it before but if you don't like some of the stuff being written in the Spurs chat, please, simply report it. We'll take it from there. Some members seem to think its embarrassing to report a comment or something - its not. Just do it. If its bad, we'll delete it.

You twisted my words somewhat in the final paragraph. I don't recall saying its fine to be rude and aggressive anywhere. It's just more acceptable to write "Team A are f**ing lucky" in your own teams forum, than to go to their forum and call them a bunch of c***s. Hopefully that's obvious and makes sense. We've never said this site was for all ages. The guidelines say some swearing is ok - that's why theres a swear filter for each user to turn on or off if they want. Football is a tribal game and there will be banter, which is fine, but there is plainly a line. Most fans are content with chanting across the terrace at their rivals, but there are always one or two that will throw a bottle or brick, and that's when we step in.

If something happened 6 months ago (this is what I gather, because no-one has said) where an Arsenal mod went havok on the spurs page, then I apologise, and of course that shouldn't happen. We're only human, and we're not paid staff, just volunteers that give their time and energy to try to make the site usable.

So, lets move forward and meet somewhere in the middle. Don't be shocked if nasty comments get deleted. Report similar nasty comments on the Spurs page if you like, but for the love of God don't start writing on my wall that person X reported comment why and its still there. I'm one of about ten or twenty staff members here, and just a volunteer like most of the rest. I don't run the site. I don't own the site. I'm just trying to clear up some misconceptions
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
"a fan of one team is over on a rivals forums swearing them out and insulting them" I think you need to pay attention to that one. I see your comment below but you are also as bad as them if you do the same
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Just reposting my original post on the Tottenham forum, which started this debate:

They are a strange bloody lot those gooners. They've bombarded us with abuse and blatant arrogance since this website opened (just like they do everywhere). When I or any other Spurs fan return the boomerang, by just blatantly pointing out the crap they're posting - which come back to bite them (like Spurs don't belong in the champions league etc etc) they run whinging to *mummy* (ie the moderators). It's gooner style. What makes it even further annoying is that our mildest profanity, which always is met by further instant abuse, will be deleted by moderators. All the same while the gooners pop-up wherever there's something with Spurs, especially if we've had a bad period of course, and they get away with anything.
It's just a few days since some of my fellow Spurs members where hinting at just boycotting the whole site, as it seems to be run by a majority of gooner-moderators. I can certainly see where they're getting from!

The fact is the gooner abuse took off already in the first pages of this "Tottenham chat". Just go to page 1 and start browsing through. The very first post is even from a gooner. Scroll through the pages and you'll find the lot, including the mentally unstable "Oh2bagunner" who shifts between posting derogatory remarks and trying to suck up to Spurs fans or other teams fans. On page 1 in the chat a Barcelona fan called "Charlie" posted "Come on you Spurs!", to which "Oh2bagunner" responded 4 months later: "F**k you bastard charlie.... Go f**k your mom.... "
Now, I don't particularly care but had that been a Spurs fan he would have been booted out of this website. That's exactly what happened a few months ago to a keen Spurs fan called something like "Yojimbojames". He kept responding to the gooner abuse with the result that he was booted out of the site.

One post I had deleted in the Arsenal chat said:
"Who do you play next? How do you fancy your chances for a win? "
Now, how does that compare to the f**k this f**k that your mum yourself etc etc....

There are 12 000 registered gooner fans here vs 2000 Spurs fans. If a Spurs fan post ONE comment, anywhere, which doesn't agree with a gooner or is deemed to be bragging, they get bombarded in return. Don't even try to tell me that you don't see these things, Ant!
I have posted on two rival forums, which got people up in arms. The gooners get a small percentage return of what they're constantly bombarding us with. The other was the Liverpool forum. I posted a simple view point regarding how they treated Roy Hodgson, in return I got "suck ass, f**k off etc etc". Funny, bloody thing is that you deleted my posts but let the waves of swearing and abuse from Liverpool fans stand. Funny that!

The problem discussing with the gooners, happening every time, is that they can't put forward an argument. Instead they become abusive. You can't escape them, so it doesn't leave you with many alternatives, except perhaps not logging into the site.
On the Liverpool chat there's no need for anyone from the outside coming in to start the abuse, as some of them repeatedly manage to abuse the crap out of just about anyone involved with the club - Hodgson in particular. Being a Liverpool fan you would obviously have seen this, but it's obviously deemed as ok.

Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Ok, perhaps you did make the post that started the debate, I didn't know, but you were gone for a day or two while it went on, and escalated to the point that I was called a nazi - in my opinion just about the worst thing anyone could call anyone else. I couldn't believe my eyes.

The example you gave had a reply that was made four months later. Four months! I mentioned above that even with that abuse, we wouldn't simply just ban the user. There is a process, where we alert the staff, ask the user to stop, warn them, warn again and so on, and if there is no other option, we're forced to ban.

Another example you gave "Who do you play next? How do you fancy your chances for a win? ". I don't think I saw that, but if it was sandwiched between a few other comments deemed as nasty or inflammatory I can see how someone might have removed it, seeing as it was written just after several Arsenal losses in a row. You tell me not to play dumb, well, the same goes for you.

I understand there is a much larger percentage of gooner fans here, and the spurs fans feel abused. The fact remains if you want to go to their forums and shout it up, they will simply report you. If they come to your forums and make genuinely horrible comments, report them.

Nice dig at the Liverpool fans, but I think they still have their opinions about Hodgson and are entitled to voice them in the Liverpool chat. If a bunch of Spurs fans are talking about gareth Bale on the Spurs chat, no-ones going to step in. If you actually read the post on the Liverpool forum, I replied to you, agreeing with you. I don't think its right that so many people hate Hodgson so quickly, but that's for another place, not here.

The bottom line is, use your own forums to chat with your fellow fans, talk about rival teams and all that. For the most part none of the staff will bother you there. Its when it goes to rivals pages, turns nasty, starts a big spiral of hate and the staff have to get involved, that's when no-one enjoys it.

Imagine 2am in a big city centre, when drunks are brawling outside a club, and its turning really ugly. The bouncers have to step in, and they just try to tell the drunks to break it up, and go home, sleep it off. A couple of guys will start swinging fists and spitting at the bouncers, calling them fascists, saying they are abusing power. At that stage the bouncers either have to restrain the guys or call the cops, its that easy. That's pretty much what's happening here if you ask me. The difference is, I can make a topic like this to talk about it the next day and bang out the details, try to make some sense of what happened.

I'm not turning a blind eye to anything, I'm not laughing up my sleeve at whats going on. I just want it sorted so I can get back to using the site like I want, with funny photoshops and stupid joke comments, not being called a bloody nazi
Oh2bagunner (Arsenal) 6 years ago
NORTHSTREAM~~~~Look in my wall and you would see I got warned by the mods for my act and I agree it was pretty shameful.... That Charlie dude had bugged me a lot earlier when I had written in the Arsenal forum and that's what pissed me off.... And as I Said to Raj(the mod who warned me) and the others who adviced me I am sorry. I Had no idea about Spurs or knew anything about the Heat of the rivalry until I actually met some spurs fans in footytube.... I agree I might be mentally unstable but your view that I got special treatment is completely flawed...
Oh2bagunner (Arsenal) 6 years ago
And.... Sorry Ant however big an imbecile I maybe Northstream isn't someone you should trust....
I remember his comments in the Arsenal forum were very provokative.... The day after our second loss away to braga.... He came to our forum And Asked "who do you LOT play against next? How do you fancy your chances for a win....
Then he wrote stuff like "bRRAAAHHAANNAGA" and Out of nothing started Reciting Tottenham's history saying how they along with united are the only two teams to win a trophy every decade for the past six.... If that doesn't piss off fans.... Then what will.
Oh2bagunner (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Double post.... Sorry but I never ever write in the forums and you must thank Northstream for getting me involved
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Oh2bagunner's reply to Charlie is still standing, one year later - I thought deleting the comment would always be the first step...
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Gimme a link to it, I have no idea where it is. I'll remove it now if you are fixated on it. Oh2bagunnar has apologised to everyone involved, and I don't even recall Charlie ever mentioning it. I don't think anyone apart from you and perhaps two or three other members have ever even seen it
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
*Sigh* I used Oh2bagunner merely as an example. If you read my original post it was in the very first page of the Tottenham chat, abusive completely out of the blue. You guys answered me that he got a warning after that, that's why I now asked "how come it wasn't deleted then".
A bit of rivalry is ok - blatant abusive rant is not (I think). That Spurs-Arsenal can be touchy I guess reflects the reality. I have experienced it more than once in London...
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Walk around Islington wearing a plain navy blue t-shirt and you'll get death threaths from some extremist gooners...
Nippro (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Okay ant since you wanted to bring this up

Who do you play next? How do you fancy yourself for a win?

Compared to:

@Northstream lol,
We get your point like youve said on our page enough times.
Arsenal won't win anything and Spurs will finish above Arsenal like they always do 'sarc' and you will definitly finish top 4 'sarc'.
Not to mention about trophies, Spurs will win Premiership, Champions League and the FA Cup so yeah we get it.

Lmao the only reason ppl reply to you is because you come out with the most dumbest comments. Its just stupid when you claim we will win nothing when your biggest ambition is finishing 4th.

Can't blame you for getting so happy over winning an away derby for the first time in what 17 years.

And this wernt aimed at any Realistic Spurs fans. Just the ones that say 'blah blah blah you havent achieved anything in 5 years'. Just remember youve only just achieved something away to us. It took more than 5 years. 17 in fact.

P. S. Northstream is the best Spurs fan to ever live, you lot should be proud.

- in no way is this a personal attack which is way more of a hateful speech to the whole of spurs fans
-you said you havent read it yet, so here it is me posting it here for you. How long does it take for a mod to read a reported comment on a spurs chat is just unbelievable
-well I've given my point but if this is still left untouched, the point of argument is closed then. Thank you for your time Ant for bringing this up, may your life as a mod cherish and prevail
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
You 100% sure that was reported? We all get emailed the reported comments and I have never seen that one. Did you personally report it or did someone tell you it was reported?

Who wrote it? Where? Click 'report' under the comment.


And seeing as you brought it up, you used the following comment as an example of a completely innocent post
"Who do you play next? How do you fancy yourself for a win? "

However, you forget that we as staff see it in context, and know it was written by a Spurs fan on the Arsenal page, right in between posts he had made laughing at Arsenal for the few losses they've had over the last week or two (eg "braaaagghhaaaa!"). He was trying to get a reaction.

If I went onto the Real Madrid page today and went "barcaaaaa" and then "hahahahah" and then said in a new post "Who do you play next, think you'll win?!", its plainly obvious in context that I'm trying to piss them off, no matter how innocent people are pretending to be.

Nippro (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Ant I've reported it so that's why I'm bringing it up. I can't report again as this message will pop up:
Sorry, you've already reported this comment. We'll review your complaint as soon as possible. "

It's on the 8th page of the spurs chat just above when this topic was raised in the 1st place

The guys called Harryb and you can sore from page 1 till 10 and see he's a frequent troller spreading hate. I'm just reporting one of his posts. Just one Ant. Like previously some of us said, all were hoping for is equality in the decision making of the mods

Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
I had no idea you couldn't report it again, sorry about that. Sorted now as a show of good faith. That's pretty much what I meant about going onto other teams forums to spread the hate.

Be aware though that the single reason he might come to the Spurs chat is because he sees four or five Spurs fans in the Gooners forum talking it up and trying to cause trouble.

I originally intended to keep a close eye on the Spurs and Tottenham forums and take a personal interest in sorting it, but to be honest I've spent about three days now going round in circles trying to get somewhere. I'm going to take a step back because it didn't particularly seem to matter whether I was trying to help or not. The general feeling was that I was biased and ignorant anyway. I'm going to let the other mods decide what to do with the reported comments, and hopefully the respective forums can police themselves a little better.

Don't give hate to other teams unless you want hate in return, and don't be surprised or offended if when you insult another team, they come back down hard on you, that's all I ask.


Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Ant, the comment  "Who do you play next? How do you fancy yourself for a win? " was actually the opening comment at the time...
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Awesome, tell Lotophagi over on Spurs chat, he'd love to hear. Cheers
Nippro (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Be aware though that the single reason he might come to the Spurs chat is because he sees four or five Spurs fans in the Gooners forum talking it up and trying to cause trouble.

-owh please don't bring up this issue as we all know that the reason their trollers are silent right now is because they lost to us but just wait until we have a bad match and they'll be spreading it all over again. We will have no utter conclusion if your bringing it this way. Lets keep it simple like you said if we don't like what we see in our chat press the report button and vice versa.
-I applaud you through your action of finally deleting it after 4 days although it took me notifying you and pasting the comment here for you to read it yourself. At least notify us on why it wasn't deleted than playing dead

The trolling will never stop but equality in decision making of the mods may happen with all moderators picking the right action. That's all we ask for and that's all we care about. Please don't make it seem as your own burden Ant because it's not but since your the one bringing it up, that's why I'm bringing it here and recently to you. Again thank you for your time and I support you for doing so
6 years ago
Can you not employ a system whereby you are alerted to any thread which contains any of a pre-defined list of words, e. G swear words, homophobic, racist etc?

Most of these would I'm sure, not actually be offensive, but of course some will be and they can be dealt with in the manner laid down in the forum rules.

Secondly, and in line with other forums I use, you should not be allowed to post in another team's forum until you have reached a set number of comments and/or a certain amount of fan valuation. An Everton fan that signs up and goes straight onto the Liverpool fan forum is highly unlikely to be going there to praise them/congratulate them. I only use these teams as an example.

Conversely, there must also be some sort of system for dealing with habitual "reporters" who are reporting posts that are not offensive but are merely opinions that the other person doesn't like/agree with
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
If we got alerted to every thread that had a bunch of swear words in it we'd do nothing all day but read swear words! Seriously. Lee says in the guidelines that a certain amount of swearing is ok. Here's two examples.

"I can't believe we f***ing lost to Boca Juniors" = Ok
"Boca Juniors are a bunch of f**ing c***s" = not ok, especially if written on the Boca forums

For the most part we have to rely on the community to police themselves, which works completely fine in most cases. They either tell the troublemakers where to go, or they report their really nasty posts. That's when we step in as required, and usually never before that.

Regarding the point about making a post limit before you can comment on rivals threads, I've actually suggested this before and think its a great idea. Instead of a post count which can be rapidly overcome by posting "Blah" twenty times, I suggested a time limit + post count combo. So, new members have to wait a week or two, and make about ten decent comments around the place before they get the ability to write on rivals forums. However - how do you ensure that? We'd be trusting people to 'rival' a team. Some guy could make an account saying he's a fan of Barca, and in fact is a Real madrid fan, and go straight to barca forums and shout it up. Its a hard balance to maintain.

I don't see a problem with habitual reporters.comments don't get automatically removed if they are reported - they're all checked by a human and removed if needs be based on criteria I mentioned above. If the comment is fine, it doesn't get removed (unless by friendly fire every now and then, which is very hard to avoid).

Keep the questions and comments coming and I'll answer them as I see them. I think its a good chance to sort out the confusion
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
I think the post limit is great, I have seen some people sign up just to spout abuse at rival teams
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Should the site take a hardline approach to implement that fans of direct arch-rival clubs are not permitted to post comments in the forum of their rival. Say, Spurs fans are not allowed to go to Arsenal, and vice-versa?

I wonder how would that work out?

I for one would never go to a rival forum. Seriously, I don't think that if you support eg. ManUtd, and you go to Liverpool forum, that you could really read anything that looks good to you, or boost your ego. Unless after a loss to their team.... I could be reading the Inter forum's posts and feel like goading at them, but no, why should I when the most logical thing they will do next is bash back? Do anyone even understand the simple logic here?

Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
I don't think they do juno, as I said, I can go anywhere and chat, no one annoys me.
Then again I'm there to ask a valid question about an injured player or something along those lines, I'm always respectful, and can enjoy a chat and mixing with other fans.
If I'm gonna' go in all guns blazing, "your teams this and that", I'm gonna' get hammered, so why bother?
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
True. It does hurt those genuine fans who are interested in discussing and making friends. Well, it all boil down to attitude, isn't it?

Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
I think most of them are not allowed to talk in the house, armchair killer syndrome
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
@Tony your are lucky that no one annoys you, I hardly ever go on the United page chat 'cause all I receive from your glory hunter fans is abuse, I am not offensive in anyway but my mere presence is enough to cause trouble. I'm sure most of my rudes came from United fans.

Also there are alot of people who tend to visit the Arsenal page and just make pointless comments like "haha" and other just generally silly comment, it took a good two weeks to get rid of those Tottenham fans who OVER outstayed their welcome, plus comments from people who just do it for the enjoyment of a reaction. These people tend not to last long on this site but non the less we have to put up with these minority fools
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Ok guys, this topic is absolutely not for name calling, finger pointing or anything like that. In the past I've seen some pretty nasty stuff between teams that had nothing to do with Arsenal or Spurs, so its certainly not limited to those two teams.

We really don't want to have to build a piece of code that stops people visiting any forums apart from their own teams forums
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
I have told the guys on the utd forum more than once to respect other fans that come onto our forum, but the trolls come on the utd forum aswell, then the likes of yourself charlie cop for it, because some troll has been on before you, and I think all the forums are treating any outsider as a troll, which is wrong.
But good communication is the only way to solve this, and so far things are looking up
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
I really don't want to target united fans maybe its because of the number of fans they have I have found the united page I have had the only real trouble, a bit Chelsea but nothing major. All I'm saying is maybe its better for everyone to try to stick to their pages as the "trolls" represent the club they support leading people to generalise for the friendly fans visiting another teams page
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
That's exactly it charlie, more fans, more trolls
6 years ago
The United fans that come to our page have been nothing but cool. I would hate to lose their insight on a great many things.

I "troll" at times. For instance after that ripping match with Liverpool that really could have gone either way, I stopped by their room to say well played as did many Spurs fans. I would not want to lose the chance to do that at those times.

I have gone onto the goon page to bring the s**t that they have brought to our page right back at them. I go alone and weather the storm. Goons hunt in packs and only when they have something they think they can be all haughty about. They lose and you don't see them for weeks. The whole thing is pretty low class. I for one will stop going over there no matter how pissed or pissed (both ways) I may be
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
So what your saying is, you admit to trolling? , and its down to the biased mods to fix your mess, just because the opportunity arose to have a go at your rivals?
I wish you had told ant that, because your last few comments aimed at ant has done more damage to this site than all the trolls put together,
I'm pissed off with this, and you can come back at me if you like, I don't give a s**t, but you better heed this warning, I AM watching you lot, ant tried the diplomatic route, and was abused, I'm taking the harder route, believe me, and I will push for bans, given the opportunity, the site can do without this playground b******s
6 years ago
Easy Tony.... I never maliciously trolled.... I retaliated. I respect your loyalty to your friend and all but don't come after me.... I have never done f**k all to you or any United fan for that matter. I give what I get and if you can't respect that than that is your problem and not mine. I never have nor will I ever start anything but I refuse to let these half-wit hater goons come bombing into our room tearing people up, dumping out the red, and leaving with a laugh without coming back at that. I don't know what life is like when you have 12, 000 fans and everybody pretty much gets the fact that your solid. Try 127 years of history, tradition of class and heart, every season grinding it out with everything we have to get somewhere, and all of the gut-ripping heartache that has been Spurs. Just when it seems there is a light with Berba getting the most out of Keane and a good chemistry.... Enter big money football to take it all away. That threat looms now greater than ever for us. Everybody wants Bale. Mod is linked everywhere and so on. We are not an Arsenal, United, or Cheliski feeder club. There is a deep pride here and it is respected. We don't boo our own and we have oneanothers back. At NO TIME did I go a trolling as you would say.... I went out on retaliatory strikes
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Utd has nothing to do with this, or utd fans, or me coming after anyone, you guys have ripped the back out of the most respected guy on this site, that's not right.
Then I see comments on the spurs page about self policing etc;? . , yeah right, footytube rules ok.
I get on with everyone on footytube, respect all teams no matter who they are, but I'm not sitting back while you lot of self appointed martyrs rubbish the mans name, no chance, this was all being sorted out lotophagi, and even the discussions had become somewhat lighthearted, then you bumble in with a few choice comments about being a nazi and a liar, and f****d the whole thing up, hope your proud of yourself.
And btw, two wrongs don't make a right, retaliation is no excuse, as I always say, your only lowering yourself to their level.
I'm out on a mission to get no one, never was never will be, but believe me mate, only for ant, you were a goner, the nazi jibe is usually a instant ban, so think yourself lucky
6 years ago
I've never met the guy. I'm sure he is stand up from what I know of the New Zealanders my sister married into. "She'll be right" I gain a deeper understanding of that saying every year that passes. Your anger is, however, misplaced.

You need to find out which one of your mod brethren started this by abusing the power given to them. That's who need to be banned. That's who you should be pissed with. How many people are you going to call liar? It has/is happened/happening and it's pretty damn frustrating to see 30-40% of the stuff you write taken down for no good reason.

I can give you a short list of suspects and Ant is not on it. I even admitted to my mistake of putting his face on all of you
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Loto definitely has a point in his latest post here. Something fairly strange seemed to be going on, when moderators were alerted to heated discussions but were quite selective in what was deleted and what wasn't. I have mainly experienced this in the discussions following matches, ie not on a team's own chat but in the match discussions - where fans from both teams & other fans frequently post their views. Anyway, let's hope this particular discussions will settle now and that the site goes forward.

PS. Tony, if you take a step back you might also find that it can be a lot easier being a United fan compared to say a minority Spurs fan. We would in general take a lot more s**t, than the envious comments thrown at Utd on the top of the pile...
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Frank I don't care who anyone supports here to be honest, and believe me, I have had more s**t thrown my way than all you spurs fans put together, and that's no joke.
And I wonder, is it all worth it?
Pragathish (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Ok so we are not allowed to swear in rival forums.... My question is are these sort of comments in the rival forums allowed:
"haha I see you are out of the champions league.... Have fun"
"Materazzi is the best actress in the town"

Can you catch my tune, like a less offensive, sort of rude jokes allowed or will it also come under trolling/bashing? (no fun without these btw)
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
The best bet is that if you're not sure, don't go onto rivals forums and start slandering them. Whatever happened to sportsmanship

Basically, use your common sense. If you go onto a rivals forum and start rattling the beehive then the bees are going to come flying out, all over the place, andeven onto your forum, and it just goes around and around, getting worse and worse until comments have to be removed, and then we get called names for doing it.

Good natured banter and jibes is fine, hatred is not, and its up to the individual user to decide where the line is. Some examples

I could go to the United forum and say "Is Michael Owen out of the wheelchair yet? " and I could realistically expect about 40 rude votes, and possibly to be reported, as well as a load of nasty replies. I should expect that and not be surprised if my comment is removed. It probably wouldnt be, but I shouldn't act shocked and hurt if it is.

If I go to the United forums and write "XYZ is a s****ead" a few times then that will very likely be removed.

These aren't solid rules, just guidelines, so I can't say specifically whats right and wrong. Just use your head and everyone will be cool
Pragathish (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Cool, I get it. Basically it is within rules to aim harmless jibes, but it is not generous and sportsman like.... Hmm
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Yeah but tone and history are also a factor. I don't recall you ever saying anything particularly bad, so if you made a one-off "f**k you" style comment to someone that was harassing you, we might not even see it.

If we imagine every team forum is a room full of their fans in real life, would you go into a bitter rivals room, walk to the middle and shout out something really nasty about them? What might happen. The web gives you protection but it shouldn't be abused just because it can be
Jetlifari (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Just like to add my two cents everyone. Users aren't singled out for abuse by the moderators if that's what everyone is thinking. Earlier in the year users from all over the footytube complained that the mods were too strict and now it seems that the complaints are that we're too slack.

I agree with Northstream in that with 12000 Arsenal fans and 2000 Spurs fans that things can get out of hand, however if someone is trolling you can report them. Most of us mods are doing this after work so we do miss stuff. footytube should be fun for all us without having to put up with trolls. Banter is encouraged, trolling is not. I spend a lot of time on the Arsenal page and in the Basement but I infrequently go to other pages, if you want I'll have a talk with the trolls.

On the other hand though, with regards to Yojimbojames, he's not a martyr for the cause. If I remember correctly he was banned for incidents of racist language and abuse. We don't encourage racism on this site at any point in time under any circumstances.

It common sense really, if you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't type it up because it's probably offensive.

I do apologize for the gooner trolls though
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Dock points from their dreamfooty team, then see how many want to troll and abuse.... Lol
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
On a serious note though, I have not enjoyed footytube for months now, all I seem to do is tidy up crap like ant, warn people, take abuse, rude votes, angry votes, have comments made about you and your family, and users want to complain to us? , who do we go to.... Lol.
As for mods being biased, what a load of cobblers, I have certainly never came across it, and would be well pissed off if I did, and would have something to say about it.
Most of the utd fans that know me on the utd forum will tell you I don't take any s**t from them, never mind rival fans, and I have warned loads of utd fans, and even have had a hand in some being banned.
This is a football site first and foremost, not an arsenal site, or man utd, spurs, whoever, and if you can't respect football, you shouldnt be supporting any team, because football doesent stop at your club
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Theres a lot need to grow a set, and get on with it, instead of petty squabbling
Theo (Chelsea) 6 years ago
My question is, why are there so many trolls Arsenal fans? Lol.... I know it sounds like a stupid question, but it is so true.... In fact, I see more Arsenal trolls around this site than all other teams combined.

For example, Since Chelsea lost to Sunderland there has been like 7 Arsenal trolls on our page, 1 man utd troll and 1 random freak.... I am not trying to offend any Arsenal fan or anything like that, this is just what I have noticed!
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Mate, a troll is a troll, it has nothing to do with pigeon holeing people being from one club, responsible,
Trolls are not football fans, so I wouldnt align them to any club, who would want them? .
The arsenal fans would probably say the same about chelsea fans mate.
I can't for the life of me understand why someone goes onto a rival teams forum to say something stupid, and start a load of s**t? , I love going to other rival forums, but I love talking football, not ripping the piss outta' them, where does that get you?
I think we are lucky in this day and age we can converse with fans from all teams from all around the world, and I love it, actually embrace it, but I'm not gonna' ram the merits of man utd down anyones throat, or even worse petty name calling etc;
Theo (Chelsea) 6 years ago
I agree, trolling doesn't get you anything or anywhere.... All it does is start fights and people talking crap about one another. But this world has so many pathetic people, who just love doing things like that lol
Btw, I have to say there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Ant, Tony, Raj and all the other mods are doing on this site, I personally have reported a couple of comments before and they got removed in like 5-7 mins.... So thank you and keep up the good work
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Yeah, but we don't always remove them, because not all them are abusive, dumb, spam or otherwise, some idiots just report stuff for no reason, perfectly good comments.... Lol, that's what we have to put up with, and while everyone else is enjoying watching vids, we're busy tidying up after these morons
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
There's no need to apologise Bryan. Trolls come from all walks of life and all the clubs, not just Arsenal
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
I tend to agree with Chelseaman93, that there are a lot of Arsenal trolls. It gets exhausting after a while, especially for half a dozen core Spurs supporters who are here to talk football - but getting the non-stop hassle and abuse. It can make the most gentle of us pissed off and flowing over with schadenfreude when it, as a matter of fact, isn't all going to plan for their team
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Well we will be keeping a close eye, on both forums after this
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Tone you and Ant should take a little break and going back to just being old users on the forums Since football is such a passionate sport you can see why some people will get angry and stupid in the forums Northstream. And it is much easier to get on the internet and bash a rival team than it is to go over to a rival bar and start talking smack, so it's obvious why it is such a problem at le tube. We are just trying to eradicate it that's all. I mean I hardly contribute as a modifier compared to some of these other cats, they really do work very hard at keeping footytube a respectable and intelligible site.

Thank goodness for that, because we all enjoy coming on here and speaking our minds about certain players and teams, just the game in general. Obviously there are some people in this world who take pleasure at making other people angry, my answer to that would be don't give them the satisfaction. If you reply in kind in a rude matter, you are only feeding the fire, I know it's cliche as hell but an eye for an eye. That people are attacking and belittling Ant to me is shameful, and disgraceful, because Ant is the man he and everyone else are just trying to help out. But I am not about to find out who it was and start doing the same to them on their wall. The mods job I guess is just to keep it light, they all enjoy a good joke, but it can't get out of hand. In a perfect world we wouldn't mods wouldn't need to exist. But since it's not I guess well try and look after the forums and try and make it a little more perfect(bound to fail there haha) well do the best we can though. Northstream you seem like a smart and respectable guy next time they get to you just politely remind them of the score of Arsenal v Tottenham and go about your way. It seems like to be a gunner has made some apologies on the Tottenham page, so just bury the hatchet.

P. S. Ant from what I know you are about the least Nazi person on earth

Lifeguard (FootyTube Moderator) 6 years ago
I have to say, that if you are not a fan of a team, or don't have anything nice to say about a rival teams performance, keep it to yourself. There are several others who might have the same thought, but this site is not here for fans to bash each other's teams, rather, it should be to support and discuss a team's performance. The whole atmosphere of a friendly website open to all goes out the window when people start making dumb posts to stir up trouble. Thanks for the thread Ant, glad to see that you guys do care.

Edit: and Tony too
6 years ago
This is all BS Ant and you know it! You just took down two of my posts and one of Northstreams that contained NO offensive content. You sir are a liar
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
I haven't deleted any posts by anyone in about two days, so you don't have a clue what you are talking about. You just personally screwed up any progress that was being made. The same guy that called me a book burning Nazi two days now calls me a liar. No surprises.

Go back to the Spurs chat, shout about it, spread more hatred and be happy in your own little world that your destruction has killed something that was slowly being worked out through discussion.

Cheerio, I'm done in this topic
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
You guys ALL need to go and take a good look at yourselves, ant has taken a back seat from the site due to all this b******s, and it IS b******s.
The guy done his best to address the problem, and was making progress, then you lotophagi come out with a load of s**t calling people liars, nazi's etc;? , where the f**k do you get off mate. Who are you? I would have banned you for the nazi jibe alone mate, but ants trying his best and didn't want any of that.
You have thrown all his work back in his face
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
Lotophagi did you press the post button? This whole thread is for free speech and I cannot see any reason Ant would remove your comment
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
They are certainly pushing my buttons charlie, with scurilous accusations then admitting to trolling?
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
Don't worry Tony like them or not these are all people who have the privilege of this great site, trolls are people too :/
6 years ago
Look Tony first off you are going to have to define "trolling" before you go throwing it at me! All I said was that I stop by other clubs I. E. Liverpool to say good match or good luck. I admitted to going solo into the goon room as a matter of retaliation for all the crap they bring into ours. And do you even know what that is about? Do you know what has been deleted and what has been left up? I would say, judging by your comment here that you have not a clue sir. I do not know why you wish to cross swords with me but you have no grounds.... NONE
Theo (Chelsea) 6 years ago
A troll is someone who makes a post on another teams page, just to provoke them or get a reaction.... What you did on the Liverpool page is NOT trolling, but what you did on the Arsenal page is definitely trolling, and it really doesn't matter if you were trying to get back at them for what they did.... The main thing is, you were trolling.... Simple
6 years ago
And uh.... Charlie.... Just what in the hell is a "minority fool" Let me tell you how I here it. I here another arrogant simple-minded goon robot spewing out his illusionary supremacy all over the page. Do you realize why people hate your club and those who chose to follow? It is not because you are squatters. It is not because of the shifty way you came into the League with back room deals that got us relegated undeservedly. It is your attitude. That arrogant goon attitude. That is why. So you tell me what a minority fool is please.

Another thing is that there were a couple of profiles created during the derby that reported to support Spurs. They went in both rooms heavily annoying everyone Spurs and goons alike. I saw one was deleted. It was far too over the top to be genuine. It was some hater that posed as a Spurs fan to stir s**t up during the derby and apparently it worked. If I come into your room I make a point of bringing an intelligent argument. I never spew off lines and lines of idiocy and hate (though I do admit to hating you so). I remember one post I put up about midfield strength and the retort was a reference to Harrys neurological condition that gives him a twitch.
My reply (which was deleted and the neuro twitch insult left up) was to inform this person that I was indeed a physician and see many patients with conditions such as this. I suggested that he might want to think before he types that is all. Typical goon stupidity, hate, and playground mentality left alone.... Educated and experienced voice of reason and a request for limits and respect deleted. This is why we are here. This and 1, 000 examples like it
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Thanks chelseaman93, its trolling, it doesent matter if you done it first or not, what is this, a playground? , I feel like a fukin head teacher here.
Guys, let it lie for a while, I like ant am getting pretty sick of all this, lets see how things go.
Any other conversations on this subject must be kept civil, or there will be repercussions....
We don't need anymore hatred.
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Ps, I love you all.... Kisse's
6 years ago
What about the f*****g hugs?! You forgot the f*****g hugs! Typical United fan forgetting about the hugs. I don't know why I bother...
6 years ago
To Ant.
I don't know you. I've never met you. I see you are from New Zealand. My sister married a kiwi and has lived in Te Puke for more than 15 years now teaching grade-school french. My point is that as individuals we might get on fine. I was not specifically targeting you. I went too far with my frustration with the mods as a whole and gave it one face. Being as you came into our room and called me out.... I came after you. I was wrong for that and I apologize. I have taken the time to give this entire thread a close read and can see that you are indeed trying and I genuinely do appreciate that as I enjoy the site minus the illiterate goons and whoever mods are censoring things out and trying to take a Hippocratic moral high ground to justify their actions.

I originally sent you an email (angry as it was) complaining about all of this hate spew left up and intelligent arguments taken down. The reply I got only served as gasoline on fire. It was completely dismissive and belittling. But I moved on. Then you pop into our room calling me out and bringing up Yojimbojames.

Couple of things we need to get straight here. First off
@Jetlifari: Man you have gotta' be one of the most arrogant antagonizing goons out there. I cannot believe you are a mod. If I was to make a short list of the people I suspect are going around deleting posts you and Hill would be at the top. So don't even try coming into this thread as some moderate voice of reason because you are far from it. Yojimbojames never said one racist comment ever! He called Wenger a pedophile a couple times and the goons went nuts. They all hit the panic button and the goon mods came down on him hard. His retort to all of this was how is it OK for them to make comments about Jews and homosexuals when I cannot even refer to a pretty common jibe on Wenger? With the exception of Ants efforts here, he was met with typical who cares your out. As I remember it Jet and Hill were very much part of cranking Yojimbo up in the first place. If memory seres he was booted right after Arse lost the last derby at the Lane. Arsenal fans....

I don't know what to say that has not already been said except for thank you to Ant for his effort and my sincere apologies for my rants. When I made reference to nazi's, Fahrenheit 451, book burning or the stazi I was not calling names as much as I was describing an attitude or action being displayed. Much like Ant describes my attitude or actions as that of a spoiled child. So don't take it personal as I do not.

Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Thanks lotophagi, that was much appreciated, and I'm sure ant will appreciate it.
I hope we can all move on from here, theres been mistakes made by everyone involved here and hopefully through sensible dialogue can make this thread a thing of the past, I would like to thank everyone who made a contribution to the thread, its the only way to sort s**t out, and it may be a good idea for the future to have more of these open debates on taboo subjects.
Lads, keep it sensible, respectful, and I gaurantee, its a lot more fun, I can go to any forum and talk to guys all day, no problem, and that's my reason for being on footytube, if I wanted to annoy someone with a "your teams s**t" jibe, I could do that to, but why would I? .... I don't get that, I can talk to anyone about football, I have met loads of fans from various clubs when I have been to old trafford, I love all that, chatting swapping scarves etc;, and its the same here, I love to hear peoples views, have a laugh, and a bit of light banters ok, but when the abuse and petty name calling starts, it ruins it for everyone.
Just try to remember football doesent stop at your club
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Btw, ants an irishman, he's been in kiwi for a few years, and does stretcher bearer duties at the wellington phoenix games and the nz national team.
Salt of the earth
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
I couldn't think of anything worse than having to watch all the Phoenix games...
Threkstari (Arsenal) 6 years ago
@Lotophagi.... You call Jet "one of the most arrogant antagonizing gooner out there"

Thn you are one of the most subjective and irrational spurs fan out there.... Saying tht after every spurs loss 12k gooners march onto your forum to ridicule you.... Highly doubt it....
Each team has their trolls. The most we cud do is make sure we dun act like those. I personally am ashamed of AFC trolls as they present a pretty bad picture of me and the other gooners. Yet you protect yojimbojames (who has been deemed a troll) as if he wud be behind you watching what you write about him. In fact why do you know by heart every comment he wrote and whn he was kicked->srsly I nly read your comments here but its pretty damn obvious tht lotophagi=yojimbojames.... But thts beside the point rly....
Now where was I.... You targeting a gooner mod is rly predictable.... Your a spurs fan obviously your gna say Jet is the worst of the lot....

On the other hand here is my perspective of Jet: He is a rly good mod! He keeps the AFC forum clean but allows the intelligent comments on (regardless of what team the individual supports)....

Maybe instead of throwing s**t at each other we can settle this by appointing a mod from the spurs fans who can moderate the spurs forum.... Maybe tommospur....

Hill (Arsenal) 6 years ago
I have only been on here sporadically for the past 4 months. So don't bring me into this. Especially when I have no idea who you are Loto. Have we even ever spoke? Probably not. Yojimbo was a foul mouthed person. I don't think I was the one who voted "rude" on his page 300 times or whatever it was
6 years ago
Hill.... Whatever.

Threkstari.... You know you have my respect. You and Oh2be are among my few goon friends and why? Because you bring a good debate and not a load of arrogant crap like 8 of 10 of Arsenal supporters. I do think you should read the whole thread though to see how things played out. And no, I have absolutely no love at all in my dark and cold little heart for Jet period.... Sorry but I think the guy has trolled into our room on more than one occasion with a load of arrogant crap. He might not be the worst be he is pretty freaking typical. And I've seen how he has piled on when someone trolls into your room.... Maybe that's what they have coming for trolling in the first place but still.... It's low brow.

I think your idea about a Spur mod is excellent. Further, I think Tommo is one of the best choices among us
Hill (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Lol.... I'd like to see where in the Spurs forum Jet has trolled
Threkstari (Arsenal) 6 years ago
How does the mod system work?
I mean is it something random or does a certain team have to be 'big' in a way.... Like a certain amount of fans required to have a mod on their forum?

@loto.... Yeah I can see you dun think of Jet as sm1 who you wud invite over for a thanksgiving dinner but you dun rly have to repeatedly abuse him.... He is doing the best he can to keep the gooner forum as abuse free as possible.... Sure whn there are a few trolls he rather comments thn deletes but thts bcus he doesn't want to abuse his position of power.... Him going over to your forum I cannot rly comment on tht cus I dunno about it....
Also you gotta' admit tht 8 out of 10 spurs fans on the gooner forum will be there just to troll.... A sad fact with both sides pointing at the other saying "HE started IT".... I am in no way trying to say tht spurs fans are the evil ones on the forum cus I know there are trolls from every team but the situation between our teams forums has bcum a bottle of kerosene just waiting for a small spark....
6 years ago
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
6 years ago
That is freaking funny!
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Brilliant think we should just leave it at that
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Yeah, 'cause I'm dealing with another one at the minute, a mods works never done, long gone are the fun days on footytube, can't remember the last video I watched, never the time
Rob12 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
I feel bullied when I write a comment and no one gives me a thumbs up.

Awesome site really, we're lucky as football fans to even have websites like these

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