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Ozilgunnergetya (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Have been using "Footytube" for about two months now and enjoying the banter.
Great website good job

I'm just getting abit frustrated with having to go through like 20 pages to find my replies to my comments :/
I have no clue how computers work or the difficulties to design a webpage, but am wondering if it would be too much to ask for a way to find your comment easier than going through page after page every time please?

Plus how do you delete comments on your profile?
I click the red X and it dissapears off my wall.... Until I go onto another page then return to my profile and they have all returned?
Maybe I'm the only one who cares but I must have severe OCD as I can't stand lists and lists of comments all over my wall!!

Please do your best, if not ill just carry on still using the site but will become a very angry person.... Do you want my mum seeing me angry yeah that's what I thought haha
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
About finding your comments. I'm sorry, the current comment format does not allow the comments to be archived in a manner which allows us to go to it with a single click.

I am not sure what you mean by deleting comments from your profile. Do you mean the comment wall? If so that cannot be removed unless a moderator does that. If you mean the comments, as far as I'm aware you cannot delete those comments because they are somewhere else on the site
Ozilgunnergetya (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Ok thanks for the reply

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