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Blog Improvements, Footytube On Youtube, Etc
Matt (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
Excellent suggestions and very timely too as we are looking at improving the forums and team pages at the moment
Jawn (Liverpool) 4 years ago
I just wanna get in and extend my thanks on behalf of the entire footytube staff for taking your time out to make this post. It's always inspiring for us to see committed users who really care about the condition and future of our beloved ol' tube.

Your ideas have been forwarded to the dungeon, where all new features begin. Inside, our trained monkeys will write each idea on a paper, crumple it up and begin to practice juggling. Upon completing a mandatory 40 hour juggling maneuver, they'll hand each crumpled paper one floor down to the sub-dungeon, where we keep our banned human prisoners. We'll then carefully select a prisoner to present these ideas to the staff as a whole in an undisclosed location, so nobody can be made aware of the war crimes we commit there.

Please accept my deepest apology on behalf of the first monkey who's brain exploded upon trying to write your ideas down for us.

-the footytube staff
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Darn it, Jawn. Now I have to try and avoid stepping on money brains as I hop around the room. A whole new perspective to mind = blown?

Khalid, I tried to send you a meebo message earlier before I went on my snoozefest. We've gotten your ideas through to the people who deal with the elaborate process that Jawn mentioned. They'll try and look into it and see what can be done Thanks for the suggestions, as we need the community to come up and actually give us what they think the site needs, to throw more stuff in at the devs and keep their brains tingling. My mind would have blown up as well, but I guess I now have one of the advantages of being a supervillain with a super cool helmet that prevents mental attacks!

Keep up the good work bud!
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Not sure if the suggestions that I am writing have been posted elsewhere in any other topics/threads, but I just came up with a few suggestions that might enhance footytube a bit more.

1.) Blog Subsriptions

-a button for readers and the blogs author to press so that when replies are posted, then the interested parties can be made aware via email/wall-comment, so that the discussion/debate can continue and proceed instead of being forgotten about.
-automatic subscription to a blog when a reader writes a comment in the blog so that the discussion can continue instead of being forgotten about. Otherwise, its quite easy for readers that have written comments in blogs to forget about it the next day and they don't see responses to their comments and the discussion/blog/debate dies out pretty quick. Something like this exists of BleacherReport, and its very effective in creatives a good atmosphere for discussions and debates.

2.) each club has a Chat page where a maximum of 5 blog/forum posts are located to the right of the chat page, if I am not mistaken. If there could be an increase in the number from 5, to say 8-10, then that would give blogs more attention from fans of the clubs chat page, and rival fans that are viewing that chat page, and in theory increase the number of views and participants in the blog/debate/discussion.

3.) an increase in the number of fonts, writing styles, etc for blogs authors and respondents to effectively communicate and express their opinions. An increase in blog views and posts will be likely as a result. At the very least, an increase in the number of fonts, writing styles, etc available to the blogs author will make it easier to communicate properly with the blogs target audience. Its understandable that chat rooms only have one font, but for blogs I feel there should be different fonts available.

4.) if blogs can attach pictures, graphs, etc then that would make the blogs more effective. footytube in my opinion has a lot of potential to capture a market share/foothold in the blogs market. As such it already has a large fanbase and userbase, so that's a good place to start from, and with further improvements it could become an effective place for fans to look for blogs about a variety of topics in football, especially those concerning the major football clubs, and issues that impact the sport as a whole. Improvements in the blogs segment can attract a variety of bloggers from other websites that barely have viewers and userbases and can instead choose to make footytube their home where they write their blogs and attract more football fans, as well as those of different variety.

5.) I don't know the exact figures of footytube users, but adding up the amount of fans in the major clubs sections, there should a good amount and a solid userbase even after taking into account users that activated their accounts and forgot about the website. footytube already "hosts" videos, except they are from different websites e. G. Dailymotion, youtube, etc. I feel footytube has the potential to capture some football market share on youtube and dailymotion. A username could be created on those 2 website called "footytube", and videos could be made on transfer speculation, match performances, off-pitch-clubs events, overall topic that impact football as a sport, tactics tutorials, etc.

-these videos can be made by footytube users that are trustworthy and a separate button could be created on the footytube website where interested applicants can apply. This footytube youtube account should at least have a initial subscription base of, say around 50% of current footytube users, and that's a good place to start from. Slowly the numbers of subcribers will increase, views per video will increase, and the end result should mean that more people will become aware of footytube and sign up as users.

6.) in the future there could even be a GamesBattles team for FIFA and PES on behalf of footytube, where interested applicants join up and battle it out in competition against other gamers from across the world, which will also increase profile and userbase of footytube.


These are some ideas/suggestions I have come up over the past couple of days. I know these suggestions arent easy to implement, after all I have my own website where I am an admin, so I know the difficulties that exist. Love to hear your opinions on this.

I have forgotten some of my other ideas, should have written it when I originally thought of them, but I will update this topic when I remember them

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