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A Sad Lament And A Fond Farewell.
Pocketg99 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Due to unfair and arrogant mods, poor structure and a way overdone website, I've decided to elliada, I'm Leaving, maybe not forever but certainly until footytube is straitened out, the threads are to long, the Mods to self centered and there are just too many people. If I had a time machine I would relive the old footytube (just after 2. 0 was released)again and again, but logging on is to depressing, so I'm out. I may still accept friend requests as footytube remains my homepage, but that I'm sure will change as well.
Thank you footytube for all you have done, Over and Out
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
It's always sad to see people leave the site, especially those that were there at the beginning.... But it would be unfair to expect things to stay the same, and rather selfish to not wish to see footytube grow, and get found by new users and fans.

Totally disagree with your reasoning, we think long and hard before taking mods on, and I'm happy to say I feel that we all know each other extremely well, chatting at length as we do, on a daily basis. There really isn't a bad guy amongst them, and certainly none of them are rude or arrogant.

If there's been a clash or two, I'm sure it could have been sorted on meebo, and you would realise why mods have to take certain actions when they do. There are several occasions where disgruntled users have done exactly this with us, and all the problems have been solved by simply chatting about the issues, and getting a better understanding of just what it is we are trying to do.

As for the website being 'overdone'. Rather than stamping your feet, why not give some constructive feedback so we can work on any problems that remain? The whole essence of the beta, is that it is very much an organic, changing product. Indeed, half of the stuff you see on FT2 has come as a result of user feedback and suggestions, so to say we aren't open to and happy to listen to users opinions on the site, is a little off the mark.

Anyway, sad to see you go, and sad to think that you will likely miss seeing what FT grows into, and the people you would have met along the way.

Let us know how your quest in finding your new 'footy home' goes
Pocketg99 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
The time for constructive feedback and meebo chats is over (if it ever existed). I tried I don't want to leave! It took quite some issues to get me gone, but I'm gone
Pocketg99 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Only because I've invested to much of my soul in footytube to just leave it here is a list of specific things I would like changed.

Thread length! Any thread that is over around 40 posts I never read because I just don't have the time (or the want) To read that many comments. That used to not be a problem because threads never got very long, but they do now!

The Menus, Way overdone they were aesthetically pleasing enough, simple and robust. Now, the drop menu has way to many elements and the side bar is rather strangely organized and has to many elements as well.

The arcade. Brilliant Idea but it is simply innefective in a forum format. Make it individual pages and menus like a real game website and it'd be great.

Fan Valuation. Good concept, but it's to hard to keep it up and after I developed my dream team with 16 mil. Fan Valuation, but know that I only have like. 45 mil I can't buy any players without selling 16 mil worth (just to break even). I am aware that I sound like a lazy noob that wants valuation free, but I simply don't have time to keep it up.

Stands vs Terrace. A good concept, but overdone. Really I think it is just fine to have only one general forum.

Menu aesthetics, this may be just me but the I think the sidebar is rather ugly, ust use the old one.

The mods, I'm not even going to get into this but if you knew of some of the atrocities you would quit too.

Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Most of your anger seems to come from the fact the site has grown and changed since you started here. That's a natural and desirable progression, to be honest. Putting a limit of forty comments in a thread would seriously limit discussion, for example.

By means of commenting on the perceived atrocities committed against you by the mods, I'd have to defend them and myself by saying the following:

If you separated all of the footytube users into two groups,
Group 1 * those that feel the mods are arrogant, rude people that commit atrocities against the users.
Group 2 * those that think the mods are doing a decent job in a tricky, passionate environment, and are generally nice, approachable people in chat or on the topics.

I think you'd find that for every one person in group 1, you'd have several thousand in group 2.

Good luck and we will keep your seat warm in case you decide to return
Pocketg99 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I'd like to leave with dignity, but everytime I look away I'm being insulted. If your just going to tell me whats wring with me, this is one of the reasons I'm leaving
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
We are offering you every chance to leave with dignity, if that's really what you would like. No-one is insulting you. When I said we'd keep your seat warm, I meant we would leave your account open and ready to use whenever you want to. I can't put it any fairer or friendlier than that
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
First the points I agree with:

There are too many options in the (forum) dropdown and it definitely is confusing if you want to just get to the main forums quickly. We will look into this.

The arcade can (and will) be much better organised, with dedicated pages to each game. I certainly wouldn't call it ineffective as it is now, people have a lot of fun in there. But yes, it needs to be expanded when we have some time.

You do know there's only 4 of us building the backend of the site right? We don't have unlimited time or resources and as such, have to prioritise roll-outs and feature additions.

Menus on left of the forums, do need a bit of work, again, it's on the list. Before we get round to it, we will be launching Openfooty fully, followed by PRO+, FIFA leagues and then Prediction/Quizzes.

As someone who was here for the original beta, you know how far we've come (for better or worse) and that although we take our time over getting things right, this usually means in the long run you get better products, that work properly.

Things I disagree with

Fan Valuation: I've said time and time again, it's very much in beta and as such is in no way perfect. Having said that, it's doing a damn good job of assessing and quantifying the mind boggling amount of contributions users make on this site and I defy any manual method of doing nearly as good a job in rewarding the 60, 000+ members we've had since the beta went live.

You think I'm happy that my fan valuation has dropped since I became less active in the forums over these last few weeks (due to travelling and work)? I am not, but at the end of the day it's right and fair and above all else, footytube is NOT about fan valuation. It's about being part of a growing fan community, making friends, learning new things, and having a good time.

The mods are unfair, rude or arrogant: Absolute bullshit. As i've said above, I know them all damn well, and we're just not interested in making rude or arrogant people like that mods. Everyone who gets selected, is very carefully vetted over a long period of time, and a long discussion is had by the whole team, including all the mods, to make sure we aren't making a mistake.

We all have our own staff forum, and chat to each other daily. And I can say that every single mod on this site has bent over backwards to help the site grow and encourage a great community spirit and atmosphere. They also work incredibly hard behind the scenes to keep out the idiots who would otherwise ruin your experience here. Which is why footytube isn't full of crap in the forums, like most football sites are.

Now I am not saying there won't be a personality clash here and there with Mods and certain users from time to time. Such is life.

But believe me, 99% of the people who have a beef with the mods on this site, tend to be people who haven't bothered to read the rules, are self-centered, and ONLY interested in what they themselves have to say. They don't bother reading through other people's comments to see if other's have already posted about a particular subject, then get pissy when the topic is locked (because we already have a thriving thread on this subject).

They are the kind of people who sit in the pub with you, nodding away when someone else speaks, but not actually listening to what is being said, 'cause all they want to do is get their own word / view across.

Locking threads isn't about mods wanting to lay down the law, it's about keeping the forums organised and coherent, and letting everyone have their say.

Limiting threads to 40 posts: Ridiculous, not gonna' happen. I don't know a forum in the world that would cut the length of a thread because it's become popular. Discussion and the sharing of opinions is what forums are about. If you have no interest in reading the opinions of other users, then I think what you should be doing is reading a newspaper article or perhaps just your own blog over and over again

It's also worth pointing out that footytube is pretty unique in it's forum implementation (at least among footy sites), in that you can actually reply to an in-line post (like this one), that you find interesting. This means that if you make a good point within a long thread, there is plenty of room for people to reply to that and debate. In my view this makes (even huge threads), really simple to get to grips with, and adds a lot of value and incentive for making decent contributions.

We also have some pretty nifty features on the horizon that allow you to do all sorts of filtering on forum topics, including things such as funniest posts of the day, most active (popular) topics etc. (Obviously you wouldn't be interested in the latter )

That ANY of your reasons for wanting to leave are good enough! Seriously, nothing you have said, highlights any real, serious concerns, problems or barriers to enjoying yourself on footytube

Finally, you say you want to leave with dignity, and yet make a big deal of the fact that you're going on your way out the door. If you didn't want the attention, why not mail us instead of opening a thread, or just leave a message on your own wall? Why the drama? Why try to provoke us into a response with your opening gambit:

"Due to unfair and arrogant mods, poor structure and a way overdone website, I've decided to leave"

Did you really expect the mods to sit back and take what you said without trying to give you their side of the story? Which, IMO was done very eloquently and with sensitivity. Indeed, as far as I can tell from reading this thread, the ONLY insults that have been thrown, have come from your quarter.

Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
If you want to talk about someone who has genuinely invested his soul in footytube, look no further than Lee above. I don't want to make a big deal of it, but if you knew the crazy hours he (and the other admins) work every single day or the fact he relocated to a different continent - all for footytube and without any moaning - then comparatively you wouldn't think you had invested any of your soul whatsoever.

Forgive his passion, but while the rest of us are just consumers, he and the other admins are providers
Scottie (Manchester City) 7 years ago
Take it from me this is tried and tested - have a week off and don't be such a drama queen
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Whoa.... Pocket that's a pretty sudden outburst. Now trust me I'm a original, been here from day one and ever since since the beta started. I've seen everything through, and I agree with almost everything the Mods have said here. I have grown to like the staff more and more and I'm kinda offended at some of the things you've said.

You've played this up way to much Pocket. Sad to see another veteran of the site leave.


Tony (footytube staff) 7 years ago
I think a group hug is whats needed here.
But on the serious side, I have, nt been on ft very long, I was made most welcome by the mods from the outset, they have been very helpful with info on and about the site.
It seems to me that looking at your recent activities, you have only taken this stance since your thread on robert enke was redirected, which was correct, as there was already a few going, and yours was not the only enke thread others were locked.
You being a long time user should know to check threads before you post, so cut the mods some slack mate, they do a good job.
If there were no mods, there would be no ft.

So get your ass back here, so I can give you a silly vote.... Lol
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Mate Trust me I've dealt with many FT frustrated people who left many people and some that where quite well known by all of us, but left before you even got here. He's made up his stubborn mind there's no way he's coming back here
Incuteration (Everton) 7 years ago
I don't think the mods are unfair and arrogant and sort of stuffs, I just think they are really funny. They are not unfair, maybe is that you don't post really long stuffs that wouldn't really get you fan valuation. So far, I don't know of any mods who is rude, most are pretty funny and some are cool.

footytube has changed myself a lot, from a ignorant silly kid to a matured football-mad kid. It gives some really good discussions about footy all over the world. The website also provides footy videos for those who missed the game and wanted to watch the highlights. Furthermore, there is the dreamfooty. Very well organised indeed, most fantasy football will only base on one league and could do transfers anytime you like, but this dreamfooty is so different, we only have three transfer windows each season, making it harder to play and there a three leagues or maybe even more in the future.

I do think this website is well organised, actually I created this account just to watch highlights, I never knew there are so much more about this site, and since joining this site, I've been addicted to it, logging in almost everyday about 2-3 hours if there is no school. This site is way better than other footy site for sure.

Anyway, farewell
Scottie (Manchester City) 7 years ago
Bravo everyone    - come on pocket the world is a crazy enough place as it is without FT....    
Sergio 7 years ago
3 months ago. I was gonna' leave to. But I stayed. And things got better and I got more involved and the joy of posting came back. Don't leave becouse of ellada. (Btw I thrashed him on Fifa10 and made him quit lol) so please mate, don't leave
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
LOL Thrashing thing funny. But Seriously these leaving users are stubborn and have made up their mind
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
No need to worry. I don't think he went after all, on his profile: Link:
It says last logged in 7 hours ago, and he's been watching clips and making comments regularly
Yogan (Chelsea) 7 years ago
It's his fault if he misses all the Pro+ extras, the FIFA 10 Live Lobby which is coming and all the rest of the in-the-making features footytube has to bring. How can you not like the site?!
Scottie (Manchester City) 7 years ago
I'm glad pocketg99 is back - I can pick up that £10 he'll be back before christmas bet I had with tony!

But seriously, I think because it's coming up to the new year and all that, we should let bygones be bygones and welcome in the new...
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Totally agree, when I said "we would leave your account open and ready to use whenever you want to", I meant it

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