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Select Your 2014 WC Qualifying Squad (Singapore)
Mercurialmatt (Newcastle United) 5 years ago
Izwan mahbud
Nor rahman
Safuwan bahruddin
Daniel bennett
Shaiful esah
Shi jiayi
Hariss harun
Mustafic fahruddin
Jonny wilkinson
Shahril ishak
Alex duric

Lionel lewis
Nor alam shah
Firdaus idros
Khairul amri
Shakir hamzah
Come510 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Alam Shah is a must for me but Indra? Not sure.... Maybe a super-sub like What Chicha is to United....
Wetporridge (Manchester City) 5 years ago
I prefer lionel lewis to start, and also Alam shah and Indra is a must. Rudhuan is a good midfielder and so is wilkinson...
Come510 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Doesn't matter if the player is selected.... Just post your imaginary squad here....
This is mine....

-------------------------------------------l. Lewis---------------------------------------------------------
J. Jantan--------------B. Khaizan-------------P. Emuejeraye-------------D. Bennet---------

S. Jiayi---------------F. Mustafic-------------------J. Wilkinson-----------

A. Duric--------------Sharil Ishak----------------- M. Noh Alam Shah

Subs-I. Mahbud, Jasper Chan, S. Esah, and. Rahman, H. Harun, Q. Li, I. Daud

Kick takers and captain
Left Corner:S. Jiayi
Right Corner:J. Wilkinson
Free kick: J. Wilkinson and F. Mustafic(only if J. Wilkinson is not on the game)
Penalty: F. Mustafic and Noh Alam Shah(Only if F. Mustafic is not on the game)
Captain:Sharil Ishak and Noh Alam Shah (If S. Ishak is not on the game or sent off)
Q:Why Qiu Li sub?
A: Cos Wilkinson is better
Q: Why a 4-3-3 formation?
A:Look, 4-3-3 is a good formation.... 3-4-3 will not be good cos there are only 3 DF and 3 DF will lose for sure, one team should at least have 4 defenders playing, 5-3-2 might be good to you but I picked 4-3-3 as it's my favorite as there are enough strikers to score!

Anymore questions? Comment and I'll answer!
I know Singapore can't qualify for WC 2014 but imagine that we qualify and tell me your squad. This will be my WC 2014 squad....

-------------------------------------------h. Sunny-----------------------------------------

J. Jantan------------------B. Khaizan------------D. Bennet---------S. Esah

Shi Jiayi----------------F. Mustafic-------------Qiu Li ------------John Wilkinson

Noh Alam Shah-----------Sharil Ishak

Subs:Izwan Mahbud, L. Lewis, P. Emuejeraye, and. Rahman, M. Ridhuan, M. Sharif, Indra Saudhan Daud, Agu Casmir, Fadrul Nawaz.

Kick takers and Captain:

Right and left corner:J. Wilkinson
Free kick:J. Wilkinson
Pen:N. Alam Shah
Captain. Bennet

Q:why NO duric?!He's our best striker so far!
Auric will be 44 that time, probably retire already!
Q:Qiu LI not CM!
A: Let him try be a CM

Anymore questions? Comment to ask me! Show me yours too!

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