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Armenia V Serbia, Feb 28
SrpskiCevap (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
Georgio (Bayern München) 4 years ago
I don't know much about the serbian team but Armenia sent out their be team.... The reserve keeper did pretty good imo, sucks he's so short
Krokodilizm (Newcastle United) 4 years ago
I talked to Minassian (coach) after the Canada game and he said the Serbian game was not an official friendly. Since it did not affect the ratings he fielded a less than optimal team against a strong opponent. Besides, Yura, Araz and Roman arrived after the match so they were not available anyway
Balotelli45 (Manchester City) 4 years ago
Most of the fans were yellow like the Simpsons
Krokodilizm (Newcastle United) 4 years ago
Most city fans are arrogant like Balotelli
ForzaPalermo (Palermo) 4 years ago
Good game

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