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BringerOfDoom (Rangers) 7 years ago
Mauijim (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Time to call up Rob Roy from the grave to assist Ally McCoist
Oscram1875hibee (Hibernian) 7 years ago
We NEED 2 win he next 2 games to qualify!  Burley must go!
Adolfo22 (Newcastle United) 7 years ago
Oscram there is no next 2 games. Scotland are out. There was one less team in scotlands group. BL
Chiefgilray (Arbroath) 7 years ago
Did you actualy read his comment? It was written when we did have 2 games to play numb nuts
Chiefgilray (Arbroath) 7 years ago
Burley to STAY! He's a good manager is not his fault our strikers can't score the easy goals, plus wasnt weir fault they scored he dived at that ball but if he left it the dutch player would have gotten it anyway, we'd all have done the same thing
Mikexsouth (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Sounds like the defence line is at fault here :s

So we have probs up front and behind. I hate to see a game where the goalie is left to do all the defending its often a sore sight
Lfcalan (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Wait, so did Scotland qualify for the World Cup or what?
Chiefgilray (Arbroath) 7 years ago
No, we crashed and burned girl
Scotland94 (Southampton) 7 years ago
Scotland can't continue with Burley as manager!    We need Alex McLeish or even Ally McCoist in instead
Chelseafan8 (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Or Sir Alex Ferguson. -_-  
Chiefgilray (Arbroath) 7 years ago
Burley must go now before we become anymore of a laughing stock. He's a proud man so should be proud of his failures and call it a day!

Get a real scotland manager, one who'll be all about scotland not another mcleish or smith who brought us all hope then turned their backs in the face of glory!
Silverwolf (Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata) 6 years ago
Good luck for the Euro qualifiers!  The key is beating the Czech Republic, at least at home. Spain has the first place for sure
Chiefgilray (Arbroath) 6 years ago
Do we think Craig is the man to lead us? I honestly don't think there is another person who can manage our team.... Either that or put out a group of supporters as players and watch them fight for every ball and burst lungs doing it
BigAndyB (Rangers) 6 years ago
After watching the last two games I am starting to seriously doubt if he is the right man for the job
Chiefgilray (Arbroath) 6 years ago
Agree 100% bring smith or mcleish back, even on a part time contract, we need the talent
Peckers (Newcastle United) 6 years ago
Smith and mcleish wouldnt come back, they left to get more money and that's fair, craig is doing a fine job, he's got the players playing disciplined and is better then burley at least, we sit top of the group and your saying he should be sacked, luck or not we wouldnt be there if it wasnt for him. So instead of slating him and calling for the axe, how bout you get behind him and the team and give them the credit they deserve
BigAndyB (Rangers) 6 years ago
Still think he's doing a fine job? 4-6-0? What the hell are we going to do against spain on tues? 8-2-0?!?
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
I thought you would have stuffed the czechs, we played them last year, and they're s**t, they have went badly downhill along with poland, so I expected levein to go for it.
But when I seen the formation I couldn't believe it, it was only asking for trouble, san marino could have won playing against that system.... Lol, 'cause your never gonna' score.
I'm sure all you scots fans are very disappointed, especially after levein comes out after the game and trys to justify the performance.
You can't blame the players, I bet they didn't want to play that formation, they might as well have left kenny miller at home, and save on an air fare
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
You gotta' play at least one up front andy against spain, or it will be a real embarrassment, a cricket score.
I would play 2up front against spain, and give them something to think about, otherwise it will be a scalding
BigAndyB (Rangers) 6 years ago
The problem is not just the formation, its the players. Charlie Adam is playing the best football of his career in the EPL and levein picks an unfit Gary Caldwell who hasnt played a game in 6 months to play a midfield holding role, WTF?!?
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Pretty negative stuff from levein, the team deserve better, and as you say, adam should have been involved, and miller on from the start.
I reckon with the right attitude scotland could have won that game
Peckers (Newcastle United) 6 years ago
I'm not defending levein in anyway, but if the team hadnt switched off in that vital moment cough mcmanus cough we would have got a point in prague, I don't believe the tactic was completely wrong, we frustrated them the whole game and although we didn't look like scoring neither did they until a lapse of concentration from a set piece which isn't part of the tactic. Don't get me wrong I was embarrassed with the tactic and would never like to see any team play the way we did, it wasnt enjoyable to watch like football should be
Wingson (Ipswich Town) 6 years ago
We can beat the Czech!
Bradsenal (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Chiefgilray (Arbroath) 6 years ago
Amazing performance by the boys.... Only Whittiker lets us down.... Just goes to show what we can do, now lets keep it up
BigAndyB (Rangers) 6 years ago
Only Whittaker? What about Mcmanus? If he had stuck to his man it would have ended 2-2
Peckers (Newcastle United) 6 years ago
Mcmanus is an embarrassment to scotland, why he is starting over caldwell and berra and come to think of it any scottish centre back is beyond me, he is woefully slow, his positioning is atrocious, he clearly can't judge the flight of crosses, he's low on confidence and doesn't seem like he can communicate with the team, this isn't the first time he has let the nation down and won't be the last if he carries on playing. Whitaker did his best as a right footed left back playing against a side who love to play wide and get to the byline, meaning he was consistently on his weaker foot. I thought miller was the biggest let down of the night, consistently sulking and throwing his hands up in the air, almost acting boyd-like. The biggest thing to take is that we can actually score goals and we actually have a player who can pass in adam, why he isn't starting after performing the way he did and the way he's been playing this season is mind boggling starting someone like lee mcculloch who brings nothing to the pitch, he can't pass he can't tackle and he seems to have lost his aerial ability
BigAndyB (Rangers) 6 years ago
Why oh why could we not have played like that against the Czechs? Always the same old story with Scotland, play defensive against teams we have a chance of beating and then attack the world beaters!
Peckers (Newcastle United) 6 years ago
If scotland think they're good and go into a match thinking they're going to win we almost certainly don't, the prime example being georgia away when tey played a bunch of 17 year olds and we got played off the park. We are at our best when we go in as underdogs and our main tactic is to play with men behind the ball and counter. We don't have the players who can get the ball down and play it at speed, our players are too slow and technically are dreadful, levein knows this and is playing us to our strengths. He needs time to get his team playing the way he wants it, people are already jumping on the levein out band wagoon and its sad to see, he has to pick his players up from a dreadful era under burley and we have to think positive I mean at least its not burley anymore
BigAndyB (Rangers) 6 years ago
I think we DO have the players though, they are being used wrong IMO. Look at Fletcher, For Man Utd he's not a creative player but when he plays for Scotland that's exactly whats expected of him. Charlie adam has been impressive for Blackpool and yet he wasnt even named in the sqaud for the Czech game!
BigAndyB (Rangers) 6 years ago

That is embarrassing.Rather than face up to his mistakes he throws the toys out the pram and walks off in a huff!Grow up Levein!
Booshy (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Hope the scots beat north ireland I reckon its time for a new manager by the way fegie would be perfect but that would never happen scotland have a mean team d flether naismith mcgregor all great players I see no excuse for not being able to qualify
Booshy (Arsenal) 6 years ago
I kind want scotland to beat england with a willliam wallace hat trick    
Bradsenal (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Is there a player called William Wallace because that's an awesome name
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
No mate, we have a ross wallace and lee wallace, but I'm afraid william wallace is just in the films! Lol

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