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23 Men Who Will Lead Us To The Glory
PrettyFly87 (West Ham United) 5 years ago
Here we go! Russia has got the place on Euro-2012 and draw is already known (never doubted Marco's ability to help us).

1) First part is regarding our friendlies for the next year. Denmark away is already confirmed on 29th of Feb. I assume that its a good choice for us (similar to Poland and Czechs level). Who else do you suggest?

I think we are missing an experience of playing against top teams (no big games since Germany in 2009). Everything is clear with Dutch and German boys (potential opponents in quaterfinal) so I guess it would be a positive thing to get someone similar to Portugal. No clear ideas to be honest (don't really want Russia to play neither against someone who will miss the Euro no South American teams) - so I think Italy would be a good match for us (better to play somewhere on the neutral territory like we did against Cameroon), since the only possible chance to meet up with them on Euro will be the Final, what I really doubt to happen (Russia will definetly get there (no laugh people, just being optimistic), but don't really think that Italy will get further than to 1/4).

Last feature (I think we don't need more than 3-4 games) should be against some one like Belarus or Serbia (friendly to us and not a crap at the same time).

2) Second Part is related to the "Dick's 23". Any suggestion people? I believe that 15-16 people are already known, but it is interesting who else will get a lucky ticket to Poland and Ukraine.... Anyways - this is my suggestion:


1. Akinfeev (he should be ready after the injury), 12. Malafeev (mmm.... I know that sometimes he is just a total disgrace, especially when it comes to the corners and crosses, but he deserves it for being the most consistent Number 2), 23. Shunin (young and talented, will be a good experience for him)


Ignash, "The Sisters", Anyukov, Parshivlyuk(after being a captain in Spartak he is ready for it, even despite the fact he didn't really have a chance before), Shennikov (looks much better than Shishkin and Yanbaev, plus champions league experience), Sharonov (if something happens with "Horses" I believe he will be able to help, plus it is wrong not to take someone from the best defensive top team in our League)


Denisov, Zyryanov, Shirokov, Zhirkov (despite the fact that his performace as a defender in 2008 was amazing), Semshov, Dzagoev, Glushakov, Bilya (seems that he fought back his place in Everton first 11 line-up, plus we need people from Top Leagues)


Shava, Kerzh, Romka, Pogreb and Kokorin (definetly will be more usefull than Sychev, Bukharov, Dzyuba (last two are just the same style players as Romka with Pogreb) or Ionov (no comments about him))

So this is it. You might believe that Samedov is certainly fit and ready for Euro, but its b******s people. I watched many DM games this season, and haven't seen anything except not very intelligent running on the right wing of the midfield without any clear idea what to do with the ball (Downing style, but even worse).

Lets believe in Mother Russia, in our National Team. If you (while being Russian) have any concerns about it and preffer to support Spain, England, Germany or whoever else instead, I suggest you to go and f*ck yourself.... Thank you

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