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AC Milan V RSC Anderlecht, Sep 18
JulianBond (AC Milan) 1 year ago
Even though we didn't win and should have taken our chances better I have to say I am reasonably happy with this game. We created a lot and played well. I'm very impressed with De Sciglio, he is playing fantastically. Allegri should find a way to move him or Abate to left back so they can play at the same time!
Georgio (Bayern München) 1 year ago
A draw at home to anderlecht.... Yikes Milans in for one very very rough season
OutMod (AC Milan) 1 year ago
Rough season....  Champions league next year? Maybe !  Any title? Idk....  MiLANELLO 4 EVER
Peterpan 1 year ago
The only other worst team than Milan now is Udinese, but this is the worst Milan I ever seen! Allegri should be fired he's the one responsible for all the departures starting from Pirlo
Duces14 (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Come on Milano you're better than that (no disrespect to Anderlecht)  Anyone knows when Pato returns from injury?
Connections (Juventus) 1 year ago
Without Pato on the field, who's really going to score for Milan?
Peterpan 1 year ago
Pato played less then a month in all his years combine at Ac Milan, what are you talking about?
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 1 year ago
^ What are you on about? You're telling me he's scored 50+ goals in less than a month of playing time in his Milan career? Get your facts straight
Nlst89 (RSC Anderlecht) 1 year ago
ARod9 (Sevilla) 1 year ago
I was gonna' post that lol
Peterpan 1 year ago
Really selling Ibra and keeping Pato was a great idea! The only time when Pato is not injured is when the national team is playing, but no worries there is al sharawi which the natural substitute of Ibra!.... Berlusconi should have had forbid his daughter of sucking one of his employ, when you s**t where you eat thinks can get messy
Daniel85 (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 1 year ago
Wasn't so bad. Anderlecht gave their 120%
Sticklebricks (Inter Milan) 1 year ago
A season to write off for Milan. Not Allegri's fault. He has no players, particuarly in attack where neither El Sharaawy or Robinho can put a ball in the back of the net. Can't believe they didn't sell Robinho to Santos when money was offered
Enterd (AC Milan) 1 year ago
Oh Dear !
Zizuthelegend (AC Milan) 1 year ago
Jerkoff Owner.... Why don't people in Italy just beat the heck out of him.... This team is getting out in the first round

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