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Writing Luka Modric Off Is Ridiculous
Footytubeblog (Blog) 4 years ago
Luka Modric really walked into the eye of the storm with his transfer from Tottenham to Real Madrid this past summer. The Croatian wasn’t to know, of course, but it has been a difficult start for the midfielder up until now in Jose Mourinho's team.

Some have suggested that a move away from the Bernabeu would be the best for all parties, which, in a way, lumps Modric into that category with Nuri Sahin, Sergio Canales and various Castilla players who came through but were unable to make the grade.
It’s not that the player isn’t good enough; in the few appearances he’s made so far this season he’s certainly made a bigger impression than Angel Di Maria. But it also doesn’t quite excuse or even warrant the fact that he now has a £30-plus million price tag hanging over him.

History would suggest that Modric is a slow starter, having taken time to really establish himself at White Hart Lane following his arrival in 2008. At Real Madrid, he’s been pushed further up the pitch and asked to offer something different but of equal impact to what Mesut Ozil brings to the team. Not only is it a position that doesn’t really suit Modric’s game, it’s also a request for him to outperform one of the best attacking midfield players in world football, arguably the best.

He wasn’t bought with the intention to play alongside Xabi Alonso, rather to replace him and give the team added quality in depth for their Champions League campaign. It was a big price to pay for a player who wasn’t guaranteed to be a starter, but Jose Mourinho’s problem last season was that he had little faith in the depth of his squad, forcing largely the same XI to play Barcelona between two Bayern Munich games inside a week.

The performances became tired in the second leg, the tank was close to empty for most of the midfield players, and at the time there simply was no one good enough to relieve players like Xabi Alonso for just one or two vital periods in that sequence.

Real Madrid’s natural game relies on players in the Alonso role to hit quick passes over great distances to the forwards. In the appearances Modric has made this season, he’s simply not doing what Mourinho wants of him.
The problem is, Tottenham eventually gave Modric the central role and more or less built the team around him as their focal point. There is no way he’ll be offered that kind of treatment in Madrid. He won’t displace Alonso, and Sami Khedira’s box-to-box style is way off Modric’s own style of play.

Mourinho’s attitude to his underperforming players this season has seen Jose Callejon take up the right-wing position, while Kaka still can’t get a game despite the manager’s clashes with Ozil. Modric will come into the team in low-pressure games, but the trust from the manager is nonexistent in terms of playing him in much more difficult matches.

It would be wrong to suggest Modric isn’t good enough for Real Madrid. But it became clear very quickly that he wasn’t really the player the team needed. Position yes, but style probably not. Many Madrid supporters were questioning why the club had parted with such a large fee when Santi Cazorla was available for much less. Cazorla would have been a better signing to rotate with Ozil and Di Maria in the forward lines, but his style of play when deployed in a deeper midfield position might not have been to Mourinho’s preference either.

Maybe Modric needs another year and a different manager to see what he can really do for this Real Madrid team. After all, high-profile members of the squad may be on their way out and a slightly altered formula may be adopted.
The team have been playing winning football in recent seasons, but Mourinho’s tactics are still not in line with the club’s traditions. Considering the fee spent on the player, Modric has been something of a disappointment. However, it’s still far too early to talk of a return to the Premier League or a move away from La Liga.

Written by Thomas Hallett

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Acphenom (Borussia Dortmund) 4 years ago
If it's any consolation to Luka he's one of a multitude of such cases in Europe this season - together with Alex Song at Barca and Kagawa at Man Utd.

One might take glee in the fortunes of these players on the back of a growing lack of loyalty from players to clubs these days, but as you say, it's too early to call. I think Modric has a better chance than either of the other 2 examples I gave at establishing a legacy at his new club, if only because Mourinho is likely to be on his way soon, along with his style of football
WilsonDavid (Manchester United) 3 years ago
There is no substitute or replacement of Luka, just wanna see them performing live.


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