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Who Is A Better Starting Striker?
XaviBoss (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Higuain or Benzema?
BlingBling (Barcelona) 3 years ago

Could you ask an easier question?
XaviBoss (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Yeah, I know, right? They're both awesome
Radityaman (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Both awesome! But personally, Benzema preferred
Jamada07 (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Really great strikers, both of them. But if I have to choose it will be Higuain
Pate94 (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Higuain but Benzema is also great striker
VonBonitoC (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Higuain is more like a poaching/finesse striker while Benzema is a clinical finisher. Both are great, I would say play them 50-50 depending on the lineup. I would put Benzema with Ozil and Higuain tagging with KAKA
GinniRMCF (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
The best thing would be Benzema providing the assist and Higuan with the goal
RoyalMadrid (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Dumb ass, watch Madrid. We need both. No preference
MANCHESTER1234 (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
Don't say that  
RoyalMadrid (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
The best thing would be the way Morinho is handling the situation curently, giving both Benz and Heguain 50/50 starting. Let him do his job. Non of you qualify to say who starts and who is not. Morinho is amazing at how he motivates his players. By giving one players more preference would damage the other players' confidence. In professional Futball, its all about your confidence, not much of Futbal skills
Itssabotage (CA River Plate) 3 years ago
Pipita of course, but benzema has improved so much
Safouane (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
I prefer benzema  
RealFan (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
Benzema who?
Safouane (Real Madrid) 2 years ago
Karim Benzema
RealFan (Real Madrid) 2 years ago

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