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Pedmar (Real Madrid) 12 hours ago
Does anyone have any information as to why Zidane leaves James out to this degree?
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 11 hours ago
Because he's gonna' sell him to us .    Also hearing the fans in spain are not satisfied with kroos. I don't understand that one either.
Zizou5 (Real Madrid) 11 hours ago
Hmm, that's weird. Kroos is playing very well last couple of weeks...
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 10 hours ago
Fans in spain aren't even satisfied with Ronaldo.... That alone should tell you how seriously most of the local madrid supporters should be taken...
S2killinit (Real Madrid) 9 hours ago
Because james is not physically fit this season. With all that talent and yet he plays sluggishly. And that's even though he is coming in late in the game when everyone else is tired. He needs to step it up next season or risks getting sold. Perhaps he is not happy at Real. I don't know what happened to him, but there were reports of extravigance while off the pitch, and not giving his all to his game
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 15 hours ago
Just realized we don't have any strikers available for Sociedad tomorrow lol. Either we call up Mayoral or we play some hybrid formation without a real striker. Pretty lousy situation for such an important game.

Another striker is a must for next season, we can't have problems like this
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
Hummels wants to go to Bayern apparently after all the years he served Dortmund. He would have held much more respect if he decided to go a different league at least.

Gotta' say that was a little cuntish of him. But at least Barcelona don't get him, so I guess there's a bright side to it
Thecount9010 (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
He's German and he probably prefers to continue living in Germany. As for choosing Bayern, that's his mother club, he played for Bayern from 1995-2008 before moving to Dortmund
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
I actually didn't know that. Fair enough to him I suppose.

Still sucks for Dortmund though. Hope they're able to stay competitive despite losing him Gundogan and possibly Aubaemyang
Zizou5 (Real Madrid) 11 hours ago
It's a shame for the Bundesliga...
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
The BBC have only played 19 out of 47 games together this season.... That's equals to 40 percent of Real Madrid matches....

And its very very likely to be 19 out of 49 by next week Wednesday.

Bale has missed 16 games (with 3 different injuries)

Benz has missed 15 games (16 with this weekend)

In those 19 games that they have played together though, they have scored 56 goals. 24 (CR), 17 (Bale), 15 (Benz)

Average of 3 BBC goals per game....
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 1 day ago
Like I said before, with them fit for around 80% of the matches, I'm pretty sure we would have a much different situation in the league right now
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
Loool Pep complaining about the grass in the Calderon and literally making them measure it with a ruler LMAO!

I'm sure xavi must have been somewhere in Qatar watching the match thinking, "hmm that grass looking 5 milliliters too high...."

Andresandmessi (Barcelona) 1 day ago
I think it's funnier that some teams feel the need to let the grass grow in certain games
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Well atleast it's better then widening the playing area to help you against might wolfsburg
Thecount9010 (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
^^ How did Wolfsburg come into this? I seriously don't think Wolfsburg fans cared about it as much as you had
Coorperateeye1 (Arsenal) 1 day ago
Barca fans there is something called HOME advantage. There is nothing wrong in making the most of it

@Thecount9010 how dare you criticise pep
Crxxx (Bayern München) 1 day ago
I believe the problem was that the grass was too dry
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Games at the top level are won by inches. You guys think it doesn't make much of a difference. You don't water the grass and the ball doesn't zip around anymore. You don't cut the grass and the movement becomes sluggish. You're dribbling around an atletico player and you're half a second slower which could be difference between a missed tackle or a successful one.

Passing teams struggle but to the average person, the grass still looks green. These things used to happen back in the day as well but it was never immediately tweeted so somehow there is a perception that Xavi or Pep are the only ones who complain about pitch condition.

Btw I think we have a new troll on these boards
4ever (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Well, this part of world, unhappy with pitch is more laughable than widening the most wider pitch in Europe against a team which stands eighth in their league. OK cool, lol
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
I'm not sure if us increasing our pitch size was ever confirmed, anyone got a link? We have the biggest pitch in Europe in terms of width I believe so I don't see the point you guys are making.

@Franky In current football, it tends to be Xavi and Pep who are always complaining lmao, why are we bringing up pre-Twitter football?
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 1 day ago
Home pitch, home advantage, do whatever you want with it as long as it's not breaking any regulations. Barca/Bayer will water the field before the games to help their possession game, Atletico will leave it dry to disrupt possession biased teams.complaining about thees things is just ridiculous, especially from a manager as renowned as Pep
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
Lol.... This is one funny conversation....

How did real madrid increase the bernabeu pitch size.... I still don't get?

Pep checking the grass length is pretty funny as well.... Though I get it.... But really, the game hadn't even started and he like just started patrolling the pitch to look for an excuse or....

Honestly as long as the team is not breaking any rule, I don't see why its a problem.... If atletico grass is thick within range, why compalin
.... Mourinho once killed all the grass in stamford bridge against barcelona once
4ever (Barcelona) 1 day ago
@hikmath, that's doesn't make any sense to me as well, still I don't understand why they wider the most widest pitch in Europe, lol. And it's confirmed news
SRACon17 (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
Uhm, both teams play in the same pitch? What's the problem? The taller grass didn't seem to hinder Saul's lovely run and goal. If the grass is a hindrance to Bayern, then it's a hindrance to Atletico too. Don't say that pro footballers can't cope with such puny pitch differences
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 1 day ago
The ball was bouncing around weirdly a few times. But that bring said, Pep needs to cut his bullshit. They had chances but couldn't score. Atletico took advantage of their own chances and won the game. Simple as that
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
Literally no Wolfsburg fan or player complained about the pitch being wide but Barca fans still moaning.... Loool

I'm hearing about grass being dry and being 10 millimeters longer can affect dribbling etc.... Yet none of that stopped Saul from single-handedly putting half of Bayern's defence on their asses with the ball on the ground
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 1 day ago
^^ exactly
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
So a half assed article talks about Pep measuring the length of the grass and apparently being unhappy about it. Football fans' conclusion:
1) pep's making excuses
2) pep's complaining

Pep did none of that but hey, it's the internet where the difference between speculation and reality is irrelevant.


Dagaza: So Saul made one run, probably the run of his life. That must surely mean dry pitches or uncut grass doesn't affect performance. Case closed
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Of course the gem : Both teams play on the same pitch so it must affect them both equally. Never mind the fact that one team isn't expecting to have any possession. Or the fact that one team plays its game on the floor while the other almost exclusively plays aerial football. But it must affect both teams the same.

Coaches like mourinho must be fools to ask groundsmen to dry out the pitch to slow down attacks
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago
@Thecount9010, how does real fan come to complain about pep complaining about Atleti pitch? How does Xavi come in to all this?

Exactly !
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
^ uuuhhmmm.... Because that's what the post, the topic and the link is about....


Because its their home.... That's why its called a home advantage.... Now Atleti are gonna' go to Germany where bayern are gonna' have the home advantage and have the grass wetter, shorter and probably play in a wider pitch than the one in the Calderon.... Which in return will bother Atelti and their players....

If Pep is gonna' measure grass length and talk about the grass in the press conference, expecting everyone else's pitch to be the way he likes it, then he is gonna' have a miserable time....
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Dagaza: That's exactly what pep said too. They expected it to happen. For God's sake simeone threw a ball onto the field. Was he going to make an amateur mistake like letting the grass get watered? Its simeone were talking about. Not some ethical honest footballer
4ever (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Still can't believe real increased pitch width for to play against mighty wolfs, lol.

And those who saying both teams playing in one pitch or what would be the benefit they got playing in square ground, you better ask to real management because they're the one who did this, not us, lol.

And if I remember correctly, lot of real fans here complaining about how one of Nordic village club who played against you either this season or last season(not remember) cut short the width of their pitch and you guys are acted like they're big cheats, lol
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Franky wtf man get of Someone's back. The ball incident is sad yes but you're gonna' compare that to Simeone leaving the grass long and dry? Are you effing kidding me? You expect Simeone to water the pitch and cut it nice and short and play possession style football against Pep and Bayern?

We get it, you don't like Atletico or the manager because you think they cheat. Fair enough. But don't call everything they do as cheating like making their HOME ground the way they want it to be. Now you're gonna' say Simeone trying to make a sub in the 93rd minute as cheating...
Coorperateeye1 (Arsenal) 1 day ago
Franky, Home advantage does not only include the adavantage of having support from the crowd in the stadium but also to have the power to make pitch conditions such that it benefits you as much as possible. This is the part of manager's job to take into consideration these factors. Its not a cheating. Cheating is when a team breaks some certain rules
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
SA: I never said THAT is cheating. Please don't put words into my mouth. I come from India which is cricket crazy. When India visits South Africa they let grass grow on pitches and make them firmer. That helps the ball skid and bounce which helps fast bowlers. In India they make the pitches dusty such helps slow spinners. Case in point: every home team does tricks which are legal in almost every sport. So I'm well aware of what is done to the grass on football pitches.

My problem here is the implication that pep is looking for excuses or he's the only one who complains. Several teams have lodged formal complaints after losing games about pitch conditions. My comment about simeone was not to imply not cutting grass or watering it cheating. Simeone looks to get advantage in every way possible including cheating. So its highly unlikely that he would let the pitch condition be left on its own. And I'm sorry but throwing the ball onto the pitch isn't "sad". Its akin to mou's eye poke. Only lowlife punks do this so don't normalize it.

Coorporateeye: I'm aware of what a manager can or cannot do. Uefa and fifa require pitches to be watered 1 hour before starting the game. You can water them 15 mins before kickoff and during half time by asking for permission which is what teams like barca and bayern do. The length of the grass should be min 30mm. Most "good" pitches are around 20-25mm.

Teams get around this by reducing the flow of water in the sprinklers. You can also avoid watering the grass in the previous days so if you water the grass as per uefa rules the water just soaks into the turf immediately. You can cut the grass down to 10mm and the ball will roll faster and players end up chasing the ball like mad dogs. You're confused as you have been from earlier posts about what I said
S2killinit (Real Madrid) 21 hours ago
Sounds to me like these Barca fans are upset Athletico beat them. They're clinging to the grass
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 17 hours ago
^ Since you don't have an actual reasonable point to make you resort to cheap shots. Bravo! Barca fans are actually supportive of AM. I personally feel they're cheating thugs bit I'd still like them to win the trophy because I think they're the most deserving at this point. But don't let facts get in the way of your opinion making
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 12 hours ago
^ Well I haven't been a fan of simeone's tactics for a long time. I've always thought they got away with murder because of their underdog status but after what he did vs Malaga, I'm done with that tool. Many other teams have knocked us out of ucl before and we came back and won more trophies. I'm sure we will win more so your "speculation" is misplaced. There's a reason why barca opponents talk more about refs supporting us while barca fans move on easily when we get screwed by refs - because we know our team will win again but yours won't.
HansUpskirt (Real Madrid) 3 hours ago
Franky, if Pep is talking about the grass on a pitch affecting the game after he lost, that is the definition of making excuses for losing lol How are you missing that?
Crxxx (Bayern München) 1 hour ago
For the record. Pep never publically made such a statement, on the contrary, when asked by german journalists he denied that there can be any such excuses.

Nevertheless, Alaba and Lahm confirmed that they had some trouble playing on that pitch
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 40 minutes ago
Hans: To my knowledge like crxxx said he actually hasn't said that. Some bayern players said they found it difficult. I think Javi Martinez said it too. If someone describes the events of the game it doesn't mean they're giving excuses. It's like if you're racing a car and it rains and you say I found it difficult to control the car because of the rain. It doesn't mean you're saying that's why you lost the race. Its just bad logic. Lol
Tharius (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
News coming out of Madrid is not looking good for both CRis or Benz
2Class4U (Manchester United) 1 day ago
Shocking. I don't remember the last time Ronaldo had been out injured for an important game
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
I'm hearing Benz is more of a worry than CR.... And CR did say that has it been a final he would have played.... What really worries me is either one of them starting and then us getting f****d over by having to remove one or both of them early during the match
Tharius (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
What Cris ddint know till yesterday is he has a micro rupture in his right hamstring
Zizou5 (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
Marca posted today that Ronaldo and Benz should be ok for the return. I doubt Benz will be ok, but apparently Ronaldo underwent a MRI-scan with positive results;


Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Better call Saul    What a performance
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 2 days ago
Yeah good show
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
I knew it was bullshit when Zizou said the BBC were all 100%. I called it before the match that he said BBC were all fine and in the 23rd minute benzema was gonna' walk off injured.... I was only wrong by 22 minutes.

The BBC haven't all been 100% at the same time since halfway in the 2013/2014 season
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 2 days ago
Those 3 make such a difference. With them fit, we almost always win, convincingly. But the getting them all 3 fit seems like an impossible mission. Mostly it's Ronaldo playing alone or with Benzema, Bale has been them most absent by far. If they were all fit for 85% of matches during season, I'm pretty sure we would compete for every trophy.

But what scares me the most is how depended on Ronaldo Madrid is. I thought we got past this 2 seasons ago, but it's never been more clear than it it now what a different team we are without him. When he gets the ball, you can just see the fear in defenders, and not to mention his off ball movement. Life after Ronaldo will be tough for us, because as much as I love Bale, he's never going to replace him, especially with his fitness problems
Zizou5 (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Sad part is, no one in the world can replace him
Zizou5 (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
It was a rather boring game yesterday but I'm quiet happy with the result. Not having Ronaldo is a big, big difference. Can't believe how good we were organized again, Zizou did a wonderful job on that. Pepe, Miro, Modric, kroos and Carva were working their ass off. Very glad with Bales performance too. It's a pity we didn't score though. Hopefully Benz and especially Ronaldo will be ok for the return, if so I don't think there will be any problems qualifying for the Final. Hala Madrid!
Pedmar (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Please people look past how Benzema played and accept if your brains would allow and know that Zidane started an unfit player in Benzema. Benzema went off in the league game because of pain felt in his knee and you really thought given his spat of recent muscle injuries and what's going on with the National Team that his frame of mind is such that his recovery would be that speedy. ZZ in essence hurt the team's chances by doing such as did Rafa when he started all those returning players from injury who hadn't played together and learnt his system. Benzema was a risk he thought was necessary and we all saw a sluggish Benzema who was probably still and even now favoring his hurt knee.

So stop talking as if Benzema was fully fit simply because he started. Costa started vs us in UCL final and didn't last 10mins due to muscle injury. These players need to know when to and when NOT. It's the team that's important not their "believed" importance to help the same team. What message are you sending to players like James who didn't get a min, yet you started an unfit player who didn't last the entirety
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 2 days ago
I hope that Pepe chance doesn't come back to hunt us, still can't believed that wasn't a goal
Pedmar (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
He's not a striker or an attacking player but anyone would've thought he'd at least have blasted that in the roof of the net instead of straight at the gk. These guys sometimes baffles me with their shooting techniques when in and around the box especially Benzema. These guys when 1v1 with the gk are always trying to slot low instead of blasting high, the % of any gk going low to block is always high compared to they expecting the strkr to shoot high
Coorperateeye1 (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Pedmar, I am sure if you become the coach of any football team, that team will never come out of the relegation zone. Do you realize how hard it is to keep the shot low when you usually shoot the ball in motion? Now you're suggesting them to blast high?! LMAO 90% of the time ball will sail to the top roof of the stadium if they started doing what you suggest lol
SRACon17 (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
It's always better to aim low because shooting hard always has a tendency to make the ball rise. Afaik it's also easier for goalkeepers to save with their hands than with their feet, so it's better to have to make them go down by shooting low. Pepe was also facing to the side when he chested the ball, and he knew that he'd have to blast the ball quickly because the keeper will be on top of him soon, so he didn't have much time to adjust his shot. Hart was also just a few feet away from him, I wasn't surprised that he saved that, goalkeepers can make themselves much bigger when you're shooting just a few feet away from them, that's why goalkeepers close down attacking players quickly in 1v1's right?
Pedmar (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
This team's strikers from past experience don't have the killer instinct when they get into the box. ALL of them always try to pass the ball into the net. NONE of them ever actually put their laces through the ball. The last attacker this team had that blasted the ball whenever they were near was RVN and R9.

Talking about how hard it is to score low, and all you've done is show how truly difficult it is when this team do nothing but try to score low when a good laces through the ball would be more productive than trying to walk the ball into the net.

FYI Coorperateeye1 the only way any team I coach would stay in the relegation zone is if that's the ONLY kiss me ass zone in the league
SRACon17 (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
There are many ways to score a goal, and side footing the ball into the goal is one of them. What's wrong with that? You have ronaldo who loves shooting through his laces. Raul didn't always shoot through laces, but he was still an awesome striker. Lol even messi rarely shoots through his laces. Yes our strikers may not have the killer instinct, but I don't think the problem is with their shooting styles
Blaise (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
If ronaldo was playing we could have got a goal or 2 I'm not saying he could be the one to score the goals but he gives the defence a hard time and they might be marking ronaldo alot and forget about the other fowards and that's how you get more fowards to open

Pedmar (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Agreed. Thing is Benz was to provide that but no-one told him he needed to be fully fit first to actually pull that off
S2killinit (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Bale played well and fought hard. Pepe did great except for that missed opportunity. Ramos too but he did make a few really bad passes that could have cost us. Benzima was terrible, I'm guessing he was injured. Really we only have Bale from the big three
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
We once only had Bale, he didn't disappoint us....

The difference is, this season, has been often injured and his fitness is also going to be a question mark....

But I hope by next game, we will have all available
Pedmar (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
James will be influential if he's allowed to play vs City nxt game. His ability will unlock City and afford our forwards the space to attack Hart. I do think had he played today that we'd have scored at least 1 goal
RealFan (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Something must have happened behind closed door that we aren't aware of. James is a world class talent, and the only reason (logical reason) Zidane isn't playing him is probably personal
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
The system also has to be looked at. We're playing a 4-3-3 and Zidane won't risk James playing in the 3 man midfield of Kroos, Modric, and Casemiro who are all very good at defending
S2killinit (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Problem with james is that he is NOT fit. He really fell off from last year. I think Real is giving him a second chance for next year. I really hipe he pulls out of this, he was superb when he was at his peak
Shazli95 (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
The game was ours to draw, started to adapt to their play after 40 minutes, couple unlucky misses, should've created more chances but for some reason we seemed lost whenever we had the ball, man city were always quick back in position whenever we'd launch a counter and its all over before it even f****n begins, we lacked a leader for the offence and for the whole team tbh...

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