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SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 11 hours ago
For me, it's clear you will sign pogba and sell either kroos or james. Who do you think will go this summer? I would assume james
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 11 hours ago
Hope the Pogba rumors are false, we don't need him at all in my opinion. IF between James and Kroos one had to leave, I would be torn between the 2. I love James but for his own sake and playing time, I think as the centre of a team he'd do much better elsewhere
Slim (Real Madrid) 6 hours ago
I think James already has a foot out the door.    And Kroos is untouchable.
Harris1590 (Real Madrid) 2 hours ago
There is no need of pogba at the moment. If we are still opting for 433 formation then it is better to sell james,
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 2 days ago
Huge game for Ronaldo, finally! Two goals and an assist, and r=that first goal, wow....

And yet Portugal finish just third, and could play Croatia. I don't see much potential in this team, but I'm glad for Ronaldo. And oh yeah, Ronaldo is just one goal(8) behind Platini(9) as all time Euro top scorer
4ever (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Are you real? Portugal are one of finest team in this tournament, team chemistry is much better than many of team playing this time. These kind of excuses are getting boring really pejvi
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 2 days ago
Lol, are you actually serious? They are terrible and Ronaldo was terrible for two out of 3 matches so far, these are no excuses. Today Ronaldo was the difference and still they didn't win
4ever (Barcelona) 2 days ago
They could've easily won first two matches, had ronaldo finish one of open chances out of plenty he got. If you want blame anyone in their team, then blame ronaldo or lack of luck since they played great as a team and created plenty of chances
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 2 days ago
If portugal get past croatia they are my favorites to make the final on their half of the bracket
Weegeez (Barcelona) 2 days ago
I don't think so SIF. Belgium is still on that side and I think they have a fair shot at beating either team
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Portugal has a good team but the chemistry is off. I also don't like Ronaldo's role that much, cross cross and hope for the best. He needs to be shifted a bit wider, but Portugal don't have a decent striker
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 1 day ago
I said they're MY favorites, I don't think belgium is good enough. They have talent but they don't have the experience and their coach leaves a bit to be desired in tactics, they just get debruyne or hazard the ball and hope for the best. Luckily debruyne is a beast but I don't think they are set up to win against organized teams. They got dominated by italy, whose current squad is a shadow of their typical high standards
Weegeez (Barcelona) Yesterday
I can see any of those 3 making it to the final. I tip it to Croatia, they seem like one of the best teams all tournament
Slim (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Alight guys, so I'm waiting for the exorbitant amount of outrage for Pique giving the middle finger during Spain's national anthem.

I'm waiting for the bleeding-heart pillars of morality, the gatekeepers of values, truth and justice to come out of their caves just like they do whenever Ronaldo does/says something that they deem a threat to global security. (Won't someone think of the children!)

Because anything else would make them hypocrites, right?
Malik (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Or perhaps we can talk about competitive and great off-field Ronaldo throwing away reporters microphone in to the lake


Also middle finger ? LMAO , its looks more like he was cracking knuckles , look on his face , how long he waited for camera to get away...


Leave this aside why would he be playing with passion and performing well if he hates Spain so much ? Or better yet why he be playing at all ? As far as I know a NT can't force a player to play for them against players will and NT don't really contributed a lot to earnings of top player like Pique, so I don't see any motive for him to play for Spain if he really hate Spain
Slim (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Talk about proving my point.... Lol

I think the video shows how he saw the camera, waited for it to be in a good position to see his right hand and then flipped the bird while trying to disguise it as a crack of a knuckle.

It wasn’t like he was in the midst of cracking his fingers. His hand wasn’t doing anything and then the camera gets there and that’s when he gets the urge to crack his knuckle that looks like a middle finger? LOL

Pique smart enough to know that all he has to later on is deny deny deny.

And with Pique’s history no he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. I think its pretty much in line with the sort of stuff he does.

As far as Ronaldo you have to understand the context. The reporter is from Correio da Manha which Ronaldo has major beef with due to their publishing nasty stuff about his personal life and his family. He has them banned and then that clown sticks a mic in his face.

While I don’t condone what he did I think it’s pretty understandable since he’s just reacting like a normal person would to someone who has attacked his family.
4ever (Barcelona) 2 days ago
It is a stupid controversy, " Pique said. "If I am here, it is because I feel proud of this team and this family. In no way did I disrespect the anthem. You all know me and many times I say or do things that maybe I should not. But I have never disrespected this country, nor this national team.

"These controversies bring us nowhere. It is a country in which things around Barca and Madrid divide a lot, but we must be together and united. "

Pique also tweeted after the game that: "I am cracking my knuckles during the anthem. We should not look for controversies where there are none and try to win the Euros all together. "

Only idiots thinks he is actually middle fingering national anthem when all camera are upon him, lol
Slim (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Yeah cause Pique, a Catalonian pro-independence, will admit to giving the Spanish national anthem the middle finger and risk a sh*t storm that would probably end with him getting sent home.

Its no coincidence he just happened to make a middle finger when the camera was in that exact spot.

Pique is a turd with legs and he'll say anything he has to save his neck counting on his fangirls who can't stop staring into his dreamy eyes when his talking.

Not that I care btw. I could give two sh*ts about Spain or Catalonia. Just trying to point out, yet again, the blatant hypocrisy.
Malik (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Okay slim, you forgot to answer the main point,

You're implying pique hates Spain, then why the f**k he would want to play for them to begin with, why the f**k would he want to help them win anything if hates Spain so much.

He lives in Barcelona where he most probably will get more support if he refuse to wear Spain's Jersey and refuse to play for them.

Also Lol at you for calling others hypocrite, you call the person doing his job clown and somehow things normal people will act the way ronaldo did.

Normal Person would have refused to answer the reporters regular question & probably would have told him to leave. Not f*****g taking his property and thrown it away.

It was that reporters agency / newspaper that tried to leak his details, where is that reporter's fault in that, he didn't asked him any inappropriate question
Slim (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Ah, theres the outrage. Let it flow.

I called him a clown because he knows his news agency is banned from asking questions to Ronaldo. Furthermore, media isn't allowed to approach players on their walks.

That clown did it to provoke a reaction and he got it. He won. Ronaldo lost.

And now Ronaldo is going to get lynched while the media outlet that has insinuated he is gay, talked about his dead father, his son, his son's mother and came short of calling him a pedophile by claiming he was stalking a minor in America is going to ham up the victimization and get away scott free because they know noobs like you, who hold such ill will towards Ronaldo will eat it up without asking any questions.

Oh but the microphone! Won't someone think of the microphone!

As far why Pique plays for Spain when he harbors clear separatist feelings is something you need to ask him. I have no idea.

I wouldn't do it
Malik (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Haha you clearly don't have any answer for pique question, having separation felling doesn't mean he hates Spain, just keep on pushing your notion of he hates Spain NT.

Outrage flow, it's clear who is felling the heat
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Lol Slim yet again with another made up story. This guy is unreal. Every time something happens he makes up a story and believes it to be true. Pique denied it but no its still true.

By that logic the player who came out and said Ronaldo didn't say no to giving me his shirt is false too then. He likes Ronaldo and didn't wanna ruin his image so he lied.

Pathetic attempt slim really. You must be really really really hurt to see Portugal shitting the bed LOL. Or that Messi free kick is giving you nightmares so you have to make up little stories to help you sleep. 😂 or is it cause Portugal finished behind small team mentality Iceland?
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 2 days ago
Of course Slim. With Pique's history he doesn't get a benefit of doubt. Meanwhile cr7's "history" is forgotten and he did what a normal person would do. The guy gets mad and hits opponents on the field, says pretty stupid things during press conferences, gets annoyed when another teammate scores "his" goal, pushes the opposing team coach but when he again reacts, it has nothing to do with chronic bad behavior. It's normal! Ironically, you actually used the word hypocrite in your posts too.

You also said you don't care but made a thread and made long ass comments about it 4 times. Do you read the stuff you post? You said you were just pointing out the blatant hypocrisy? HaHaha This is hilarious!
Thecount9010 (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Pique flips the bird and no one bats an eye. Ronlado throws microphone and everyone loses their minds. Yes Slim, that is Hypocrisy at its finest.

The other thing, as Slim said, we don't condone what Ronaldo did. Why? We don't idolize Ronaldo like the way you guys worship Messi. When Ronaldo does stupid stuff or say stupid stuff, we say "ya we know that was stupid!" and that's okay, end of story. BUT YOU GUYS, you will find every excuse in the world to give Pique a break. "Oh no pique is this.... Pique is that.... He is an angel.... He is a saint.... A priest". Take a look at your comments above, none of you said "ya pique was stupid" all you do is, excuses excuses excuses.... And then you go around and say "Duh! Logic".... What logic? Are you for real lol
Thecount9010 (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Another thing.... Some of you actually love Pique's stupid antics, some of you might even support it or go out of their way to encourage it.

If that is true, then it gives us a pretty clear picture what kind of fans we are dealing with here
Malik (Barcelona) 1 day ago
LMAO, read your own posts before calling others hypocrite.

After every s**t ronaldo pulls your posts starts with " we don't condone his act " & end up trying to justify what he did.

Still waiting for you guys to answer as to why would pique be still playing for Spain if he is willing to Flip the national anthem?

Why I am not surprised that you guys are mixing pretty normal thing with flipping
Slim (Real Madrid) Yesterday

I for one don't know how an immature dipsh*t's mind works so, LIKE I SAID above, you need to ask him.

But if I had to guess:

- Money (like Pep Guardiola)
- More recognition
- A chance to play (and win) tournaments he would've otherwise not been able to play since Catalonia isn't a real country.

Take your pick
Malik (Barcelona) 8 hours ago
^ obviously mate, can't expect a retard like you to understand a normal situation.

Let me replay to your answers again, pique plays for one of the biggest clubs in the world, he had a small stint at one of other biggest club in the world, so it's easy to see he don't need and neither playing for NT will add more to his recognition. Same goes with the money and on top NT don't really pay you that much.

As for chance to win, still if a person hates something he would never agree to help it to improve. On one hand you believe that pique hates Spain so much and other you think he will help them to win for chance to add another medal in his trophy?

Here let me give you most likely reason, pique don't really hate Spain, don't wanna kill every Spanish person & burn the Spain flag to ground (which you clearly believe), though he do agree that Catalonia should get independence.

@Mod, please before editing my post (which you will) edit his post also for personal attack
Slim (Real Madrid) 7 hours ago
Does me calling Pique an "immature dipsh*t" hurt your feelings? LOL

Like I said above I don't care about Spain, their anthem, Catalonia, Pique's separatist anti-Spain ideology etc.

I don't GIVE A resounding SH*T.

The point of my first post was another (fanboy hypocrisy) but just like all Barca fanboys you've completely taken it into another area to try to win the argument.

So aside from insulting me you've completely wasted by time. Thanks for that.

Parting advice: Jump off Pique's d*ck. He's already married, I believe
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Croatia has done it. This makes the Euros very interesting.

Spain, France, Germany, England and Italy are all on the same side of the tournament tree. Perfect conditions for a team like Croatia to go for it on the other side
Weegeez (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Croatia vs Spain Rematch in the final maybe? That side of the bracket looks ridiculous jesus
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Belgium are there I believe, along with Portugal if they top their group. Regardless, it gives an underdog a real shot at it
CR7RM4L (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Breaking:  Real Madrid has bought Morata from juventus back for 32 mil.  Confirmed by the president of Juventus.  Amazing news
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 3 days ago
Makes sense. He sits the bench for juve anyways, why not on madrid's bench or for rotation
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Not a good time to announce it, could it affect his performance in the Euros?
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 3 days ago
No one actually confirmed it, juve president says he expects an offer or official notification from real madrid soon.

Edit madrid announced it ten minutes ago, nvm
Cannon (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Official now
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 3 days ago
To sell him back for profit
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 3 days ago
Can you buy and sell a player in the same window? I thought that was not allowed
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
"Jelle Vossen was transferred from Burnley to Club Bruges after only buying him this transfer window from KRC Genk. "

You can play for 3 teams in a season, this means he could be bought and be a Real player, and then sold. Correct me if I've gone about this the wrong way.

I would keep Morata unless an English team comes along with a 40M euro offer
Andresandmessi (Barcelona) 3 days ago
I remember Demichelis transferred from Malaga to Atletico and then was sold to City in the same summer
Tomikato 3 days ago
^ Yep Atletico made a 4 or 6 million profit by doing nothing at all
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 3 days ago
It's confirmed, Madrid will re sign Morata this summer.

Now Morata never really impressed me while he was playing here the first time. He was always to nervous, his head would always be down looking at the ball, and what bothered me the most was his bad decision making. He would usually get too nervous when he got into a chance, that he would completely miss the opportunity to pass the ball to somebody else.

Now that was some time ago, he was very inexperienced back than. But now, it's undeniable he's improved a lot during his time in Juve. First team experience, now he's even Spain's number 9. So the question is, do we keep him or sell him for a bigger price?

I would actually like if we keep him here, even thou I had some bad things to say about him. He's been living up to his potential in Juve, and we can't have another season without a second striker. Benz gets injured or he just gets into one of cold runs, and we have no other options. I say we keep Morata and let him truly challenge Benz.

What do you guys think?
Slim (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
I mostly agree with your Morata assessment before he left for Juventus.

But you gotta' understand, dude was anxious as hell to impress and make a mark on the team and that was hard playing the final 10-15 min of every game.

As far as his future I'd keep him. If Madrid is looking for a striker what better option than Morata.

- Youth Player
- Spain Starter
- Young
- On the verge of being a star

But rest assured he'll be getting offered silly money by desperate EPL teams currently in rebuild mode.

Madrid can get a nice chunk of change too. If De Bryne and Martial were in the 75-80m range that's were they'll place Morata's price tag at.

Great opportunity for Madrid to take advantage of this over-inflated market
Zizou5 (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
I think we should keep him since the BBC is rarely complete due to injuries
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
I would keep him as well. He is a good back up and can even challenge Benzema when he has a slump/is injured
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Bale is not playing that well but the results are amazing and he is scoring goals too. Wales have surprised a lot of people
S2killinit (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
How is bale not playing that well? He is carrying the whole team
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
He himself has said his performance could be better. I agree, he is carrying that team and I'm happy for him
Zizou5 (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Yesterday I think he was brilliant. Against Slovakia he was not at his best though, but yet scored major goals
Zizou5 (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
I meant against Slovakia and England
Lorenzzzo (Manchester United) 3 days ago
If Bales not playing well then I'd hate to think how you feel ronaldo is playing
Zizou5 (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Ronaldo had a good first half against Iceland and actually a great game vs Austria. The only thing missing was that he didn't score. I guess people have bad luck sometimes, even Ronaldo
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Ronaldo isn't playing well, not hard to admit that haha.

I just like seeing every Madrid player do well, hence my support for Colombia in the Copa America, Croatia and Wales in Euros
Slim (Real Madrid) 6 days ago
I have to be honest I had no idea just how much some people took Real Madrid winning their 11th Champions League like a gigantic dildo up the a*s.

And the fact that Ronaldo was the one that scored the winning penalty probably means that its still firmly lodged up in there.

I mean the amount of slander and vitriol he got for criticising Iceland's negative tactics was ridiculous.

Especially coming from a certain fanbase that would defend to no end a player from their team that has beat that horse soundly to death in recent years.

And now BILD putting out false story of Ronaldo disrespecting an Icelandic player who has come out in a press conference saying it was a all a lie.

Yes he played a bad game but not everyone can play against a 10-men Panama side ya know.... Geez
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 6 days ago
Lol hey at least Ronaldo was in the first round Euro XI
Maaza (Barcelona) 6 days ago
Panama is not an easy opponent. They play with small team mentality
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 6 days ago
I don't approve or justify what Ronaldo said after the match at all. He was being a sour loser(even thou it was a draw).

But what makes my day is seeing the majority of Barca fans here make fun of his comments, while you make almost the exact same statements when Barca is in that position lol

I have no idea how many times I've saw you guys whine about teams parking the bus, playing negative, anti football, small/mid table team mentality etc
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 6 days ago
Agreed Pejvl. Hypocrisy is common on the dark side.    @SA it was fan voted. Why are you still obsessed with that XI selection?
Malik (Barcelona) 6 days ago
Lol this is what happens when you read the final score, imagine the match and form an opinion.

Before messi subbed in Argentina played for 30 Min against 10 men panama and were hardly convincing, there only goal till messi subed in came from a CB.

Well at least not everyone turns into a dick over such a fairytale
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 6 days ago
Https://twitter.Com/ModricEsque/status/744289451636043777    Ronaldo should have done better here
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 5 days ago
Pejvi: We "expect" parked buses because that's what barca faces every game since 2009. We actually whine when big clubs like Chelsea, madrid and inter park the bus.

Hikmat: You do know this forum is the dark side right? Lol This is like Darth Vader not knowing he's part of the dark side.

"What? Me? Nooo! You're kidding me right? s**t! No wonder they're all trying to kill me. All this while I thought we were the good guys. "
Zizou5 (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Yep, I guess we always park the bus against you guys. Especially when we are with ten
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
Should we look towards getting Morata to keep him? He can challenge Benzema for that striekr positions on a good day
MadridUnited (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
I still stand by my words before the EUROs....
Portugal, England and Croatia will get to the semis (provided they don't meet before then).
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 1 week ago
Spain's pretty good. France is pretty good. England is decent but their manager.... Leaves a bit to be desired. If only hodgson could get the best out of kane and vardy and sturridge then they would score a s**t ton but I don't think he's capable.

With these croatia fans determined to mess things up, I worry for croatia
Weegeez (Barcelona) 1 week ago
Of those 3, I only think Croatia might make it
LastGraspWinner (Arsenal) 6 days ago
I stand by my view that England will not go far. The Roy Hodgson problem is just too big a problem
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
I absolutely love how Iceland managers or players can say whatever they want about others on live television for the world to see. Players they have never met, spoken to or played against. Euros hadn't even started but there is absolutely no problem for a manager to call out Pepe and Ronaldo and speak of them however he feels like. As soon as Ronaldo says they are a small team and won't go anywhere after a match though.... Pitchforks come out and now everyone feel they can throw the words disgusting, arrogant, c**t....

Customize (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
A certain Icelandic defender (Kári Árnason) said some stuff regarding CR7 after the match.
I suggest you check out which club this particular defender currently plays for.
Also see if that particular club faced off against RM in the UCL in 2015/2016....
The scoreline and who scored + the identity of one of their defenders just might surprise you....
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 week ago
When you're the best known footballer in the world and you complain about a parked bus for a team that is playing in their first international tournament, it kinda doesn't sit well. You know, if I as a nobody make comments about cr7 it doesn't make any difference. When you're supposedly one of the greatest the game has ever seen and you cry about defence based teams, yes you are going to be called a nob.

As a barca fan when I hear a madrid player talk about parked buses, it makes me giggle like a little girl
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 1 week ago
I told you guys not to get your hopes up for Portugal lol

I know it's the first game and things could change, but come on, Island...
Moe66 (Manchester City) 1 week ago
Don't underestimate Iceland. Iceland is solid, hard-working team and in recent times, those kind of teams with a solid foundation go far. They were impressive during the qualifiers and tbh I thought Portugal might lose. In the last Euro, they had only 2 players showing up, Pep and Cr7 both who commanded their roles. Cr7 practically carried the team to the semis that year but he was 27 years old at the time
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 1 week ago
Disgusting comments from Ronaldo after the game. I would expect better from him
Slim (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
What did he say that you found so offensive?    
Futboll (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
He basically called the other team having a small mentality. Pretty disgusting....Reminded me of Xavi .... Ewww
Mad4Real (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
@Slim, basically anything rofl
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 1 week ago
They have a beast midfield. Still my dark horse but i've added croatia to the list
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
Croatia's my darkhorse too, I wouldn't be surprised if they got to the semis.

Portugal's mid looks stacked but where are the goals going to come from? Unless Ronaldo starts scoring soon they aren't going anywhere
Footballzs (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
Lol, it's funny how the haters jump so quickly at an opportunity to slate Ronaldo. Yes, he said what he said. But did you watch the game? It was almost exactly as he mentioned. Yes, he should be more professional. But more importantly please check out Iceland manager's comments about Pepe and Ronaldo before the match. It's ridiculous to expect hugs and kisses after that.
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
Nah, those comments are just being a sore loser. Iceland's fans were amazing with the synchronished "OO!" and spirit. They played a good game and stole a point, big deal, shake their hands and get on with it.

Which player hasn't said something bad about Pepe and Ronaldo? Are they not gonna' shake hands with anyone from now on?
Coorperateeye1 (Arsenal) 1 week ago
I am glad and not surprised about what iceland manager said about pepe aka the diver
Customize (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
^ Come on now.... His preferred names are Pepe "the Assassin" or "the Killer"
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
Ronaldo, Bale and Modric to be top 3 players of the tournament.... You heard it here first ;D
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
Pity Benz and Varane aren't in it. They probably would have had a good Euro as well
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
James is also doing really well in South America. I just hope no one gets injured, I have big hopes for next season
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 1 week ago
Kroos over Bale and Ronaldo for sure for me. He was stellar today. Didn't put a foot wrong
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
So what are we saying?  .... Real Madrid palyers will come out on top/dominate in the country tournaments?    
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
Modric has probably scored the goal of the tournament, what a goal from him. Madrid players have been playing really well internationally
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
Wales are top of their group and Bale has opened his campaign with a stunning freekick goal. Good day for Madridistas I believe.

On a side note, England is still England

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