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Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 19 hours ago
Congrats Ronaldo! I hope we don't rush him back, he will be crucial for us once again.

And Dortmund will be our main rival in the group, with Sporting always being a danger with their young players
Sensputhukulam (Real Madrid) 20 hours ago
HansUpskirt (Real Madrid) 20 hours ago
Group F  Real Madrid  Dortmund  Sporting CP  LegiaLegia
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) Yesterday
"In my book, Pepe was extraordinary this year. It was possibly his best season.

He was undoubtedly Portugal's best player and one of Real Madrid's best players in the Champions League.

I'm delighted he was selected in the Team of the Tournament at the Euros – in my opinion Pepe was the best player at the Euros. "

Ronaldo talking about Pepe, couldn't agree more
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) Yesterday
And yet he's not in the top 3 for Europe's best player. When are we going to give some credit to us defenders?
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) Yesterday
Pepe has been an underrated defender for his whole career. But the only one he has to blame for that is himself, because his aggression and diving overshadowed his football skills.

I doubt we'll ever see Pepe play as good as he did in Euros, he was on another level.

And what's up with "us defenders" SA? What's next, you're going to create a twitter account and troll Madrid? You know that's the requirement if you want be part of Barcas defensive line
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
Another requirement is to win 25 trophies before you turn 25.

Defenders never get credit because they don't sell t shirts and nobody watches youtube clips of defenders making tackles. Pepe, like Suarez has a reputation and uefa or fifa won't allow him to be the centerpiece of their show. It's bad for their business
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 20 hours ago
I agree with that Sanchez.... I'd easily have pepe there over our own Gareth Bale
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 2 days ago
Ronaldo comes back to Madrid!

Ronaldo Nazario de Lima will be Florentino's adviser and an global ambassador of the club.

Man, we really integrated so many legends in the club. Zidane, Hierro, Guti, Butrageno, Solari and now Ronaldo. Just waiting for Raul to finish his football vacation
Thecount9010 (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
Roberto Carlos said something recently about joining the coaching staff for Castilla. But I am not sure if the sources are reliable
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 4 days ago
I think what is going to set you apart from everyone else is that everyone has respect for Zidane. Not only your players, but your opponents. Zidane and Henry were my idols growing up and I say that as a coach potato! I can only imagine what it must be like being managed by an idol like Zidane.

The difference between Zidane and other legends whom have tried to coach, like Maradona, is that he is a natural leader. Having arguably been one of the most, if not the most, influential midfielders in the world, Zidane posses complete knowledge of how football should be played.

No other coach would have been able to convince Ronaldo to play as a make shift full-back during the champions league final against Atletico. I firmly believe that the ONLY way you can ever convince someone to do something is if you make them want to do it. Good leaders don't force their subordinates to do something, they inspire them. They make them believe that they are a HUGE contribution to the well being and success of the group. Look at how happy your squad is right now. I watch more La Liga than I care to admit, but I am starting to see a level of passion in your team right now that I have never seen before.

Guardiola achieved something similar with his Barcelona by getting the players to fight for another. I feel like Zidane is taking this scheme to a whole new level. Bale has never looked this happy in a Madrid jersey. I have never seen Ronaldo being so happy without being part of the scoresheet. He is celebrating goals like never before. His Euro performance is a clear testament to this positive approach that Zidane has been spreading in your team.

There is a HUGE difference between putting severe mental pressure on your players vs creating a positive environment. This is something that Mourinho and to a lesser extent Ranieri are able to achieve. However, this process is not scalable. Creating a "US versus THE world" mentality is not a scalable solution as players will get exhausted and fade. Hence, the third season syndrome that Mourinho is so famous for. What Zidane is doing is completely different. I can't even put it into words honestly, I have been trying to write this paragraph for a while, but I kept failing.

IMO you guys are going to be playing perhaps the most inspirational football that the world has ever witnessed in the years to come under the tutelage of Zidane.

Ok.... I have watched enough football for today! Thanks for reading Madrid fans and I apologize for the long (and perhaps incoherent) post
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Welcome back AFG
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Ihkhan (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Everyone misses AFG.
Thecount9010 (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Come on guys no way I don't believe it
Manutdonelove (Manchester United) 2 days ago
That's definately AFG
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 2 days ago
I am not AFG? I am not sure who that person was, but it looks like you guys had admiration for the man so I am humbled by the comparison

I can pretend to be him though if you want? My friends tell me that I am good at impersonations
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Definitely him, guys
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 2 days ago
I am actually not that person. This is getting rather freaky now. At first I thought you guys were joking or something. WE COOL GUYS?
Thecount9010 (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Lol afg was a mod on footytube and a good friend to all of us. He is a fan of ozil too; hence the resemblance! Plus the writing style is similar so that doesn't help
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 20 hours ago
AFG, cut the act, Dammit!
MadridUnited (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Atletico Madrid 1-1 Alavez.    Both goals on extra time.
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Great start to the season.... I expected that starting line up, just didn't think Zidane could actually bench a fit james rodriguez and isco over Asensio and kovacic.

We looked really great from start to finish.... We were al ittle bit off when the subs where made, but quickly took control again.

We could easily have gone into this game without a keeper.... Cos casilla was practically chilling.

Morata must have been watching a lot of Ronaldo; his pace is incredible.... At some point I thought CR7 was on the pitch.... But he really needs to work on his finishing and game reading.

Thank God Bale is fit.... He did exactly what he does best.... Especially in CR7 absence.

I didn't see varane all day.... Cos Ramos completely covered the whole CB all game.

Motm Casemiro and Kroos for me
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 4 days ago
Agree about the most of what you said except Ramos. He made some terrible passes that could have cost us, and I thought that he was one of the worst if not the worst player on our team. Same goes for Marcelo, a lot of mistakes.

But that's about all of the negatives I can think of, everybody else was good
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
I thought those mistakes were well expected from Ramos, I really haven't seen a game he hasn't made silly mistakes.... But most times it comes from throwing himself out there and not trying to play so safe....

The other times, he has one of those games were he commits a fouls #outofnowhere or decide to pick a fight with ref or the opposite team player....

But today, his mistakes were just regular Ramos, but defending he did a pretty good job.

I agree marcelo looked carried away; in his mind, he thinks he is CR7 no2 in ronaldo's absence and forgets he has defensive work to do.... Lots of times Casemiro had to run and cover for him....
Bazinga (Chelsea) 4 days ago
Watched few pre-season games in USA and noticed how Morata's finishing is very average.... He needs to improve a lot
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 4 days ago
Great start to the season!

I'm pretty sure everybody is talking about Asensio right now. He fits in the team perfectly, and there is no doubt he's a special player. We wuill see much more of him this season, I'm sure of it.

Bale was good, and Kovacic looks like he finally settled in
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 4 days ago
That one long shot Kovacic had was going so fast you could not even see the ball during the slow motion replay. Not sure how Rulli managed to save that.

A perfect display of football by Madrid. Marcelo showed the world why he is the most complete fullback in the game today. Does anyone of a video of that tackle he made? Covered at least 30 yards to save a certain goal
Kayslay (Manchester United) 4 days ago
Gareth Bale for me. What class what quality. He is right up there with the titans, getting it done while CR7 is not around, quality. Asensio looked good on and off the ball, where was he?
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 4 days ago

Morata and Asensio are LIT. Considering this is your B/C team, your players are playing some world class footy.

That goal was spectacular. Zizou has done some great work behind the scenes, that much is clear
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 4 days ago
Bale already at it, unreal combination by Gareth and Carvajal. Ronaldo would be proud of that
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 4 days ago
Starting XI:

Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo,
Kovacic, Casemiro, Kroos,
Bale, Morata, Asensio

Wow, just wow! James and Isco are both left on the bench and Asensio starts! Also I expected Lucas. I hope Zidane knows what he's doing, Hala Madrid!
VonBonitoC (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Zidane expressed his feelings that he wanted James to stay but it's looking bleak with the Chelsea rumors going around.
Great for Asensio, looks like he will compete with Cristiano's position. Better take this opportunity seriously
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 5 days ago
Dreamfooty is now open.... Incase you lots are not aware
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 4 days ago
Shhhh. It's been open all weekend, I checked on Friday. Points don't start until Sept 10th though so no rush
Slim (Real Madrid) 5 days ago
Looks like Mariano will stay as 3rd striker on the squad. The team website already lists him with jersey number #18.    Well deserved.
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 5 days ago
Your boy Higuain scored the winner for Juve today on his debut
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 5 days ago
We know, wr saw.... We have regretted enough. But we've won 2 UCL trophies since selling him and Ozil.... Hmm
VonBonitoC (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
You missed the part where our boy Khedira made the indirect assist to Pipita X)
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Not to mention our boy Khedira being a goal scoring machine for them as opposed to when he played for us. Maybe be has more freedom to go forward now
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
With pogba gone, he is the most likely player to occupy that position....
Khedira never really fit in to our style of play; so no regrets on that one

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