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Mo7aseb (Real Madrid) 5 hours ago
That's enough!
Benzema got all the chances and support from all coaches and the president! >> And the result?

I won't compare between him and Suarez or any striker in the world

I will speak about the team's attackers
Morata and Mariano, deserve to play now, and enough compliment!
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 17 hours ago
Well it was exactly the result I was expecting to see.... No surprises

- without bale especially.... I wasn't expecting any more than that considering we always attack from the wings and apparently, he is our best winger. On a good day....

- I read here yesterday when someone posted Suarez is not going to be a threat becos he is not currently at his best and laughed inside becos I knew if barca had to score a goal or 2, he would be the one becos he has been the usual goal scorer in el clasico for barca lately....

- why are ppl voicing their anger now at benzema? Are you lots just realizing how terrible he is since almost 8 yrs? Or is everyone now tired of making excuses for him on reason he should play?
I always said he belongs on the bench and the only time he should play is when we have no option.... Yesterday it was like our striker was sent off from the first minute.... No contributions whatsoever.... Ramos has scored far more important goals for us than benzema whole Real Madrid career.... That game would have been far different had morata and bale been fit and started....
.... My only surprise in the game was benzema was not taken off earlier diaz should have played more than 6 minutes; its unfair

Ramos and his 90th minute crucial goals.... It like I think this is the third time.

Moe66 (Manchester City) 15 hours ago
I can't compare Benz from the season to season because I'm not a Madrid fan but you can see the energy from Mariano Diaz the minute he came in. Applied pressure and was looking for a goal, Benz didn't present that kind of hunger and willingness to prove himself at all today. I'd like to see how Diaz handles himself if given more time, his showing a lot of promise
Pedmar (Real Madrid) 19 hours ago
WTF is ZZ doing with James? One min he says he's important then treats him like a leper. Either you're going to play or you're not. When Jan comes around just sell the guy and be done with it
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 18 hours ago
I wouldn't mind seeing him play as a false 9. Benz needs some bench time. He's been awful as of late
Pedmar (Real Madrid) 21 hours ago
Who are the @#$^&*$% that voted Madrid rubbish in the highlights and saw barca get away with an obvious pk call in first 10 mins of game, score one, blatantly miss one and ended game with draw. I've seen smaller teams earn a draw against bigger teams and get awesome votes. I know it's Madrid right, your choice to vote as you did so to those who did I say #$@#$%^& you!

Madrid had more shots, more corners, less fouls and yet voted more rubbish. Good thing that intelligence and understanding still exists
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 20 hours ago
Who cares bro
Moe66 (Manchester City) 20 hours ago
I thought RM might struggle without Casemiro but the team did a lot better neutralizing many of Barca's attack. They had moments of brilliance but Zidane defensively prepared the team to cope with Barca's attack and sit back. Credit to Zidane, he has his off days but for a big away game, this was more of win for Madrid and a loss for Barca.

Mariano Diaz should have come on earlier, he was putting on loads of pressure on the defenders and making it uncomfortable for the tired legs
Manutdonelove (Manchester United) 23 hours ago
Great result away from home vs barca we were good 1st half should've scored but we didn't. Anyways I hope the benzema situation is sort out something clearly bothering him he has been horrible this season, maybe not playing for france is affecting him mentally. What ever its zidane has to find away to deal with it
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 14 hours ago
How can benzema feature for France when Greizman is available....
I'm thinking thr sex scandal thing was just the right opportunity to remove benzema from the franch national team.... For a striker that went 17 international games without a goal.... And then Greizman scoring 7 goals in a tournament.... The difference is clear....

Benzema dod not just become terrible overnight.... We was always underperforming.... Just isn't noticed becos Ronaldo keeps scoring vital goals
Out of his 8 seasons he has only had one good one as a forward.... And thr last season were he finally managed to score 2-3 hatricks in a single season, something he has never managed

This season morata has made more impact than hin already with few minurs played
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) Yesterday
I have to say I'm pretty pissed with Ronaldo. Always thinking of himself. Pass the f*****g ball to someone who's in a better spot than you Portuguese fruitcake. Its not Ronaldo FC

If it wasn't for his selfishness we would have probably won this game. At least we got a draw. Bale could have done a number on them

Also Ramos is legend. Nuff said. Gets undeserved hate when he saves our asses in the most crucial times
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 20 hours ago
What are you talking about?
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 19 hours ago
I'm talking about Ronaldo not passing to someone who is in a better position to score. We could have been one up if he just passed it to Benzema in the first half
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 16 hours ago
Ot maybe ronaldo is not stupid to know benzema occasionally missing open nets....

.... And by the way, he was in a better position to score considering if he passed
- pique could have intercepted
- there were 2 men on benzema already and he definitely is no bale or morata to msucle them out

Ronaldo was not selfish, he sis the right thing by taken his chance at goal
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 13 hours ago
Ronaldo was our only Attacking threat the whole game. I don't even recall a single time during the game that he missed an opportunity to pass
S2killinit (Real Madrid) Yesterday
Any other Ref would have given the second foul inside the box but not Ref Clos Gomez
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) Yesterday
They made him an offer he couldn't refuse
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
Any other ref would have given a penalty for Carvajals handball but not Ref Clos Gomez
Pedmar (Real Madrid) 22 hours ago
Don't talk nonsense! Had our pk call for foul on Vasquez by Masch been given that pk you're talking about would never have occured as the game would have been played out different had pk been given and CR7 scored. Pick sense from nonsense
Titi1348 (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
Wtf is that logic?
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
Lol hahahahah oh my f*****g god. I'm done
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) Yesterday
Hope Pique takes his vitamin D pills because he's been living in Ramos' shadow for quite some time now.

Great point for you guys. You solidified your 6 point lead.

SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 22 hours ago
You should compare trophies
Pedmar (Real Madrid) 22 hours ago
It'll still say we have MORE!
Maaza (Barcelona) 20 hours ago
At least Pique can defend
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
We? Lol he was comparing Pique to Ramos
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 16 hours ago
SA.... You mean how many champions league in the last 3 yrs?
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 15 hours ago
Lol again why you only comparing the last 3 years? Let's compare Ramos and Pique's career. Not just the last 3 years. It's like me saying let's compare their champions league from 2009-2011 lol
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 13 hours ago
You Barcelona fans enjoy past glory

Compare their career, they have won all the necessary trophies that is to be won in spain and world.... Pique may have more trophies becos of Barcelona's invincible era under pep guardiola.... Or should I say when Iniesta was the best midfielder in the world (he is still the best midfielder of all time after zidane).... Plus having messi....

Fact is Ramos is currently in better form than pique.... NB this 2 are the most overrated defenders of all time.... They are really not on the level of thiago silva, maldini, cannavaro, nesta, Hierro.... Atleast the defenders I have been privileged to see play the game....
When you watch the holland vs spain game again, you will understand how terrible this 2 are.... That game showed their usual mistakes1q which is usually covered up by the fact they are playing in the 2 best team in the world....
4ever (Barcelona) 13 hours ago
Ramos is poor man'S pique, lol
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 11 hours ago
Cjayzz I actually agree with you. But to say he's been living in Ramos' shadow is a joke. But again, what else can you expect from a fan who their team gets knocked out of the round of 16 of champions league every season.

And as for Pique and Ramos. Both of them together is a disaster. They both need a Puyol/Varane/Pepe type of defenders beside them who clean up their mess
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 11 hours ago
Ramos is currently in better form than Pique? Are you talking about goal scoring? Because Pique has scored 3 this season like Ramos. You guys just say whatever the hell comes into your mind.

Link: |la_liga/2016/2017/gerard_piqué/712/712/314/0/p#defence_score/goals_scored/tackles_won/interceptions/blocks/aerial_duels_won/clearances#total

Pique has played 2 more games than Ramos in La Liga.

He has much more blocks, more interceptions, more clearances, better defensive score......

Pique was very good with Puyol next to him. He suffered a dip in form during Tata's reign. Last year he wasn't doing well but now he's a rock. Our defense is struggling with even Busquets out of form and he's the one taking care of business. And you guys are comparing him to Ramos? Varane and Pepe are doing better than Ramos defensively. What kind of homerism is this?

And this idea that Pep was successful only because of the midfield is also nonsense. Pique was Pep's passing mobile CB because Puyol didn't do that. Pep has tried to do the same thing at City with Stones.

Pique is not as good as Maldini but if Maldini was made to play his game at the halfway line he would do worse than Pique. I've watched Nesta, Hierro, Cannavaro and none of them are the type of CBs that Pique is. I can't believe we are comparing a mobile CB with a transitional play mentality to a traditional grounded CB. Also check how many goals were scored by teams with Maldini, Nesta or even Hierro. When you take risk, you get rewards and vice versa. Besides Pique in top form has conceded 20-25 goals in one season. That's better than most players in history. What the hell are you talking about?
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 11 hours ago

I never said he is living in a shadow of Ramos.... If anything they both are notnon my list for great defenders....
.... So I wonder how one can be in the shadow of the other.

SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 3 hours ago
Cjayzz, I know I was talking about the Arsenal fan lol

@Franky, lol bro wtf are you doing. Do you not understand that this is the Internet and facts and truth doesn't matter? It's all made up s**t and opinions that count so if I say Ramos > Pique then that's true
Thaparam (Real Madrid) Yesterday
So frustrated.... F.... K refree.... There was not a foul by Verane, and conceding off side goal by surez pffff. (Rememberd the second el-classio 2014/ asst by Ronaldo and scored by Bale and ruled offside by the F.... K.... Linesman)
Pedmar (Real Madrid) 22 hours ago
What about perfectly legal goal waved off when bale out jumped Alba? Refs always favouring these guys
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
What about giving Cr7 a penalty when he was fouled outside the box? Anybody can play this game
Thaparam (Real Madrid) 5 hours ago
WHat about last week's game: Barcelona vs: sevilla: How on earth the goal scored by Sevilla was OffSIDE? You refreefavorolana
Don't come here!Just kidding
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 2 hours ago
Oh that Carvajal tackle on Real sociedad fwd for no penalty. Pique's disallowed goal when Gomes was wrongly called offside.

Would you like me to go on? I can take this back to Roberto carlos' days and you won't be able to keep up.
Lordjaggi (Arsenal) Yesterday
Ramos always that guy -. -. When he retires he should get a statue of his head outside the stadium
Jeroen (Barcelona) Yesterday
No, he should even get two: one where he scores a crucial last-minute header and one where he gets sent off
S2killinit (Real Madrid) Yesterday
And another statute in front of Camp Nou, so Barcelona doesn't forget
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) Yesterday
^ Burn!
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 18 hours ago
The statue outside Camp Nou will carry this placard:    FUN fact: This Madrid "legend" has fewer trophies for madrid than Adriano Correia
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 17 hours ago
I have another proposal.

Hear me out guys. This is cool.

So you guys should erect statues of Cr7 and Ramos next to each other outside Bernabeu. We will install statue of Pique next to them on the left. The placard will say:

Trivia: Pique > Ronaldo + Ramos.

The visitor who guesses it will get a free chalupa
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 13 hours ago
Who is Adriano Correira.... ?
4ever (Barcelona) 13 hours ago
^Exactly, he has more trophies in his career than ramos and ronaldo combined, lol
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 11 hours ago
.... You are missing the joke....

Adriano would play not more than 500 minutes a whole season and win a treble.... And you want to use that to make fun of ramos or ronaldo.... S rather the joke is on Adriano himself becoa he has a career he shouldn't be proud of.... He has all the medals and uet he is completely forgettable.... Just like vermaleens career in barcelona.... And some other barca players. And you want to compare him to ronaldo or ramos....
.... You just made winning trophies sound pointless
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 10 hours ago
^ Actually you aren't getting the irony of it all. Ramos' last min headers haven't done much to Barca's record. The team that has suffered the most vs Ramos is Atletico. Sergio Ramos might have more red cards vs Barcelona than goals LOL

And in case you don't know, Adriano played around 35 games per season for Barca. He's no Vermaelen
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 2 hours ago
^^ like his 2014-15 season when barca won a treble right?
.... Keep deceiving yourself that he was a vital part of your team.

He oly became vital toyyour team after abidal was to retire and if he was improtant, then for sure barcelona would not have bought Alba or a LB at that time

Mo7aseb (Real Madrid) Yesterday
The biggest gains of the game

- The return of Casemiro
- Confidence in the team before Dortmund's clash
- Staying in the leadership

- The loss of two points against a team that has a defender like Mascherano, who must thank the referee about two penalties
Mo7aseb (Real Madrid) Yesterday
Barcelona fans have been talking about Zidane's luck and Ramos' headers  The time has come for them to try it!
Hikmat (Real Madrid) Yesterday
At a certain point it stops being coincidental. Ramos HAS that special something, I hate him at times but God I love him! Get in!
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) Yesterday
It will always be a love-hate relationship with Ramos lol    He's the best in clutch, no doubt
Hikmat (Real Madrid) Yesterday
Agreed. I'm very pleased with Varane today, right place right time
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) Yesterday
Shame about the goal, he made the foul first and then Suarez got in front of him for the goal
S2killinit (Real Madrid) Yesterday
Yup, Ramos has that special drive. Verane not so much. He makes the big mistakes
Hikmat (Real Madrid) Yesterday
Unfair, the Foul really could have been waved off as shoulder to shoulder. The free kick was unfortunate, Varane isn't known for making big mistakes.

If we're talking mistakes I can't count the number of times Ramos has given away penalties or decided to take an early shower lol
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) Yesterday
Goals: Ramos>>>>>>>>>Varane  Defens: Varane>>>>>>>>>Ramos
S2killinit (Real Madrid) Yesterday
I disagree. Ramos may play risky at times but its because he is a leader and takes responsibility. Unlike Verane, Ramos plays to win not just to make sure he can't any blamed. Ramos takes the risks because at times somebody has to. The difference between him and Verane is that Verane would rather cover himself and make sure he is not making mistakes than to take the risk. Whereas Ramos would take the risk and if he fails it looks like he was at fault, if he succeeds you never find out that he was covering someone he wasn't supposed to cover. That's why Ramos is a leader, and doesn't break under pressure like Verane does.

Just my opinion
Pedmar (Real Madrid) 22 hours ago
Being a leader is knowing when and where period! Being a leader does NOT say you should take risks and stupid ass ones at that. I've watched Ramos from his inception and he's been a helluva defender and at same time a helluva an assinine cb/rb. Being a leader is such that you can take the game by the scuff of the neck through defending or attacking and he's been known for last min heroics and early ass showers as well. So don't ever compare Varane in any negative way to Ramos because through varane our defending in crucial periods is top notch where he commits 0 fouls, wins ball back, brings it out to halfline and sometimes beyond without putting team in danger.

Just MY opinion
DaGaza (Real Madrid) Yesterday

Absolutely disgusted with Benzema. Horrific form lately and doing nothing but getting in the way of the team. Mariano came on and in 7 minutes helped the team more than bez in 75 minutes.

Unbeaten run continues. We didn't deserve to concede that goal and should have had a clear penalty 5 minutes into the first half.

The team was well set for a draw and in the end its what we got so I'm happy with it
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) Yesterday
Wow wow wow.... Hold it there DaGaza!This was all LUCK! Never forget that, it was all luck! Loooool

It was a bad Clasico, not the best for sure. We were the better side until their first goal(witch was slightly offside). After that they dominated for about 20 minutes and they missed he chance to close the game. Everything after that is Classic Ramos lol

And Benz should have not played this game, Mariano showed more in 5 minutes. Marcelo was s**t, he complicated every situation. I don't think Casemiro was a good sub. All in all.... Away goal and 6 points clear...
S2killinit (Real Madrid) Yesterday
I agree with you on Casemiro. I think we are stronger with the new Isco.

Also don't forget than we had 4 starters missing. Next game, in our homeamd hopefully with less injuries, I think we got this in the bag
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) Yesterday
Good point with so man key players missing
6 point lead looks good value for now
Safe to say with Kroos, Bale and maybe even Morata for Benz we would have thrashed barca
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) Yesterday
Thrashed? Do you know how long it has been since any madrid team thrashed Barça? What are you smoking?
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) Yesterday
^ lool k
Jeroen (Barcelona) Yesterday
In all seriousness, when was the last time we got owned by RM?  Early 2000s?
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) Yesterday
Lol this guy at it again
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) Yesterday
^ 3-1 under Carlo. That match should have ended a lot worst for you...
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) Yesterday
AlexisSanchez Lol at you too come crying in here more often lmao
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) Yesterday
You literally have nothing valuable or intelligent to say. All your posts are oh refs favour barca lol, we could have dominated them with Bale and Kroos lol....

Yes, we could have dominated too if we still had Xavi. Or Puyol. Or Maradona lol

I will even guess your next post. It will be something like "Madrid should have got 3 penalties lol"
Hikmat (Real Madrid) Yesterday
Is Maradona injured? lease

It was a fairly even game imo overall, both sides I think are disappointed. Barca more so because of HOW it happened rather than what happened.

Full strength Madrid would be a bit stronger but we're both missing key players
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) Yesterday
Lmao at MaraDonna some of these Barca fans 😂😂😂😂

Sanchez let's not go into intelligent can we, an alarming majority of your posts are pure illogical trolling on the RM forum
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) Yesterday
Trolling lol? When have I ever trolled. I actually discuss things. Unlike you. Every thing you say is literally attacking Barca or Barca fans or Barca players

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