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Slim (Real Madrid) 1 hour ago
94 million for Gonzalo? Bahahahaha    Now I've seen everything
KingLucas (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Hearing CR7 going to PSG. Any truth to this?
Maaza (Barcelona) 1 day ago
If it's on the internet then it's true
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
There wouldn't be a transfer window if there's no talk about CR to PSG or Benz to Arsenal or Varane to Chelsea/United
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) Yesterday
^ you forgot James to MU too    They even made up James to West Ham ffs
SKool (Arsenal) 16 hours ago
Lol, that James to West Ham rumor really cracked me up
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 1 hour ago
Probably David James...
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Looks like Navas does more than just make saves.    Https://www.Facebook.Com/RealMadrid/videos/10151066692329953/
Thecount9010 (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Tbh it's pretty bad
Footballzs (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 1 day ago
It's decent, I've had a few bad haircuts and that isn't too bad
SKool (Arsenal) 14 hours ago
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
What if we faked our interest in Andre Gomes to make Barca pay as much as possible for him? Shoutout to Perez and Marca for being geniuses!
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 2 days ago
Nah most likely he just chose barca over you like neymar did. Faking interest in a player to the point of a bidding war is a ridiculous proposition. That's like saying you faked interest in de gea after it didn't work out (praise the fax genie)
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
He "chose" Barca over us because he has no chance in starting in our current lineup while in Barca he has an aging Iniesta, injury prone Arda and Rakitic to worry about. If he wants to start games, Barca is the easier option for him obviously
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 2 days ago
I'm pretty sure Hikmat was joking guys lol
SKool (Arsenal) 2 days ago
A smokescreen to sign Pogba then...
RealFan (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Up until we were linked to him, 99% of football fans had no idea who the hell he was
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
Lol Pejvl you got it. I was kidding guys, I'll be honest and say I liked him a lot and would have liked to sign him, but in hindsight we are packed in the cm/cam position. Someone more defensive would be ideal
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Lol    #Wedidntwanthimanyway
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 1 day ago
Barca has Busquets, Iniesta, Turan, Rakitic, Rafinha, Suarez, Sergi Roberto and Samper as full time midfield players. Then we have Mascherano who will find himself in the midfield a lot more this year with Umtiti. Gomes knows he's going to be rotated with Rakitic but the biggest thing is, he knows he's going to get a chance considering how Lucho has been rotating players.

Madrid doesn't have a great track record with experimentation of line ups. Casemiro was used by Zidane effectively but that left james out of the lineup. Does Gomes think he's going to get a look with a player like James sitting on the bench and uncle Perez looking from the stands? Madrid doesn't have as many options in the midfield but the way they line up, any promising youngster will hesitate unless he's a superstar already.

Besides, its Barca asking him to play for them.
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 13 hours ago
To all the barca fans, while you may have beat madrid here, doesn't seem a bit of a waste to spend so much on a squad player? Utd were linked to him before the euors so I watched him but he wasnt so impressive. Tbh sanches looked the better player, and by the end of the tournament sanches replaced him in the starting lineup.

I know iniesta is getting up there but I don't see how this guy maintains that standard of quality in cm. I'm sure he will improve at barca though so I guess we will have to wait and see
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 12 hours ago
But I heard he was injured at the tournament. Correct me if I'm wrong. Besides 35 mil is not a bad fee. We do have to pay an extra 20 mil based on performances but I mean if he's doing that well then the extra 20 mil is worth it
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 11 hours ago
Oh? I thought it 50 mil    35 is a lot, but not too bad actually
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 10 hours ago

Got it off Malik: 35M fixed. 20 based on performances and 15 mil if he wins Ballon D'Or lol
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
An unknown club made an 80+ million bid for James but he doesn't want to leave and wants to fight for his spot.

As admirable as that is, I don't know if he'll get enough games. It would be sad to see a player of his talent on the bench
VonBonitoC (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
"We're fooling them, " Perez told Zidane in a conversation that was caught on camera by Deportes Cuatro, though what or whom they were referring to remains unclear. -marca

This could be either referring to James 80million bid or Gomes costing 70million.

We're expecting a healthy James entering this coming season. He should get at least regular starting position from time to time
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
I sure hope he gets some games instead of being shunned. I trust Zidane will know how to use him
Slim (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Alright, last time I post about a signing without it being official.

This is a good player Barca is getting. I'm not going to turn around and start hating on him just because Barca got him.

I've been watching videos of him for the last few weeks and I like what I see. Great touch, dribble ability combined with physicality.

As far as Madrid's signings before some start throwing fireworks just know that the summer isn't over yet
Wily0 (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Agreed. Besides, we don't really need much other than CB, CDM to challenge casemiro, and LB to challenge marcelo.... And just replacement for whoever leaves this summer
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Madrid backed off Andre Gomes and Barca agreed to pay his 50M Euros price. Thoughts?

I can't believe we're so quiet in the transfer market btw, very unlike big Flo who signs players for crazy sums for fun it seems haha. Might be a good thing
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 days ago
We're getting Gomes? Source?

Hmm, potentially he could become as good as Rakitic for us, but I feel €50m is quite a lot. I guess that's what's necessary these days to attract potential top players. Actual top players apparently go for €120m...
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 days ago
Just found several credible sources myself through a quick Google query. Apparently both clubs met the fee, but he chose us instead. Understandable since players with his controlling midfield playmaker style love us.

Edit: now Barça even tweeted it. Sweet!
Malik (Barcelona) 4 days ago
Yes " Backed off "

After you guys drop from pogba deal he was you first choice target. Marca, AS had a massive w**k fest over him since last couple of days. TBH everyone expected Real to wrap his signing but all of sudden it was us, its more like beaten to the signing then ' Backed off '
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 4 days ago
Huh, well that's a turn around, he was basically the only player linked to us lol

I don't know much about him, but I sure have no idea why we would need another midfielder in our team(except for another DM maybe). Also I don't see why Barca need him as well, 50 mil is a lot.

Well he made his choice, good luck to him
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 days ago
^Take it easy Malik, you could just phrase your words like I did and said "he chose us over Madrid"
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
I was simply quoting an article headline I read on Twitter, relax Malik. I'll find it for you once I get home.

I like Andre Gomes a lot, he's a great talent. The price also seems to be 35M with 20M in variables, so it's not a terrible deal. Congrats on the signing Barca fans.

Edit: Pejvl, this might be a good thing. We have a striker, I feel like a DM and LB signing would complete this team. Knowing injuries, I'm not too worried about playing time for anyone haha.
Malik (Barcelona) 4 days ago
Jesus ! Its literally the first opportunity we got in last couple of months to rub in Real's and you guys want me to relax
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Haha no worries, it's just that online it's hard to tell when someone is being really aggressive or if it's just banter
AnthonyElias85 (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Honestly, I am happy that barça signed him. In my opinion it wasn't worth what Valencia were asking for him. They wanted 50m (10m in bonuses) plus they wanted Nacho, Kovacic, and Asensio or Jesé? Are you mad?
VonBonitoC (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
You never know, Gomes might turn into Figo 2. 0 and signed for us cheaply.

Gomes is practically a sub if he signed for us and that could mean James/Isco/Kovacic will be heading out.

I agree, we definitely need cover on that DM position since Coentrao might stay and fight for the left back position
SRACon17 (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
What happened to Silva?
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 3 days ago
Failed a medical at Portugal plus I don't think he has been good enough for Madrid.

Gomes is good but the price is way too much for him. Glad we missed out on him. We have a more than capable squad in midfield as it is
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 3 days ago
Silva had to retire unfortunately
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 2 days ago
That was fake, he hasn't retired
Mikhitargaryen (Barcelona) 1 day ago
What? Damn. Just read the fake reports, wow that is piss poor from Europsort I think who reported that he retired? What click bait journalism smh
RealFan (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Some times I think football players don't care as much as the fans, but then I see videos like this and I realize these guys live and die for this sport.

Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 4 days ago
There should be much more videos like this, it really shows how passionate you have to be to succeed at the top. This was basically the same kind of nervous as we fans feel
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 4 days ago
Btw, Perez looks like he's barley holding a massive s**t lol
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 4 days ago
What do you guys think about James and his future in Madrid?

This is not a question whether or not his a good player, because he proved that some time ago. Great passing, great shot, free kicks, nice ball control. He is one of the best CAM in the world, no doubts. But that is exactly the problem we have....

Since Carlo, Real Madrid has removed the CAM position from it's repertoire. Rafa didn't use it, Zidane as well and I don' think that will change. So basically, James has never had the chance to play in his best position, right behind the strikers.

If a system works, do you risk everything so you could find a place for one world class playmaker, or do you sacrifice him for the rest of the team? James is a great midfielder, but he's not nearly as good in the CM role, Modric and Kroos are way ahead. I also don't like seeing him on the wing, he's too slow for that and his passing is not as crucial while playing on the edge of the field.

The almost exact situation goes for Isco, he's just as good as James, but they have some different qualities. The only difference is that Isco adapted much better to the CM spot, and his defensive work rate has been a very pleasant surprise. A very tough dilemma for Zizou, I believe this is one of the reasons why we haven't seen much movement from Madrid this transfer window. It's hard to add new pieces when you're still not sure what do do with the current ones.
Slim (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
That's all fine and dandy but in his first year Madrid was also playing with a 4-3-3 and he had a stellar year. (17 goals and 16 assists)

I think that any doubts the club or Zidane have with him have less to do with his quality or fit within the team and more to do with his attitude.

I really hope he stays and gets back to that 14/15 form. All indications seem to suggest he wants to stay
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
James wants to stay, Madrid wants to keep him. Slim is right in the sense that the issue seemed to be attitude, if he becomes determined to show us what he's got he'll get plenty of game time.

Our system is never really set either. Rafa experimented a lot, there's no reason that Zidane might not experiment and see where James can fit.

Btw, what if Ronaldo and Bale play almost like strikers with James right behind them? It'll still be a 4-3-3 but James will be much more involved in link up play. This is assuming Benzema is in court and Morata is injured lmao
VonBonitoC (Real Madrid) 5 days ago
Very quiet so far from Prez Flo this transfer window.

If you were to sign a galactico (just 1) for this window, who will it be?

For me, it will be Alaba. He can compete with Marcelo and any of our trio midfielders. Basically a player that is versatile in multiple positions.

Other note, I think the players leaving this window will be Jese, Kovacic, Coentrao, Nacho and maybe Isco/James
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 4 days ago
Jese is staying. So is Kovacic. Nacho is gone. Isco and James look to be staying.

We're not linked with Alaba but he'd be great, plays LB and CDM (not to mention 9 other positions lmao)

Hikmat (Real Madrid) 5 days ago
Borja Mayoral is off to Wolfsburg on loan. This is good for him, he won't get playing time competing with Benzema and Morata, and Wolfsburg is a good team in a good league
Pejvl (Footytube Moderator) 5 days ago
Great move once again. Move to Germany did wonders for Carvajal, although that was a slight different situation, including a buy back clause
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 6 days ago
I am surprised madrid is not doing anything about signings this transfer window.... I don't know if I am the only one worried....

- no long term cover for Ronaldo considering his time with us is soon coming to an end.
- I know it will be hard to find a luka modric, but with his age, it is necessary to start finding his replacement
- no new defender; still.... Pepe ramos and varane constant injury is not even bothering anyone.... Plus Ramos and Pepe are even getting older....

I don't know about the traqnsfer ban.... But if we don't sign players now and this takes effect soon, won't we be affected?
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 6 days ago
Kovacic can provide backup for Modric who isn't exactly done yet, has a couple of years in him.

There's no such thing as a replacement for Ronaldo because he's Ronaldo, but who would you buy now and who is available? Bale can be the next "main man" but we'll still need a goalscorer when Ronaldo departs. Problem is, who's available and is NOW the best time when Ronaldo is staying for probably 2 more years?
Slim (Real Madrid) 6 days ago
Looks like Andre Gomes is set to become Madrid's first signing this transfer window. *knocks on wood*

I must confess I haven't seen much of this player besides the games he's played against Madrid with Valencia in which he has been awesome.

He was part of the Portugal squad that won the Euros but hardly played due to a hamstring injury
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 6 days ago
He played the first few games and then was dropped later in the tournament for sanches, I wasn't aware he got injured. He's a good player but the fees quoted for him are absurd imo. He's not a 40 million pound player
Slim (Real Madrid) 6 days ago
He didn't get injured during the Euros. He went to the Euros already carrying hamstring problems.

That's why even when he played he was a non factor. Later on he wasn't even brought in a sub? Clearly something was wrong with him.

Tharius (Real Madrid) 6 days ago
There saying 50M plus 10M in bonuses based on player performances I can tell you sincerely this signing if it bears fruit does not make me excited in the slightest
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 6 days ago
Honestly when he started losing game-time to an 18 year old I lost interest. He has talent but the price is overrated for what I have seen him do on the pitch
Tharius (Real Madrid) 6 days ago
Yea I don't really understand this move at all if true very perplexing actually
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 6 days ago
I'm sure other clubs will make more use of him than us. We have better players who play his position. Unless we go for Pogba, I don't see the need for him.

I might be in the minority but I'd like a young CB to give Pepe and Ramos some competition. Rugani would be a sweet signing if Juve would sell him
Jeroen (Barcelona) 5 days ago
He's the Portuguese Guti
Iscodisco (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
Apparently West Ham is interested in James and put in a bid. Lol
Cjayzz (Real Madrid) 1 week ago

10 man shortlist for European player of the year

Gareth Bale (Real Madrid & Wales)
Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus & Italy)
Antoine Griezmann (Atlético Madrid & France)
Toni Kroos (Real Madrid & Germany)
Lionel Messi (Barcelona & Argentina)
Thomas Müller (Bayern München & Germany)
Manuel Neuer (Bayern München & Germany)
Pepe (Real Madrid & Portugal)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid & Portugal)
Luis Suárez (Barcelona & Uruguay)

Who do guys think should win it....
My pick is Pepe
SanchezAlexis (Barcelona) 1 week ago
Who do we think should win it or who do we think will win it lol. I think Ronaldo is going to win easily. But I honestly wouldn't mind Pepe winning it. It's about time we give credit to some good defending
Footballzs (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
DanTheGooner (Arsenal) 1 week ago
Griezmann, Pepe or Ronaldo (his hat trick against Wolfsburg after Madrid were down 2-0 was magical).

Big shout out to Suarez as well for outscoring Ronaldo in the league as well. Not many players will be able to say they outscored the GOAT
MadridUnited (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
I'm with SanchezAlexis on this one....
I think Ronaldo will win it.
Pepe deserves a good mention though, but lets be honest, Ronaldo deserves it.
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
It should be: 1) Ronaldo 2) Griezmann 3) Suarez
KingLucas (Liverpool) 5 days ago
I think Suarez should win, but CR7 will probably take it
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 5 days ago
Pepe and suarez will never win one because it would be a PR disaster. In any case Ronaldo deserves it this time
Kayslay (Manchester United) 4 days ago
Why are non Europeans on the list?

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