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Deportivo La Coruña V Real Madrid, Feb 23
Ozilbtch (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Wow.... La liga refs....    Them pulling out a card is more consequent then them seeing handball....
[account-removed] 3 years ago
La liga refs are amongst the worse, check out the atletico game, yellow cards were falling from the sky
Pedmar (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Are those graphs correct?
RM4TheWin (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Haters gonna' hate    
Danny88 (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Those graphs are about as useful as a woman that can't cook
InZizouWeTrust (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Those graphs are about as useful as Busquet on the pitch playing football instead of acting for hollywood
[account-removed] 3 years ago
You guys are made up hate. Do guys even enjoy your life?
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Yeah madrid I am very happy
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 3 years ago
Beautiful nutmeg by Riki (I believe) on Higuain at 53'. Pure quality.

Deportivo del Corona played surprisingly well. They've been very poor all year. First time they've shown some quality
Helardordeku (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Its deportivo la coruńa, you can also say "L depor", couple of years ago they were a big team with tristan, valeron and maccay yo! They were good
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 3 years ago
Ya, I was making a haha.  
Dany10 (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Agreed but that was way longer than a couple of years ago man!
RM4TheWin (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Yeah that was like 10 years ago
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Que golaso ricardo kaka, magico
Danielfretos (Chelsea) 3 years ago
What a goal and pass by Kaka, still has it in him
Imaginsolo (Chelsea) 3 years ago
This ref is a sick man for the red card
Marcopolo281 (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Didn't know you could get two yellows for the same offense, on the same play, and within 5 seconds...
Fatimarmcf (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Its not totally bad di maria got double carded. This means mou has no choice but to rest him. He'll have more energy for the united game whoch, at this point is far more important than the league in my opinion. Although higuin didn't have the best game, congrats to him for getting his 100th la liga goal
SirVim (AC Milan) 3 years ago
It not more important than the league.... You know Real Madrid has no chance at the league title
Ifat32 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
The red card is just nonsense
[account-removed] 3 years ago
That ref is a loser. He shouldn't be allowed to ref another match in la liga. Go to the second division
Hassan14 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Spanish referees, who gives you your license?
Chanman (Bayern München) 3 years ago
I've always felt that Refs should give more cards to players that are acting like d**ks out there
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Put yourself in Ref's position. WHat would you do If one player acts like Dick and doesn't let do freekick by standing there and giving no f**k even after one card? WOuld you say, please sir go away or give another card?
Topshotta (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Who was in net for Real? Depor's goal was awful. Beaten on the near post from that angle and distance.

Got my fingers crossed that Kaka will get a chance to start against Barca tomorrow. It seems like he never gets a chance to play in the classico matches. What a finish and pass to help set up the second goal

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