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Qatar V Iran, Dec 28
IKnan (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Iran deserved the win but Kaabi's blunder at minute '93 really finished it off :/
Tony (footytube staff) 7 years ago
Not a bad game, is this some kind of invitational tournament?
Sjckdj77 7 years ago
Really beautiful goals from bouth sides
Unferth (Petroshmi Tabriz) 7 years ago
Why is Kaabi still playing back there? He is not tall enough to be a full back. This coach is suppose to better than the rest? Play him on the wing or in the middle.

Anyway, whoever made that back pass to him so also to blame. These kinds of errors just show the lack of proper training and coaching that Iranian players face. We got the raw talent but no money, no league, no infrastructure and no friendlies.

Way to go bedouin boys. Shows you how much money and a proper program can take a bunch of 3rd rate, sand dune city, against a real country like Iran, and allow them a chance to win. Screw you saudi, uae, bahrain, qatar dirt. Why don't you unite all your african players into one team and call it oilistan? That is the way to represent your people.

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