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PSG V NK Dinamo Zagreb, Nov 6
Churchboy (Manchester United) 1 year ago
Did Ibra set up all 4 goals?    And I assumed that he poor game because he was not amongst the goals...
Joshtch (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
Zlatan: Even when he doesn't score he dominates. Four assists?!
Eseleaka (Inter Milan) 1 year ago
Ibra with four assists. This guy can literally do it all
Eseleaka (Inter Milan) 1 year ago
Ibra with four assists. This guy can literally do it all
Kingleo (Barcelona) 1 year ago
Zlatan is like a one man team sometimes.    He's so damn good.
GotIbra (AC Milan) 1 year ago
ZSG strikes again!
FcMidtjylland (Tottenham Hotspur) 1 year ago
Zlatan s simply the best. He is a winner. He plays as hard as e can for his club, and gets them a championship. I've never seen a winner like him. I'd love to see him go to liverpool and win them a league title. That would be EPIC
Coooookie 1 year ago
Zlatan the man
Zizuthelegend (AC Milan) 1 year ago
French people are you still crying and whining for the amount paid for Gangster Ibra. If it was not for him PSG would be like every other French team out in the first round of UEFA, or make it till the semis with poor boring games with draws and win on penalties.

Ibra perfect player to get the team organized and believe in themselves. I still remember how he changed the 2-0 game against Real Madrid to get AC Milan back on 2-2 in the last quarter of the 2nd half. Hope PSG wins this time just cause IBRA deserves a Champions League. Last year it was Drogba's year now hope Ibra gets it. The two most hardworking players that have talent but also work rate
Chelo (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
Zlatan work rate?    Sometimes he runs less than the keeper D    But yes best striker in the world with Falcao
P1tuf4 (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Ibrahimovich wow.... Excellent
Casconalio (Barcelona) 1 year ago
Ibracadabra. The way he plays is truly magic
SadistWeah (Arsenal) 1 year ago
Wow ibrahimovic is truly a beast who is unplayable! There is simply no stopping him. You stop him from scoring goals? He produces 4 assists for his teammates to punish you
Connections (Juventus) 1 year ago
0:12 looks like David Villa...
Pvolpert22 (Barcelona) 1 year ago
That last assist is just ridiculous, even when he's on the ground he picks a teammate out  
Donchino (Barcelona) 1 year ago
Did I just watch this guy make 4 assists? Wow

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