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SKool (Arsenal) 2 days ago
Wow, Lavezzi hat trick tonight Great win against Lille !
SKool (Arsenal) 5 days ago
Time to get back to what really maters at stake, the Ligue 1 and CdF. Too win the UCL, we need to be at our very best and the team needs to be in high octave. Barca is class, and deserved to get to next round
PSG93 (PSG) 1 week ago
Congratz Barcelona, we were completely outclassed by a far better team.
The tie is over but I want to believe in this team. I hope we make it harder for them in the return leg
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 1 week ago
ArnabFORZAMILAN (AC Milan) 2 weeks ago
All the best PSG! Will root for you against Barca!
SKool (Arsenal) 3 weeks ago
Le Classique le dimanche !
Dippers07 (Arsenal) 2 weeks ago
"Le Classique" lol as if this rivalry existed for hundreds of years...
Cloudst 2 weeks ago
Nearly 5 decades of hatred makes it close enough
CheMaradona 1 month ago
After what you guys did to Chelsea I can't wait to see the game against Barca! Make sure everyone stays healthy! Good luck
Rainmaker (Liverpool) 2 weeks ago
Yes I agree, would be great to see PSG beat Barca
Maxmaxima 1 month ago
Trop triché le pénalti mais justice fut faite !
SKool (Arsenal) 1 month ago
Mad scenes at Bordeaux...
Dom1878 (Manchester United) 1 month ago
Paris magique ! Un des plus beau match de la C1
SKool (Arsenal) 1 month ago
Allez PSG, what a game. Great team spirit even after going a man down. On to the quarters now !
Robbery18 (Bayern München) 1 month ago
Incredible game from you guys! Well deserved win after going one man down for 90 minutes. You guys can definitely make it to the final!  
Tharius (Real Madrid) 1 month ago
Great equalizer by Luiz!
SKool (Arsenal) 1 month ago
Monaco yesterday, Monaco in 3 days time. CdF game time
Knownskate 2 months ago
Top of the table, not all is bad  
SKool (Arsenal) 2 months ago
For the time being hahaha. More concerned on doing well in the cup games, UCL mainly
Knownskate 2 months ago
Yeah return leg going to be good game against Chelsea
SKool (Arsenal) 2 months ago
If we keep this consistency in the league, then it could be a close call for the title. Good to see Lyon and OM improving massively after seasons of woe.

Lets win the Coupe de France for all that's worth

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