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Portugal V Spain, Jun 27
Wunderbar (CA Boca Juniors) 4 years ago
F*** I hate spain. I hate how they play such boring, unattractive soccer and still manage to go through. How many 1-0 games are they going to play? They have 600% of ball possession by doing 2 ft passes back and forth, have hardly any scoring opportunities, hardly create any goal scoring opportunities, and they still go through. This bs reminds me of Greece in 2004. There needs to be an end to this. I hope to God that justice is done if they meet Germany, but if they meet Italy I'm sure that they will bring it to them. It's about time that the world sees beautiful, attacking soccer, and not 1800 passes that don't go anywhere. Now, that feels good, I had that bottled up since the game was over . Spain in 2008 was beautiful, this now though, is utter bullshit
Wunderbar (CA Boca Juniors) 4 years ago
And for f**** sake someone other than Ronaldo take the free kicks. I think he's taken 15 free kicks with one on target
Analyze (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Lol, they missing a villa and an in-form torres, it would have been a different ball game all together otherwise. They're a team now with a solid defence and midfield. Xavi and co has not a specialist they can put those decisive through balls to...
Analyze (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I doubt they're gonna' concede any goals thanks to goal keeper & defence(barcelona + madrid) and midfield(bareclona + madrid). Put a ronaldo & messi in front of these and you have world XI
Reventon (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I stopped reading as soon as he said "soccer" fake ass football fans
FifaXX (Napoli) 4 years ago
I'm sorry, so just because he lives in a counry where it isn't calle footbal he isn't entitled to an opinion? What about all the Italians who call it calcio? Are they not real fans?

What a shitty comment, I hope it's just because you're bitter about spain losing their dominating form.... I have to admit as a fan of Italy I am much more afraid of playing the Germans today than I will be of playing Spaniards in the final if Italy pull through, because it's apperent they arent at their best right now
Donchino (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Is it surprising that most people calling Spain Boring are English? Makes you wonder why? When their own team can't even make a semi final of any competition.... England are sure good in one thing.... Criticising everything.... If Andrea Pirlo is English, he wouldn't be in Euro just like Paul Scholes cos he'll be labeled "Too Old" by their fans and Media....

I'd rather play like Spain with a game plan than England with such a pathetic plan of just playing not to lose.... Viva Espana!
LunaBoy1 (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Spain games are boring even in the WC. I'm not English, but hey tactics are tactics.  As long as you win right?
Donchino (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Spain Games are not boring.... You and the rest of the world are tired of seeing Spain dominate for so long.... Get used to it cos it'll continue for a while....

Italy was criticized in 2006 world cup as being defensive but when they got to the finals Lippi asked the Journalists "Where are those entertaining teams now? " Spain plays grassroot football which is team work and passing.... Not Individualist like Portugal
Octopuss (Arsenal) 4 years ago
That's what you think, a lot of my friends thinks Spain's boring so am I.

See what happen during the game when Spain passing sideways/backward to control possession? It seems to me a lot other people thinks the same.

Imo at least defensive football not making me feel boring, eg Italy v England. Both were known to play defensive but at least there's fast breaks & chances to make it interesting.
Lovelyeli (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 4 years ago
Spain and england are a lot more alike than people think honestly.  
Donchino (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Except for one winning trophies and the other not.... Remember guys Spain main striker isn't in Euros and you don't trust Torres.... Even Chelsea didn't trust him either.... People are trying to unsettle Spain but that won't work.... They're professionals
Wunderbar (CA Boca Juniors) 4 years ago
You've only won 3 trophies lol. Wait until you're at the heights of Germany, italy, Brazil, then we can talk about winning trophies
Shuriken (Benfica Lisbon) 4 years ago
1 - Spain are boring, very, very boring....
2 - You Barça fans have to be the most arrogant on earth. The fact that you qualify England's match plan as "not to lose" and Portugal's "individualist" just means you haven't watched any of those teams matches in this euro and only watched your good old boring Spain which makes a lot of sense....
Did you see how your team was getting boos and whistles by the ukranians? It's just the beggining trust me....
Manita (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Ronaldo I love you man but until you stop thinking about "you" and "glory" you'll never reach your full potential.... How many free kicks did he waste? And each time he takes 5 steps backwards, and one to the left side as if there was a measurement on his free kicks.... Too much show.... You see Juninho, Ronaldinho, Beckham, Zola, Maradona, Okocha, Nakamura etc smash those without too much attention or show off.... A good free kick taker should have punished Spain last night....

And waiting to take the last Penalty? So that the whole headline will read Ronaldo fires Portugal to Finals? Learn from Pirlo.... He took his penalty when his team were losing and that gave his players the morale to smash theirs.... Well Ya plans backfired big team.... Great player but extremely selfish
Grey002 (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I thought Portugal did well with their pressing. They fought well the whole 90 minutes. Extra time was all Spain though.

Spain needs to improve in the final third.

Even though I supported Spain today, I will support Germany tomorrow and in the final if they qualify. Germany is playing more entertaining football at the moment.

Spain can do so much better with the players that they have, but for some reason they're always content with 1-0!
Dannymorales21 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Hugo is terrible, three effing shots into the void
Danman (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Rui Patricio has got some great potential based on what I saw today. The 2 saves in extra time were superb, and I couldn't believe how close he got to saving perfect penalties from Pique and Fabregas after saving Alonso's perfect strike
AnyArrow (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
As a neutral heres my summary :
1. Boring
2. Boring
3. Boring
4. Ronaldo is off (especially with his free kicks)
5. I really hope number 1-3 wouldnt happen in the final
Johny (Arsenal) 4 years ago
You don't have to worry about that. Germany's playing
Nlst89 (RSC Anderlecht) 4 years ago
With Spain in the finals it's due to be boring
Jon1979 (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Even if Italy makes it, it won't be boring imo!
Analyze (Barcelona) 4 years ago
This Spanish side are gonna' give it their everything. Madrid & Barca got knocked out when they were expect to play the champions league finals. These players (which make up most of the Spanish tem) have this at the back of their heads. They ain't gonna' concede goals (very strong midfield all the way to the goal keeper), but they might not score either
Peterpan 4 years ago
I use to think Ronaldo was the best player in the world, but after seen this European cup I come to feel sorry for his ass been kidnapped by his own ego.come back to us human been living on planet eatrh
Danman (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Yes, Portugal were tired, but Spain really looked better when Pedro came on for Xavi. Maybe they should consider doing that earlier in the match
Egarran 4 years ago
That was pretty strange how Portugal handled the penalties. Or it was just unprofessional. Poor Alves. Silly Ronaldo
Nlst89 (RSC Anderlecht) 4 years ago
Portugal was waaaaay better in the regular 90min.... Then they ran out of steam.

And why the f*** would you let Ronaldo shoot last when 75% of the time the last penalty isn't even taken.... Always let your best shooters shoot first so that they can relieve pressure on later shooters
DarkenLFCBarca (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I have to admit Portugal was the better side last night but with some fortune spain get through! If they play against Geramny for the final, it will be their toughest match of the euro!

By the way Gaypornaldo say goodbye for the ballon d'or....

Danman (Barcelona) 4 years ago
0 shots on target. What fortune? Germany will be tougher though if they make it, but Spain still have another gear they can go to
Egarran 4 years ago
Great referee, btw. Seems the game could have easily collapsed into Iberian chaos
Footycray (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Great game from portugal. Where most teams resort to defence against spain, they actually attacked them and were a more pleasant team to watch through out the game. Spain is a great team, but I'm sorry, too many passes between Busquets/Pique and Alonso/Ramos, that kind of possession means nothing and today proved it.

Luck plays a very big role in Penalty Kicks (Alves' shot went out after hitting the bar and Cesc in, Ronaldo didn't even shoot, etc), but hey the rules are same for everyone. I do feel sorry for people who are claiming that it is somehow ronaldo's fault that his name was fifth on the sheet. Remember, there is a coach who decides such things in a team, not the star player. I'm confident most of those who claim Ronaldo wanted to take fifth, have never played in a competitive pro/semi-pro football team, else you would know the coach's role and responsibility.

Lastly, Ronaldo did carry portugal so far on his back and won the league with Madrid, lost in Semi-Finals of Euro primarily because his team lack a strong Striker/Center Forward. He is a far better candidate for Ballon D'or, there are no guidelines that specify that he had to win either champions league or Euro otherwise Messi gets it automatically, so calm your horses on that hype
Barcachick (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Ronaldo did not carry the team along.... It was all collective efforts.... Remind you if not for the goal scored by varela maybe they would not have the opportunity to play in the semi final.... After he missed so many goals against denmark.... And besides messi did not play in the euros so there was not competition between both.... Winning the best footballer of the year comes to individual achievement and believe without any doubt messi is way way ahead of him.... Breaking so many records that have been held for some long a time.... If you say he did not win the leauge or champions leauge then he should not be given the best footballer then no one deserves to win it because in each leauge in the world there were winners and each winning team had a star player.... So dude it comes that to individual achievements again and messi is way way way far ahead of him...
Boh2011 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Good points, but Ronaldo did not carry his team on his own. He was very good as usual, but they had people like Coentrao, Meireles, Pepe, Nani etc all putting in a good shift. I thought they were a strong team in this tournament, very unfortunate that they lost

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