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[account-removed] 6 years ago
What a disappointing match by Portugal    Come on CR9 your much better than that!
TheN4Sr (Real Madrid) 6 years ago
Ò_Ó Ronaldo could've made some better judgments this past game. Overall, you have to hand it to them, they look strong in the goal area so they just need to outdo the goalkeepers.

More work from Mendes, Veloso, & Deco to form tactics rather than letting Nani and Ronaldo set up all the plays.

I don't have the highest hopes for Portugal, but they have undeniable talent, so don't rule them out!
TheN4Sr (Real Madrid) 6 years ago
For North American fans.... Televised World Cup 2010 Schedule


Or EVEN better....

Guardiangel (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Sadly to say.... Portugal will finish behind brazil and ivory coast.... Unless miracle happen...
Amror123 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Portugal is the classic example of a team that’s outstanding on paper, but very average in practice. This is a team with either the best or second best player in the world in its starting XI depending on who you talk to. They have a roster filled with players from Champions League teams.
However, qualifying was a huge struggle for them. They backed into this World Cup after beating Bosnia in the playoff round of European qualifying. I watched both legs of that playoff, and was completely unimpressed. They played an incredibly bland and uninspiring set of two matches.
I personally wanted to see Bosnia get through because quite frankly I didn’t really think the Portuguese deserved to qualify. They snuck into the playoff spot by finishing one point ahead of Sweden in Europe’s Group 1. This group also included Malta, Hungary, Denmark, and Albania.
For whatever reason, the Portuguese have been unable to produce a World Class striker in quite some time. As a result, they generally play with one pure forward up top. They scored seventeen goals and allowed only five during qualifying. However, they beat Malta 4-0 on two separate occasions. You take away those matches and its only nine goals in ten matches.
A very large part of the Portuguese game is their wing play featuring the ultra talented duo of Nani and the second best Ronaldo in the history of the game
Moussinho (Valencia) 6 years ago
It’s one of football’s mysteries how Portugal continue to produce such fine wingers, and yet such poor strikers. The two first-choice wide players for this tournament will probably be Simao Sabrosa and Nani, meaning Cristiano Ronaldo will be deployed in a central forward position. In addition, the exciting Fabio Coentrao of Benfica, and Silvestre Varela of Porto, will also be in Carlos Quieroz’s thinking. With Eliseu and Edinho waiting in the wings, it means poor old Ricardo Quaresma is probably Portugal’s eighth-choice wide player. So how do you think Portugal should line-up?
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Not the best way to get started in the world cup, but lets remember it was just a friendly match
Amror123 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Considering Portugal can choose from a list including Tiago, Raul Meireles, Deco, Joao Moutinho, Pedro Mendes, Miguel Veloso and Maniche, it’s slightly surprising that Carlos Quieroz opted to play centre-back Pepe in a deep-lying midfield role throughout qualifying. His knee injury might rule him out of the tournament, so one of these players will get an unexpected call-up
Shareef (Arsenal) 6 years ago
I think he'll ignore the injury and play! It's the World Cup for god's sakes!
Moussinho (Valencia) 6 years ago
I think Carlos Queiroz is misusing Ronaldo. It seems ridiculous to me that Portugal struggled with a lack of quality strikers after Pauleta’s retirement, but now that they have one of the game’s most devastating attacking talents at their disposal they use him on the flanks and blunt his effectiveness.

I’m expecting some good defensive performances from the Portuguese in South Africa, the back four looks impressive, but, unless Ronaldo is used as a striker and Simao comes in on the left with Liedson dropping to the bench, I simply can’t see them scoring enough goals to progress from the group. Queiroz simply isn’t creative enough to get the best out of this group of players
[account-removed] 6 years ago
What a goal my Nani, in United some of his goals are a chip, (like the one he just did)
Whats going on with Ronaldo? Yes I know he did give an assist, but still I would love to see him score.... Wouldn't you guy?!?!
I though Deco retired from Portugal
Moussinho (Valencia) 6 years ago
Where’s Joao Moutinho gone? An attacking midfielder, was one of the up-and-coming Portuguese players not so long ago, yet not a single mention of him in this article. Surely he’s the ideal replacement for Deco? Younger, quicker tempo to his passing… No?
Amror123 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
The Seleccao boss Carlos Queiroz had named 24 players for his preliminary squad for the competition with fears that Real Madrid defender Pepe would not be fit for South Africa.

Ze Castro had been linked with the drop since the weekend, and the Portuguese Football Federation has now confirmed the reports on its official website.

Portugal, who have been draw in Group G along with the Ivory Coast, Brazil and North Korea, will kick off their World Cup campaign against the Elephants on June 15th at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth
PortoDragon (FC Porto) 6 years ago
Nobody ever expected nothing from Portugal team. Always the most underrated team.... Anyway take a look at the last competitions we have been:
Euro 2000 3rd place Semi-finals : beaten with a golden-penalty-goal in the last minutes of extra-time

WC 2002 group stages : beaten by South-Korea, the way we all know.... For them and for those referees the football had another rules ah?!

Euro 2004 2nd place: beaten by Greece

WC 2006 4th place: beaten in the semi finals by France.

Euro 2008 Q. Finals : beaten by Germany

It's not easy to change a national team when best players start to get older. It's also not easy to make a national squad play as a team.
Nobody knows how's it gonna' end and that is the beauty of football.
And in a good mood Portugal plays one of the most charming and awesome style of football you can see in the WC. Cheers!
Kingwade03 (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Idiot, in 2002 they couldn't even beat usa to get second
Ahmedmady (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Hell no, nani's out of 2010 world cup. Sources had stated his shoulder injury wasnt serious, but medical reports this morning have showed that he will not compete
Damu42km 6 years ago
Nani almost on the verge of missing the World Cup. Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz has called up Benfica's Ruben Amorim as a replacement for Nani
Cienioxxl (Juventus) 6 years ago
Huge loss, not only for Portugal, but also for the entire football world. He had a chance to be one of the superstars on this tournament
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Sspdcm (Sporting CP Lisbon) 6 years ago
Nani will be truly missed by everyone who supports portugal, one of our top performers at the moment.... However we are extremely well covered in the wings with danny & Simao.... I think Ruben is extremely useful player, a utility player whom can play Fullback and Midfield and a constant performer.... I think he will give cover to miguel.... Whille duda will be pushed up to ML to give cover to Danny or Simao while Paulo will give backup 2 Fabio whom I believe he should defiantly should start.... From what I saw with cape verde, fabio is extremely on form and will be a star for the future...

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