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Gunner3 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Great tournament. Most exciting team so far must say
Balotelli45 (Manchester City) 4 years ago
For me Meireles messed it up
Jon1979 (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Proud of Portugal! Pepe was awesome, couldn't have asked more from him!
Hiev (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Bruno alvis is so anoying, he missed the penalty
SKool (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Oh the irony. Shouldnt it be nani who interrupted Bruno first
AidanLuca (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
@ Hiev bruno alvis would have been under pressure
Hundreds7 (Portugal) 4 years ago
Its just a game man al my player miss it at time two  
Moe66 (Manchester City) 4 years ago
Didn't any one you guys get the feeling when Bruno Alves was walking up to take the penalty he would miss? I did
Tdsmufan (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I did two and it was a very bad feeling as well
Tdsmufan (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Another great result for Portugal! 3-0 and looking good in second place behind Russia
Thias (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Ronaldo, wow !
LusoAmerican (FC Porto) 3 years ago
Yeah he played well, but I still think portugal has, and must improve in many areas on the field. I hope to see during this year a better team emerge (with new players having more playin time in their full year teams) lol
Phorce16 (Arsenal) 3 years ago
They need to hit that refresh button!
Phorce16 (Arsenal) 3 years ago
So, wednesday.... Brazil vs Portugal. Always a good match up, I still remember when I saw the same fixture at the Emirates quite a few years back when the stadium first opened.

I do hope Paulo Bento experiments with the team a bit, getting tired of seeing Meireles always start for Portugal. Change it up a bit, and pick players by their form and not their names
Phorce16 (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Ok, where do I start.... Poor performance from Portugal against Brazil, Portugal's first (and only) goal was well taken by Meireles who read the pass back from Maicon. After that there was not much to see from Portugal.
Brazils first goal scored by Silva from a corner was ridiculous.... Free header, the player marking him.... Veloso; who's decision was this.... A more obvious player would be Alves or Pepe.
Brazils second was down to lack of game time from Nani, who loses possession at the halfway line leaving Neymar to run in between lines. Credit to Neymar for a great finish, but why Nani lost the ball there I do not know, especially with Moutinho free about 3 meters away!
Ok, second half I was expecting Portugal to throw caution to the wind and try to equalise at least, but they were lifeless in both attack and defence. The consequence of this was Brazil's third through a lack of pressure and an easy tap in for Jo.
At this point Brazil actually took their foot off the throttle, otherwise they would have ended up scoring more.
So I'm sitting there at gone 3am watching this match now expecting Portugal to make a few substitutions and inject a bit of pace into the game. But no, Paulo Bento brings on Amorim, and Postiga.... Why? Antunes I can understand seeing as he will be covering for Coentrao due to suspension.
When Bento finally decides to bring on a player that is getting regular football in the form of Licá he does so for the final 8 minutes or so.
There is a huge lack of experimentation with Bento, in the post match he talked about the lack of urgency shown by his players; surely he is massively responsible for this. Make changes bring on some different faces once in a while! Portugal can learn from this result especially for the qualifiers, where they have been caught out by 'smaller' teams because of a lack of urgency.

Ok rant over.... I just needed it out of my system
LusoAmerican (FC Porto) 3 years ago
I totally agree with your statement, it has become ridiculously obvious; right now, a year before the world cup, who is goin to be called as the 23 Portuguese players to go to brazil in 2014 (IF WE MAKE IT !)

I was able to go to boston and watch the game, the atmosphere was great, their were special appearances by pele, eusebio, and mechel telo (the singer); what a great way to open the game. But besides that all I saw was an absolute terrible portugal, don't get me wrong we were as terrible with and. Ireland; with only one difference, ronaldo. I went to this game not caring much for the result, I mean I wouldnt be mad if we won but the most understandable result was a win for brazil. But I really went to this game hoping to see a whole new team in the second half of the game. Josue was practicing on the sidelines for the entire second half and all the other players just sat on the bench. This really aggravated me cause I wanted to see all the players play, no matter what the result would become. I will probably never get another chance to see portugal play live, so I wanted to see as many players I could, and I did. However I was hoping to see them playin on the field not practicing on the sideline. I am really disappointed with the many choices paulo bento has done in the national team, that in some form have led us to a weaker national team.

One of the choices (extreamly similar to this one) got bento and pinto de costa (fc porto president) in a heated back and forth. This was due to the long amount of time the porto players played vs gabon in a friendly a few month back. I do understand that brazil also didn't do many subs but I still wanted to see more then the 5 player that came in. I wanted to have the players believe that they could have a chance to go to the world cup, rather then know they will never have a chance to be part of such a contest, because of the coach.

I also do believe that our best defensive mid has never been called up to the portuguese national team and the only reason for it is that he doesn't play for a top team in portugal/europe. André leon was by far the best player on the field when pacos ferreira played zenit for the champions league qualifiers a few weeks ago
LusoAmerican (FC Porto) 3 years ago
@phorce, I decided to not continue on the last comment I posted because I want to talk about another subject, also about the portuguese national team and mainly paulo bento.

So every one knows that portugal plays in a 4-3-3, it isn't a secret to anyone since they have played this way for as long as I could remember. And I have seen many different styles of 4-3-3, some of which have even changed the formation itself, such as 4-2-3-1, but its still a 4-3-3. Portugal and the world have been very much accustomed to wing men that play on the wing and somewhat help in defence, but football has changed so much that we no longer use wingmen that are stuck to the wing, and the players that play like that are finding it harder and harder to play (for example Nani for man united, why play nani when you have welback that can support as a second striker). What I'm tryin to get at is that the world of football has changed and paulo bento is stuck in the past tryin to force players like nani, veirinha, and many other wingman play stuck to that wing.

Football has become a midfield game, with more and more teams looking for the most creative players so that they could be the team to dominate the game (much like barca have done). So wingmen have been turned into creative mid-fields, like bale. We don't have players like bale but we do have wingmen that cut into the center and create play or shoot the ball. Danny and josue are by far the 2 best example of this kind of wingmen. Having either of those players make a run from the wing to the center, creates space for either ronaldo and postiga to create a run and score. While having both the mid-feilders open for a tiki taka type play.

Another known fact is that portugal has one super player (ronaldo) and then some mediocre players that every national team in the world have; some are forced to use those players. While others teams have more a few super players and those mediocre players are found on the bench (such as spain). But I still think portugal have the possibility to create a team that can compete head on with the super star spain-like teams.

Portugal can create a very well oil machine with many different types of playing styles, even with the lack of portuguese players which is said by many people. Their are certain coaches that I recognize as being very arrogant but extremely knowledgeable about football, such as scolari and Jorge jesus. Some think I admire that jesus has done in benfica many times is create a player (I know its hard for a national team coach to do that due to lack of time but carlos queiroz was the first to play coentrao as left back so it can be done). And even if bento doesn't create a player he can use the player to their best abilities. What I mean is that miguel veloso doesn't play as a defensive-mid in Dynamo kiev. He actually plays much higher on the pitch then a defencive-mid, and he actually passes the ball forward rather then side to side like he does extremely often in the national team. And moutinho plays in the center of mid-feild as a box to box player, but for the national team he plays as back up for veloso's terrible defending. So if we were able to push these two player up and allow them to have less space between them and the three front men this will allow for less direct ball from defence to attack (as we do very often) and less wrong passes (giving the ball away, which portugal does a lot).

I also find that we get caught off guard really easily when the opposing team is counter attacking, which I blame the wing-backs for. Having attacking wing-backs is very helpful but I believe that the portuguese wing-backs are to attacking minded, lol. And since ronaldo doesn't help in defence I think our left side is the weaker of the two, so coentrao is the one I would place on the bench. I know everyone is probably goin to disagree because they both play in real madrid but lets recall the mediocre vs super-star players argument and we can see that real plays with 2 great defencive-mids who really help out a lot when ronaldo and coeantrao are both caught off during a counter.

So the team I believe is the best is below. This team would allow the wing-backs to be mobile but antunes would have to go a lot less times up then joao pereira. This team sheet would allow for pepe and bruno to keep their partnership. Andre leon would cut play a lot better then veloso. Havein a better defensive-mid allows moutinho to move up closer and place killer passes that we know he can do. Veloso to me can move the ball with quicker passes then Meireles, and with veloso's defensive attributes he will be able to help vs teams like spain, germany, etc. Playin with josue we would lose the nani trickery but we would gain much more team play and many more creative through balls. Ronaldo is to me, the best wingmen that has ever lived and will ever live, so enough said about him. And Postiga is the best portuguese striker that can play with his back turned to goal. Since we are lacking a super-star creative-mid like deco we need to be able to populate the mid-feild and I would rather have some one that could help with the mid-feild then have a loan striker just move around without a ball (having us play with 10 men rather then 11).

--------------------Rui Patrício----------------
-João Pereira-----Pepe-----Bruno Alves-----Antunes
------------------------André Leão----------------
---------João Moutinho----------Miguel Veloso---------
-Josué-----------------------------------Cristiano Ronaldo--
---------------------Hélder Postiga--------------

I am really curious to know your opinion and I know I got carried away, but this has been in my mind for some time so when I saw some one bring this topic up I decided to start my rant, lol
Phorce16 (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Well that took me a few minutes to read that.... Lol

First of all I agree with your criticism towards Paulo Bento and the national team being the same old team with the same old tactics, making the same silly mistakes.

I see your point in wanting to switch out Coentrao for Antunes. But if it was me I don't think I would. Your right in that by him attacking holes are created but surely by removing Miguel Veloso from DM who does not know how to defend aggressively would solve that problem? I've always seen him as a more attacking minded player and he is; he has flair, good passing/crossing, decent vision and a good shot. So playing him as DM is a waste and liability. So I would definitely try him in a higher position alongside Moutinho. As for his cover, I definately feel André leao deserves his chance there in the team, its his position and a 4-3-3 needs a good CM.

Back to my point about Coentrao. I don't think we can afford to miss his direct attacking play. One of the few players that performed well against brazil. And I feel both he and joao pereira are important when we are playing with a strike like Postiga who plays back to goal. All that is needed is tactical discipline to cover positions.

With respects to Josué, I think he will need more game time with Porto before he gets the position. It's funny though doesn't look like Bento looks at game time played *cough*nani*cough*. (just watched Man Utd vs Crystal Palace 0 mins for nani)

I'm just going to say as well.... Not sure about Bruno Alves.... Sure he provides the odd goal. But he is not the player he was when at Porto, his concentration and temper seems to let him down. I do like the look of Neto though.

And finally Postiga, he tries hard and on his day can score the odd goal, but Bento needs to give him more of a run for his money and bring on the likes of Oliveira and Eder.

Tdsmufan (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Idk about this, russia seem to be running away from us this wc campaign C'mon Portugal, we need to do much better than this. This is not acceptable anymore, we have soo much talent and quality in the Portuguese squad we should be battering this teams off, but no.... We arent We need to destroy luxemburg
Sensputhukulam (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Best of Luck against Sweden  Viva Portuguesa!  Boa Sorte
GonnerTillEnd (Arsenal) 3 years ago
One word, one name. Ronaldo
AidanLuca (Tottenham Hotspur) 3 years ago
Zlatan is good but Ronaldo is too good!
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Out of this world, what a pace and clinical finishing!

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