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Denmark V Portugal, Jun 13
7portugal (Sporting CP Lisbon) 4 years ago
People Portugal won so relax ronaldo missed a few chances witch sucks and as a fan I did lose it but he has so much pressure on him I actually feel bad for him the whole world is on his shoulders and this whole messi vs ronaldo thing all season the guys stressed out look at him when the national anthem is on cut him a break.... And ppl if your going to hate on anyone hate on robben the guy lost the champions league final the world cup final the german league and the first 2 games of the euro. Ronaldo has 2 improve for sure but he is a champion and he will come back
Vishal024 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
What a fiercely contested match, great effort by both sides. I'm glad Bendtner at least learnt something during his time with us.

Portugal with the celebration of the tournament so far, absolutely mental after Varela's goal
SoccerJam (Chelsea) 4 years ago
What'd you mean ".... During his time with us"?! Lol he's still with you guyz technically as he is only on loan to Sunderland.... Based on his performance at this euro12 and RVP renewal status, Arsene Wenger may sign him up again, you never know
Come510 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Ronaldo missed some good chances.... But what a great game...
BosnaBarca (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I don't understand why people hate on ronaldo so much. I don't understand how a person can hate a talented superstar like ronaldo. Ok if you don't like his attitude that's fine but respect the guy. His misses today were bad people have those once in a while with the pressure he has on him I would be lucky to walk out on the field and not pass out. Ronaldo is one of the best in the world and I think once he leaves that bs of he has to prove him self behind he will kill for his country. But I did read a comment on here that I do agree on he seems slower then when he was at Man UTD and even last year. Enjoy the tourny
Fifaman1017 (FC Barcelona II) 4 years ago
Definitely, I respect that he has to face all that pressure. Both Messi and Ronaldo have an intense amount of pressure on their shoulders but at the same time, him taking shots at messi for not winning copa last year because Denmark fans were chanting messi was jsut immature. That's why I loose respect for him
Antunex (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I lost respect for him when it became evident that he is an arrogant child. But both of you make a good point
Lovelyeli (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 4 years ago
It's sad that people only judge ronaldo because of his performance on the pitch.... If people gave a damn and actually listened to some of his interviews people would see that he's a super classy dude who loves his son and mother.... And is passionate about football, he lives for this sport and he's a better person than most footballers who are out there doing God knows what.

If you don't like him as a footballer that's cool.... But you should know that Messi&ronaldo have a lot more in common than people think!
Superfanof (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I respected him as a person but at the same time, I dun like him as a footballer, wif a bad attitude. However, I dun think he was serious bout saying those bad things bout messi, it is just human reaction that forced him to say that
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Lovelyeli: The one thing I respect the most about CR7 is his dedication to the sport. The guy has excellent work ethic.

As for his other aspects - he is quite arrogant. From coming out in press conferences and saying, "people hate me because I'm good looking" to taunting other players on the pitch asking them how much money they make, he is quite a douche. Even Balotelli doesn't go around telling his opponents how he's better than them because he's rich. If your words are making you look a bigger asshole than balotelli, you have a lot of work to do on your attitude
Lovelyeli (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 4 years ago
@Franky4fingers umm that whole "rico, guapo why buen jugador" comment was complete sarcasm.... He was joking when he said that because the interviewer keep pushing him about those boo's and messi chants.... He wasn't being serious lol.

If he has an ego I see nothing wrong with that.... Maybe because I don't look at footballers as role models and I just see them as normal human beings.... We are all vain in our own way, ronaldo is just outspoken but how does that make him a douche? .... A douche is some like Zlatan whom goes and writes a book about his former club and bashes players and coaches. People hate ronaldo because of his comments I get that but it's kind of a dumb reason.... Outside of the pitch tons of players, coaches and staff have nothing but Nice words to say about him.... It's only the media who makes him out to be a "bad guy" when he really isn't
BHAKUNDO (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Whatever the ronaldo fans says but they knows and realizes inside their heart that CR7 completely made fool out of himself.... Lol.... I'm not his fan but I respect him as a good striker but truely I feel sory for him and obviously his fans.... Can't stop laughing when I read their comments.... I know you CR7 fans have good excuses.... Good good very good.... Enjoy the game.... Lol
Jeganx (Liverpool) 4 years ago
I regretted putting him on my dreamfooty team.... Should have gone with Dzagoev and Bendtner...
Pedrocas12 (Benfica Lisbon) 4 years ago
Maybe you should have put Torres, Negredo or LLorente, and you would have loads of points  
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
^ Did you say something about Torres? Ha!
OBIsquare (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Portugal's play was so immature today. It is unacceptable with the talent they have. Yes they got the win, but had they played more calm and collected as expected they could have put Denmark away easily 3 or 4 to nothing. Good effort from Denmark today
LazioFresno (Lazio Roma) 4 years ago
Portugal was more clinical up front. Denmark did not deserve to lose. But now both of these teams have to win their next match to go to next round!
Johny (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Your only saying that because they won.... Ronaldo's twice 1v1 over Denmark missed chances > Denmarks chances. Don't get me started on his poor shooting
Johny (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Johny (Arsenal) 4 years ago
^meant to be a heart
Khavishek7 (Labasa) 4 years ago
Please ronaldo score goals man.... I hope you put on your scoring boots against netherland...
Stan182 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Wow ronaldo choked hard out lol
Donchino (Barcelona) 4 years ago
For people asking why alot of fans hate CR7, Here's the answer.... He's got no class in him.... After the this game he attacked Messi cos fans were signing messi's name when he (CR7) was on the ball....

How many times have we seen Pele attack Messi? But never have Messi made any bad comment in response to those attacks....

One thing is being a good footballer (Which CR7 is) and another thing is a classy professional which unfortunately CR7 isn't....

Messi's last comment on CR7 was "I'll pay to see Cristiano play because he's a great footballer" Now this is the difference btwn them.... Class
Lovelyeli (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 4 years ago
And you think it's cool that fans keep attacking him by saying messi's name? .... That's no class from those denmark fans. And if I was ronaldo I would say the same s**t as well.... He must be SO tired of all the questions about messi.... And plus he was only saying the truth, messi and argentina where eliminated in copa america by this time last year and yet nobody shouted at messi "ronaldo" SMH.

Ronaldo has said many compliments about Messi before.... He never says he is better than him, he's always respectful and the media are the ones who want to make this Rivalry happen even though there IS NO rivalry
ChemicalBruva (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Ronaldo is as close as a mere human can get to Messi, still he's nowhere near him. Too bad messi isn't playing at the Euro, he would have scored 6 already
Donchino (Barcelona) 4 years ago
If you're going about bragging how good looking, rich, famous and great player you are, then you should get ready to face alot of criticism when you screw up.... He can attack all the Denmark fans for all I care but it was a classless act to attack Messi because he wasn't even there.... The game had nothing to do with Messi....

Just like Mourinho poking Tito's eye when the fight got nothing to do with him....

And if you think you'll attack Messi too if you were in CR7's shoes, You're a classless twat that belongs in Kitchen
Messiesta (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Its the media, Messi and Ronaldo probably get tired of the constant comparisons. Atleast Messi and Neymar have a mutual understanding and both respect each other
Reventon (Barcelona) 4 years ago
What did he say about messi exactly? And where is your source? I would like a read
Pedrocas12 (Benfica Lisbon) 4 years ago
This was a game between Portugal and Denmark, why do this idiots come here and post things about Messi. Get a life
Lovelyeli (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 4 years ago
@donchino.... LOL omg you think he was being serious when he said that? It was a complete JOKE.... Way to miss the sarcasm. And he didn't attack messi.... Blame the interviewer who kept talking to him about messi! What is ronaldo supposed to do? If he answers questions about messi you guys say "HE HAS NO class HOW DARE HE speak OF messi" and When he doesn't say anything at all.... Messi fanboys say "ronaldo gives NO respect TO messi OMG".... He can never win!.

And yes if the media kept talking to me about a guy who doesn't even play in my competition I would also lose my s**t because I could never get away from him.... Messi doesn't PLAY IN eurocup thank GOD.

Oh also.... If you think you're being witty for your misogynistic comments towards me, you're not.... You just come off ignorant and really really stupid
Wunderbar (CA Boca Juniors) 4 years ago
Anyone know the name of the song when they enter the field? It's pretty epic but cool
EdTheFan (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Heart of Courage by Two Steps from Hell.
Awesome right? Sets the tone just like the UCL song

Reventon (Barcelona) 4 years ago
It was used in the Mass Effect 2 trailer
Wunderbar (CA Boca Juniors) 4 years ago
Thank you!
Galaxy13 (Los Angeles Galaxy) 4 years ago
Pepe looks like an alien and that ball looks like it is placed beyond the corner line
Dabowlski (Sporting CP Lisbon) 4 years ago
Why all the comments on Ronaldo? He was selfish, missed clear cut opportunities, didn't track back on defence and should never have been captain in the first place. The comments should be about the exciting box to box game that showed Portugal can play as a cohesive unit even without the likes of Ronaldo. Denmark played great too
Avoee (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Because of expectation, he must to do better in one on one, twice. But rest of the team play well. Pepe was good(even don't like him.)
Stranieru (FC Steaua Bucuresti) 4 years ago
Portugal lucky bastardz ) I hope they will be eliminated )  
Pedrocas12 (Benfica Lisbon) 4 years ago
I also believe in Santa Claus, do you?  
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Santa Claus? The chances of Portugal being eliminated are a lot better than the existence of Santa Claus. So your analogy is quite absurd
[account-removed] 4 years ago
No matter how much I hate barcelona but there is one fact that I couldn't agree more: Messi>>>>>>>>>>CR7
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Great match from both team! Denmark showed some amazing spirits! But notice that Ronaldo is the only one who's not celebrating after varela's goal. He just lying on the pitch crying about his hairstyle

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