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ArsenalDjukic (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Ell done you beat liverpool!
GoonerXi (Arsenal) 7 years ago
You mean to say 'well' not 'hell', right?
MattLeTissier (FK Haugesund) 7 years ago
Ell one ou eat iverpool
GoonerXi (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Portsmouth have 58 fans and they're not talking on their own forum. Hello? Pompey fans, where are you?
Charcoalnoodles (Arsenal) 7 years ago
If Pompey don't lift their transfer embargo, their season is effectively over. Let's hope that's not the case...
Nizanassar (Manchester City) 7 years ago
Haha david james gonig ot stroke right?    I don't no if that's going ot help him get in the english team    Please reply?
Nizanassar (Manchester City) 7 years ago
My bad lol didn't watch fotball spy =/
Soccergal293 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Portsmouth Injury Update 23 Jan 2010 1 injury in Total:  K Boateng Ankle/Foot Injury no return date doubtful
Gsmiffpomp (Portsmouth) 6 years ago
Looks more so that jamo is going to stoke to be honest at 39 he has been great for us he is always injured and I think it's bego's time to shine what a keeper he is, but this loan move won't help jamo's england dream I agree with nizanassar.
As for this season we can still do it but we now need an injury free last half and a spirited performance from each player
Soccergal293 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Plymouth are moving for Portsmouth midfielder Eugen Bopp.

The Mirror says Plymouth head coach Paul Mariner is in talks with Bopp after the former Nottingham Forest midfield player impressed in trials.

Ukrainian-born Bopp, released by Crewe at the end of last season, has been training with Premier League bottom club Portsmouth.
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Portsmouth chief executive Peter Storrie claims he too was kept out of the loop with recent player sales.

Following the departure of Younes Kaboul and Asmir Begovic to Tottenham, Storrie said he knew nothing about what was going on, after manager Avram Grant expressed his disbelief that the deals were done without him knowing.

"In many ways our position at the club has become untenable. It makes you wonder what we are doing here at the moment, ” Storrie said.

"In my time at the club I have negotiated some expensive deals in and out and I think I am good at it.

"If there is a need to sell players to keep the club afloat then I think I’m the best person to get the best fees. I did not know anything about these deals until I came into the office this morning and spoke to Avram.

"I was told there were meetings going on at Spurs.

"Avram is disappointed. He understands that if someone has to be sold to keep the club going, then so be it.

"But we both feel we could have got a better deal. I think Begovic is going to be a fantastic player in the future so to sell him is not the best move in the world.

"That is the deal that Avram is disappointed with the most. "
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Portsmouth are chasing Middlesbrough striker Mido.

Mido has already seen a move to Hull City fall through.

And the Daily Mail says Pompey boss Avram Grant hopes to sign the Egypt international on-loan
X6alalx (Newcastle United) 6 years ago
Come on pompey! Play up and beat the sad mackem b-stards
Soccergal293 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Portsmounth Injury Update 8th Feb 2010 6 injuries in Total
J Utaka Hamstring Injury no return date
A Mokoena Knee Injury no return date
T Smith Groin Strain no return date
H Hreidarsson Calf/Shin Injury, Return Date: 13th Feb 10
P Bouba Diop Hamstring Injury no return date
M Brown Back Injury no return date
Sevx1 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Looks like your players will be at the job centre soon
X6alalx (Newcastle United) 6 years ago
Atleast there not 700 million in debt
Youngy (Newcastle United) 6 years ago
Yeah lol, if man. You were on the verge of folding, it would be 1, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 times funnier, pompey are a class team and with the squad they have, they should be futher up the table,
Sevx1 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
M4rsenal (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Sevx1, don't be too sure about yourself and get out the statistics.

Man utd are not in a 310 or so milion in debt my friend.

There you go with a table with the most indebitate clubs in Europe.
AND IT'S recent. Written on the 10th of January 2010.


Liverpool 10th with 334m debt
Arsenal 9th with 354m debt

Check out where is your club dear.
So hush.

Madder (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Right on your face~ LOL
X6alalx (Newcastle United) 6 years ago
ArsenalForever8 (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Haha idiot Man UTD fan
Sevx1 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
No.... That's not Man utds debt god seriously read up on stuff before commenting. Aresnal fan from italy? Niceone
M4rsenal (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Haha what an idiot. We don't need bla bla bla from a united fan, thinking he knows everything about his club, then we get out the facts, and you cannot say anything rather than ridicule me as an italian fan.

If you have the facts, then GIVE ME the links and all the sources that define the United debt.
Everybody knows your debt my friend, all the true Devils also know the huge debt, what's up with you?
Haha even a New Castle fan knows the debt, LOL. And I bet everyone knows the debt here. We said it again and again, and you can search everywhere.

Can you prove me that United has got 310m debt?
-I did. And it's more than 700 as you saw. Or you didn't?

By the way, You have to know that Arsenal has got 30. 000. 000 fans. So tell me are they all in London? Lame.
United HAS GOT MORE than 80. 000. 000, so tell me you stupid, ARE THEY ALL IN manchester?
You're just ridiculos. Just shut up try to pay off the debt as a united fan, by donations to the site
Tomthedon (Arsenal) 6 years ago
99% of manu fans are outside of manchester!
Jointheazkals (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Wow Southampton 1-4 Portsmouth (Final score) but seriously they should try winning games in the EPL aswell
Sevx1 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Rowley87 (Chelsea) 6 years ago
C'mon Portsmouth, I'm a southener, although I'm not the biggest fan, I deffintely don't want you to dissapear. We need the southcoast derbys! For football's sake
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Deleted for Racism.  

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