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Perkins Or Gleeson At Goal?
RipCitySavagery (Portland Timbers) 5 years ago
Either choice is a good choice. I'd like to have them both for a long time, but I have a feeling Gleeson's going to be a Timbers legend in the making. He kinda already is. More kiwis please
ManUK (Manchester United) 5 years ago
After watching the past couple games with perkins, I'm very assured that he is our #1. Gleeson did really well but the ball sticks to Perkins like glue.... Mostly anyways
TheHerc (Portland Timbers) 5 years ago
Just wanted to see what other people might feel about our goal keeper battle. Yes I know that we traded for Perkins, and that he is a seasoned vet. But when perkins and aiden brown both got hurt gleeson came in and stole the show. So who do you think should be in front of goal for us. Count out aiden brown …he can't walk without getting hurt

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