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[account-removed] 4 years ago
Steer clear of relegation one more time and then a bases can be built for reform
Dinglehater2 (West Bromwich Albion) 4 years ago
Durrell Berry signs a new contract at Home Park
HandOfDog (Plymouth Argyle) 4 years ago
WTF that noob removed his comment, for the record lads he claimed to be a 'fan' of Exeter and that Argyle were to be relegated. Well old mucker, we live on and your beloved 20th choice favourite team looks doomed to become another 6 point banker for us next season.

Congratulations to 'the lads', supporters and all who have helped us and given support to PAFC over the last few incredibly difficult years, in particular the Cardiff and Middlesboro fans. Unusual allies indeed! COYG!
LORDETHAN1997 (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Well atleast we aren't in the relagations like we where before and we had a home win
Come510 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
This comment has been removed.
HandOfDog (Plymouth Argyle) 5 years ago
I see, actually no I don't. Dude you claim to be a 'fan' of 22 teams on here. f**k I don't even know why I'm replying to you. BYE
Come510 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
What a rude guy, so many people are fans of more teams than me, you even know one guy's a fan of 71 teams?
AKeegs19 (Newcastle United) 5 years ago
Define fan
Tiki (Whitecaps) 4 years ago
Fan 1 (fn)
1. A device for creating a current of air or a breeze, especially:
A. A machine using an electric motor to rotate thin, rigid vanes in order to move air, as for cooling.
Be. A collapsible, usually wedge-shaped device made of a light material such as silk, paper, or plastic
HandOfDog (Plymouth Argyle) 5 years ago
I take parts of my last comment back! There were genuine signs last night, against a very experienced QPR side the lads easily held their own. Ok 'twas a pre season friendly & Ro's testimonial but there were trialists looking for a chance out there and it was very encouraging. Bring on the big K. Oh
HandOfDog (Plymouth Argyle) 5 years ago
Well, a few more weeks and we go again, and to be honest we look in a worse position (on field) than we ever have done! However the fact that we still exist and will possibly play some fixtures soon is something. A good start is imperative this season, but isn't it always? Resurgam COYG!
X6alalx (Newcastle United) 5 years ago
Peter reid? Monkeyheed
Wickettdaniel01 (Plymouth Argyle) 6 years ago
I think that Plymouth Argyle played well yeah and we needed the win at home to I Think we can beat Leyton Orient away at the weekend yeah in it.

HandOfDog (Plymouth Argyle) 6 years ago
Wish I had your confidence daniel,I hope your right.We need to stop losing at home firstly, then the wins might come, to get some more fans back in through the gate other wise we are financially extinct-

Wickettdaniel01 (Plymouth Argyle) 6 years ago
I am a liverpool fan I think we played very good aganist West Ham ok I give Liverpool 10/10
Wickettdaniel01 (Plymouth Argyle) 6 years ago
I am very happy that Plymouth Argyle finely get a win at home park I am so happy. I think that they need to win more at home to. And they are winning some away matches to. I think they can beat Mk dons at the weekend ok. I think the score wil be Mk Dons 1 Plymouth Argyle 3. The score's will be bradley-Wight-Phillips with all three goal's
HandOfDog (Plymouth Argyle) 6 years ago
>. < !*@* well that was as predictable, I'm afraid, as a dose from a Brizzle bird(only jkn 'ladies'). Not gonna' even rate it, as 'rubbish' doesn't do 'em justice-webmaster add an 'embarrassment' to the pie just for us please. Still on the brightside it's the F. A cup and while a run is nice-hardly the end of it all, but 4-0 at home-good fight lads nIm0o0mIn
HandOfDog (Plymouth Argyle) 6 years ago
Argo 3 Teh Gas 1
Happy days-2 home wins on the bounce, a good showing on saturday scuppered by 2 reckless red cards, and albeit on goal diff we're above the noisy neighbours. COYG!
Jackwotton (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Can't believe argyle lost they where unbeaten from two games and it shouldn't off been a red catch noo way ref was harsh should of been yellow. But I think argyle can bounce back and try harder and try and get promoted back were they belong! We where favourites to win league 2 but. Not sure now!

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