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Dinie90 (Chelsea) 5 years ago

Sorry this is NOT football related
Just wanna share with you guys what happened in my country recently(saturday)

And for those who wanted to come to watch chelsea on 21st july,don't worry this won't happen on that day....

This is democracy,malaysian style stupid government....



This recent commotion hurt us emotionally,make us feel our PM is not capable,biased....
This is not democracy.....
Somere (Portmore Utd) 5 years ago
This is more like democratic socialism, where the people vote for their leader but he makes most of the important decisions on things such as housing, taxes, health care etc. Democratic socialism is a beautiful thing when done right. Americans are afraid of new things that they won't even give it a try. Every time something new is proposed a bunch of rednecks shoot it down. They have so many people on welfare and food stamps its not funny. While in democratic socialism it would require these people to work and help build the country. May mother pays about $400 a moth for health insurance while we all know if this $400 dollars went to universal health care so other people who can afford it could get free treatment we would be much happier but instead it goes into the pocket of billionaires and corrupt politicians.
One of the richest periods in Jamaica was when Micheal Manley tried democratic socialism. Food was cheap, health care and schools were free, everyone had a home etc. It all went down hill when america stepped in. CIA agents have confessed to sending guns to the opposition party in Jamaica to get Manley out of power because they feared it would become like cuba. Jamaica has gotten worst since america got involved. Based on what my father tell me the Jamaican dollar was greater that the us dollar in Manley's reign but know it about 85 to 1 USD.

All am saying is that what I see looks democratic socialism. Under the right leader this will be wonderful for any country but at the moment Malaysia doesn't have that leader. Its hard to find good leaders nowadays. Even Obama is a wolf and sheep's clothing to me

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