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Mental Health And Well Being
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
I was just wondering what people think about mental health and how it is viewed in society. I am really really interested in psychology and what motivates people to do what they do, although I am really really interested in a lot of things. I have never read any books on mental health as the subject, but I have read a fantastic book called the soloist about a schizophrenic bass and violin player in Los Angeles, love that book very inspiring. As well as the biography of John Nash a genius of mathematics and economics and a Nobel prize winner, who was a schizophrenic(beautiful mind, never seen the movie but a great book). Room Full of Mirrors this fantastic bio on Jimi Hendrix, my favorite musician and one of my top icons, though maybe it isn't good to idolize dead people(plenty of people do it with Jesus...... Hahaha . Jimi made it no secret that he was Manic depressive(bipolar today). Also a great book about Thelonious I read most of but haven't finished(it's around 500 pages, fantastic read though) and moved on, one day I hope to finish. Monk was also manic depressive, plenty of musicians are, it's pretty clear Kurt Cobain was, though never diagnosed in his lifetime, and there are few theories saying Bradley Nowell was a manic depressive, but listening to his music I could see it and I love Bradley. Maybe I am out of line saying that, I am sure Bud and Eric might have some opinions on it, or his late wife and mother of his son Jake who he meet in rehab. May they all rest in peace Nathaniel Ayers, the bassist and musician is still alive, all the others have passed.

Every person is unique, and it's hard to say oh this person is that or this because they see this or do this or act this way. It's a little harder to diagnose than say leukemia, but it is real and I think it's pretty amazing how different people are, yet still fundamentally the same. One thing I find so interesting about the subject, this is hard to explain, but like drugs that just release things in our brain and our body, mental health is similar, everyone already has all this in their body, some just experience it differently. Even the sane and normal people are crazy haha they just haven't released it, seriously though, people who have no diagnoses of mental issues go through ups and downs and thank Sweet God or whatever you want to call her or it for that, some are just more extreme. Or hear voices or see faces, which aren't part of what society deems "reality" but are part of the Universe. I don't know if you will follow me on that one, but I find it amazing that's all and I wanted to hear peoples opinions. Know anyone with a mental health(I don't like calling it illness if you can't tell) that's different, or do your yourself? I could see if you wouldn't want to say that, but c'est la vie if you want to go ahead. Any family members. We all go through vast emotions, and drugs are a way to get a different perspective(not trying to encourage anything, just science) LSD I don't know if it is similar to schizophrenia, I have heard comparisons, I don't know because I don't know enough about schizophrenia but all I know is if it is, and you were on a couple doses each day, Oh my god, it would be intense to say the least. I think there is very little empathy in our society, that has been true for a long time, people that are different from the majority are often stigmatized. Sad but true part of human history and I suppose human nature. People with these mental dissimilarities are often treated poorly, especially in the past, it is improving, however health boards in wealthy nations who should try and improve the situation often just prescribe anti depressants that are terrible for mental health. For instance giving a manic depressive person, anti-depressants would probably not be the best idea, because they would just be manic and full of energy all day haha. And institutions are still well called institutions and are comparable to prisons and pens, though I am sure there are some great and powerful ones that are really there for the good of the people.

Meditation is another thing I have great adoration for and curiosity. It's beautiful and I love the practice, don't do it enough though, to call myself any kind of student in meditation. Buddhism is amazing, as are all religions I have the greatest respect for them all. I think it is people that give them a bad name at times, good old fashioned American right wing Christians *sigh* were seen celebrating and partying and rejoicing over the death of a person recently, made me a little sick. But overall Christ was a great guy, Gandhi loved him, Martin Luther King Jr. Was a preacher. And I love some of the messages in Christianity. Islam is fantastic, such devotion and Love for God. And the artwork and poetry(arabic is one of the most beautiful and eloquent languages I have ever heard, though never could understand a word) is absolutely a demonstration of the Human Spirit and it's capabilities. To submit to God is an idea I could understand and see the reason, but not really at all in my nature. Judaism was the original of the Abrahamic religions. And I was really struck by some of the ideals in Judaism, also such a devotion and endless Love for God. One of the favorite quotes I have heard in sometimes was a Rabi speaking of good and evil and he said something along the lines of good will always overcome. Evil will only be as much of a challenge to good as is needed, but good and Love will overcome in the end. Thought it was beautiful and righteous and redemptive. Eastern religion is probably my favorite though Faith I think can very much be related to mental health. I mean after all many of the prophets and mystics in the faith claim to have visions and hear God speaking to them, maybe they were just schizophrenics... On a more serious note, religion is just a good example of how people have been trying to explain something deeper since the beginning of time. Everyone feels it, but some mentally troubled or blessed people may be closer or further from it or both.

Really got going here, thought people might have an opinion Football wise, we all have days where we feel just on point and sublime, up. And days when we can't get a touch, down. Mane Garrincha was said to have been one of extreme highs and extreme lows, as was George Best. Don't know enough to say they where bipolar or something, but it's possible, they lived pretty wild lifestyles. And they had incredibly bright careers in football, people still say they where the best ever, but were kind of inconsistent, and left football and this world too early. Paul Gascgoine has been diagnosed with several things in his life. Peace and Love people of Le Tube

Ant (Liverpool) 5 years ago
The off topic section needs more topics like this
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 5 years ago
Yeah it does! Wow Duncan I worked in Priceton NJ for ten plus years and have actually had the pleasure of Meeting John Nash a few time as he often frequented my restaurant. What an intimidating experience meeting someone you actually knew was twice as smart as you.

I say instead of pointing out the differences between teams and groups of people and forcing fans to take a side on a moral basis, let's celebrate what makes us all so very unique both physically, mentally and philosophically. I am very interested to see where this thread goes
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I agree. It really let me inside you brah, haha, nice to know you respect Islam, I too respect all religions, It disgusts me when people argue over religions and the validity of said religion.

As a muslim it is nice to know that not all people are swayed by some of the crap that comes out of the media
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Ya man you've got to have an open mind about things like that, especially because it has such an effect on peoples lives. It makes me sad and disgraced to see the stigma against Muslim people here in the states, I think the situation is improving, but there is still a long ways to go. All we can do is work to change it right haha. But when people were seriously celebrating the killing of Bin Laden, I just felt sick to my stomach. Such a society of hatred sometimes. And people here try and associate terrorism with Islam, I am sorry for that. Sometimes if these people really piss me off and are just so close minded, I will tell them you know the biggest terrorist in history was Christian. Maybe you have heard of him his name was Adolf.

Better to focus on the good things though ay I really don't know as much as I should about most religions. I know the five pillars not well, but the basics of them, and when you are supposed to pray five times a day, and that Jihad actually means effort or exertion sounds like a good thing to me. I don't know any of the prayers though, or read any of the Koran(never read much of the bible or the Torah either). I have read the autobiography of Malcolm X though, and there is quite a bit about the Islamic faith, when he travels to Mecca is one of my favorite parts.

Native American religion is amazing. Unfortunately our government, and even before that to 1492, has been trying to change it or destroy it from the beginning of European colonization here in America. I know some of the Dakota & Nakota Sioux as well as quite a bit of Navajo teachings, but other than that very little, some Hopi. I should know more as this is where I live, and Native Americans have been living here for thousands and thousands of years. Thanks for posting though Ayyam, righteous, peace
JustGary (Manchester United) 5 years ago
This is the first time I've been to this forum and for me this is in many ways more interesting than football although in many ways there is no separation as the interconnections are great.

Thanks for the Monk, I really enjoyed and appreciated that and thanks for daring to share some of your thoughts which is in fact sharing some of you. Its empowering for me and no doubt for others.

Ditto what BigShel posted.

I will definitely comeback to learn, contemplate and share
Hill (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I spent my childhood dealing with people who would pick on my sister and me (because she has developmental disabilities), and usually it was with a fist or three. The most depressing when it is a member of your own family who treats her like s**t. The number of times I have almost socked my uncle in the face for the way he would talk/treat her are uncountable. What it comes down to, is that people are afraid things that are different. They don't know how to treat my sister, and others, who are different, so they're just cruel
Neha007 (SE Brazlandia) 4 months ago
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SandyOrton (Manchester United) 4 months ago
Very helpful topic and well written. Carry on!

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