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Salt (Aston Villa) 4 years ago
I really like this optical illusion. There are loads out there but this managed to work well for me.

Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 4 years ago
New Day Today! (well, ish).... It's an extra they made specially for the DVD re-release....

*Warning: Some people may find this to be in poor taste!

Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 4 years ago
Pragathish (AC Milan) 5 years ago
Diablo28 (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Franboy (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Incredible, a drunk referee !  
Sam (Juventus) 5 years ago
Mla3beh (Bayern München) 5 years ago
Looooooooooool, I don't know how did he reach the field
Samreds8 (Liverpool) 4 years ago
That is fuuunnnyy
Theshid (Liverpool) 5 years ago
The dancing dog      
Omar (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Here's something cool!:  
Charlie (Barcelona) 5 years ago
I am crazy. I posted it in the rumour mill.

Bojan and Pique of FCB-Enjoy!
Omar (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I see you found your mistake!
Blooob (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Hahahahaha I think for those 90 minutes isn't enough
Charlie (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Am I crazy? Or did I post a vid of bojan and pique running in their underwear on national spanish tv in this thread, and it got deleted? These mods are nazis...
Omar (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Are you not a mod? It says your "staff" from what I can see...
Charlie (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Omar (Arsenal) 5 years ago
It's no secret...
Charlie (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Not anymore! Thanks!
Omar (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Bwahahahahaha!        Sorry....
Omar (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Billy Mays at the McDonalds:  
DWood (Seattle Sounders) 5 years ago
I didn't realize Henry was such a jokester! Love it....  
Lfc4life (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Somere (Portmore Utd) 5 years ago
He deserved it
Docdre99 (Barcelona) 5 years ago
THE other one kiss him ! He doesn't like it !    He is may be not good in french kiss
Lfc4life (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Gay ref  
Franboy (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Lol    It's hard to stay serious for the players
BenBro (Liverpool) 5 years ago

Liverpool's reaction to signing Alberto Aquilani
Jeroen (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Hehe, that's brilliant. Glad it only lasted 30 seconds though
SCBlue (Chelsea) 5 years ago
That is amazing. Truly amazing

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