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Fifa Manager 2011
Luqmaank (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Hey guys, this forum is about Football managing games such as Fifa Manager, Fifa 2011 Manager Mode and Football Manager. For those of you who play these games you must post:
1. The team you started with
2. Your current first team including your bench
3. Your achievements with the team
4. Your best player

Thanx, I will be posting my team soon
Luqmaank (Chelsea) 5 years ago
1. I started with Everton

2. My First Team:
GK: Benaglio
RB: Dabo
CB: Kompany
CB: Jagielka
LB: Baines
CM: Rodwell
CM: M'Bia
Cam: Menez
RW: D'Alessandro
LW: Gudmunsson
ST: Nugent

Bench: Howard, Distin, Cahill, Fellaini, Saha, Montano, Saleiro

3. My Achievements: Nothing but one Carling Cup title and FA Cup Runners Up

4. Best Player either Menez or D, Alessandro
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 5 years ago
1. Started with Real Betis but after 10 seasons of managing them I'm managing arsenal now.

2. My first team for arsenal (mind you it's ten years into the future I have some regen players):

GK Alex smithies
RB Kyle naughton
Cb dymtryo chgryinski
Cb ciaran clark
Lb nick viergiever

DM Alex song
Mid Jack wilshere
CAM Aaron Ramsey
Winger (left) Antoine grizemann
Winger (right) Pieter Bosch (regen)
Striker Fredric thiebault (regan) / ishak belfodil

Subs: GK Dave Barnard (regan), Daniel sturridge, Aubrey isaacs (regan), cesc Fabregas, klaudio n'goran, angel di maria

Home formation:






Away games:





3. Well I wouldn't have gotten my job for arsenal if I wasn't good at Betis but I will give a rundown:

Spanish cup winners (2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, , 2019, 2020), spanish super cup (2016, 2019), la Liga winner (2015, 2018, 2019), la Liga runner up (2014, 2017, 2020), Europa league winner (2014)*, champions league winner (2019), champions league runner up (2020)**, club world cup winner (2019)***, community shield (2020).

2019 was the best year ever for me

*very lucky to win the final vs Leverkusen possession in that game was 70-30 for Leverkusen but some how my defence held them off
**luck came back to haunt me as it was a reversal of the Leverkusen game but vs. Arsenal. Dominated possession but sturridge got two goals by my defence t___t
***just remember that I won that too by beating the NY redbulls 10-0

4. Currently my best player is Aaron Ramsey but it's a close one between wilshere.
Danmx (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 5 years ago
Nice teams guys
I always like to make 2 career modes, one starting with my hometown team Chivas de Guadalajara in Mexico, and another with a 5 star team. I have invested most of my time on the first one though

I started with Chivas de Guadalajara in Mexico and won the league, got an offer at Vannes OC in French League 2 and promoted them to Leauge 1, then I switched to a League 1 team Nancy with a more decent transfer budget and made them champions, then I got an offer in la liga with Almeria and stayed there a season without being able to beat Barca or RM, then transfered to are
Danmx (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 5 years ago
Nice teams guys!

I have 2 career modes, one which I have been playing for a lot of seasons now.
Btw I always play in legendary for every mode I started at my hometown team of chivas de Guadalajara, played with them for a season and made them champions, then moved on to League 2 in France to Vannes OC and promoted them to League 1, then I switched teams to ASNL in League 1 and made them champions. I then got an offer in La Liga in Almeria in which I was not able to win the league, but I won Copa del Rey, then switched teams to Racing de Santaender in which I won La Liga and Copa del Rey, and lastly I switched to Newcastle United in the EPL, team which I have been with for 2 seasons, I didn't win anything in the first season, but in this second season I'm currently top of the table and playing Champions league football. This is my current squad (I made a lot of changes and additions)

A. Sanchez---------------A. Guardado
------------a. Hernandez-------

Subs: Forster, Gutierrez, Routledge, Gosling, Moreno, Neymar, and Delph

I think my best player is Neymar, but my favorite player is Guardado, I can always put fantastic crosses to my Uruguayan striker and put those in, or take nice long distance shots with Guardado. I'm hoping on winning the league this year if I can keep up the good form, and next transfer window I want to sell Nolan and a few reserves and buy Modric
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 5 years ago
Whoa neymar on the bench that's a first    That's a pretty awesome line up bro
Danmx (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 5 years ago
Hehe yeah thing with Neymar is that he gets pushed off a lot, so I tend to substitute him on the 60th min so I can use his speed when the defenders are getting tired. And I start him on champions league, and cup matches. I like to do a lot of rotation too, so everyone gets playing time
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 5 years ago
I find the hardest thing is rotating players, especially when you get younger players that are better than some of your current batch of players but have less experience. Its the biggest conflict I have in FM I always have a situation where the youngster is ready to step up but I can't find a suitable price (or buyer at times) to take the player off my hands and if I try to force a transfer it just screws up the harmony of the team
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 5 years ago
Double post
Danmx (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 5 years ago
Yeah but it's necessary in order for your youth to keep developing. I look at my entire squad before the transfer window is closed. If you are playing cup football it's easy to give those young players some playing time. But, if you aren't playing cup football, then you should loan out a few players that you want to develop, but probably won't have the opportunity to give them playing time. Personally, I always get rid of any 30+ year olds regardless of who they are, that way I can cash in before they retire, and I can invest in some promising youth, also it opens up spaces for my youth to be played
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I have a long boring history switching from QPR to Sunderland to Everton to Chelsea.... I'll just say Chelsea's line up


Its alright, I rotate PVA with Bertrand, and Bruma with Evans and Jones (I bought them both), and Cech gets otated with Delac and Kakuta gets subbed off with Neymar, I use him like Danmx....

My trophies with everyone....

QPR - 2 years

1xNpower Championship
1xPremier League
1xEuropa League
1xCarling Cup
1xFA Cup

Sunderland 2 years

1xChampions League
2xPremier League
2xFa Cup

Everton 1 year

1xPremier League
1xFA Cup

Chelsea 2 years and counting....

2xPremier League
3xCarling Cups (just won it)
1xFA Cup

So yeah....
Danmx (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 5 years ago
Nice to see a true Chelsea fan developing and using his youth. With the budget you have, you could have easily bought a ton of players, but it's nice seeing you developed McEachran, Sturridge, Lukaku
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I did have to buy Lukaku and Pastore, but they are still youth-orientated buys. Thanks, I'm a mad believer of our reserves, IMO I see 7 or so that has what it takes but only 1 or 2 will make it (my guess Bertrand and McEachran)
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I'm up to the 2014/2015 season with Chelsea


2xChampions league
2xCarling Cup
3xFA Cup

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