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Taureantula (Barcelona) 5 months ago
Footymasta (Manchester United) 5 months ago
We should get a fifa 14 tournament started guys
Taureantula (Barcelona) 9 months ago
Tropical Balls is a top 100 club in Pro Clubs, have some.... Oh yeaaaaaa
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 9 months ago
Congrats guys, that's great news, it was an honour to be a part of it in the early days, never forget Dx and myself winning 7 games on the spin to win the 1st divison, epic!
Kingleo (Barcelona) 9 months ago
Messionage (Barcelona) 9 months ago
Success (Chelsea) 9 months ago
MrBukLau (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Ekoj (Perspolis) 10 months ago
I agree with you, that is a very compelling argument
MrBukLau (Chelsea) 9 months ago
No. "bump", means keeps the thread afresh and keep it on the top of a forum page, so that everyone can see
Theo (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Blayze 1-0 me. FML, 2 games vs him this season and I hardly had a chance, one of those cases where his style completely negates mine. Deserved win though, I tried my best defensively, but couldn't stop the inevitable
Success (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Jstblayze (Arsenal) 10 months ago
Gg bro, thought it was Gona be one of those unlucky games for me where I dominate and still lose, but cavani came through for a brother lol
Theo (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Ikr, this final loss hurts way more than the ziggy one because I really did well all season only to run into a wall lol.

@Blayze yeah you really should have won game in 1st half, I managed to slow things down in 2nd half, then Cavani, sigh
XXZarghamXx (Manchester United) 10 months ago
Conratz, Canada continues to dominate
Dawich (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Lol, of course Cavani. Smh
Dawich (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Dawich 1 Jstblayze 2.... You lucky mofo, you know deep down you dint deserve that. Good game though bro
Jstblayze (Arsenal) 10 months ago
Haha pay back mofucker.... Good games bro, you got a bit unlucky in the second game but s**t happens bitch!
Dawich (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Lol, your a bic boi
Theo (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Theo_cfc 11-4 Bender. GG, I was uncharacteristically ruthless in front of goal. Back to back finalist
Taureantula (Barcelona) 10 months ago
This guy has turned into a finishing monster, even trying to keep possession failed miserably, good luck in the final, well deserved.... Going to eat my humble pie now
Theo (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Dawich (Chelsea) 10 months ago
My God
Success (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Wow didn't see that coming. Theo were you holding back against me or?  Either way I need to step my game up big time lol. Too many tough guys
Success (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Double post
Theo (Chelsea) 10 months ago
You played great like I said, I had probably 4 chances combined in both games, so 50% accuracy not bad lol
XXZarghamXx (Manchester United) 10 months ago
Crazy scoreline for a semi-final :/
Theo (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Dawich v Jstblayze. Theo_cfc vs Fifabender
Taureantula (Barcelona) 10 months ago
Messionage (Barcelona) 10 months ago
Dawich 5 - 3 Dxgen    Damn bro! Words can't describe this game lol! Most intensed games ever!
Dawich (Chelsea) 10 months ago
Yupp.... This series went to game 4. Just won't end. Great stuff brother
Taureantula (Barcelona) 10 months ago
Fifabender 5 Ziggy 3
Kingleo (Barcelona) 11 months ago
Random post  
Jstblayze (Arsenal) 11 months ago
Jstblayze 3 - 2 bluff_1234.... Tough games, gg
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 11 months ago
Gg bro
Theo (Chelsea) 11 months ago
Theo_cfc 2-1 Qarxis. 2 really tough nervy games, well done man, could easily have been you advancing
Success (Chelsea) 11 months ago
Yeh it was two great games. I am too one dimensional though need to change my tactic.  Hope you win the tourny good luck!
Theo (Chelsea) 11 months ago
Will be a miracle for me to win this, with Ziggy and Blayze still in, no harm in trying though
Theo (Chelsea) 11 months ago

Dawich v Dxgen. Jstblayze v BluFF_1234. Theo_cfc v Qarxis. Ziggy v Fifabender.

*Bluff finishes 3rd thanks to superior head-to-head vs Qarxis

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