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Computer Games You Were/are Addicted To
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Talking about the Total War series on the Barcelona forum had me wondering what your favourite games of all-time are. I'm 26 and I've played quite a few computer games, but I get addicted to very few. When I do though, I wanna know everything about it and strive for perfection. Here's a top five of games I absolutely loved over the years, and spent many hundreds or even thousands of hours playing:

1) Age of Empires II (Conquerors expansion):
This game.... This game I have played for so many hours that I can't really say what I've done more: play AoE or work. Probably play AoE. It's a game I'm sure you all know; the first great strategy game I played and the one that got me hooked on strategy games. Back in my high school days, I played against my friends and only lost once our of the hundreds of games we played. And that was when I was forced to be the wall-less Goths with no allies against 3 of my friends. Absolutely love that game, and still play it once in a while.

2) Skyrim:
I had heard of the Elder Scrolls series before, but I never really knew what it was until Skyrim became immensely popular. I never really was into RPG games because I preferred games where you are in God-mode, controlling an empire or leading armies. But my friends convinced me to play Skyrim, and man.... What a revelation! It is the single most beautiful game I've ever seen, the most absorbing and the one with the best storyline. It was like discovering you don't have 5 senses, but like 8, and those three new ones reveal a whole new world of excitement. I got SO into it that I spent days reading up about the lore of the Elder Scrolls before I really got to playing it. It only felt obvious to do that, and I am very pleased I did. Skyrim, to me, is the single greatest game I've played, but closely followed by the next game in my list.

3) Medieval II:Total War:
I bought this game because I read great reviews about it. Back in those days the only computer games I played were PES6 with my college friends and of course some Age of Empires as well. So my standards of gaming were still very much of the 20th century, and to discover a game similar to my first love Age of Empires II, but much, MUCH more realistic with sublime graphics and epic real-time battles that included realistic variables such as collision damage, fatigue, terrain advantages, weather and so on.... It was bliss. My dreams really came true when I discovered the Total War community is a very lively one with tons of very good programmers making incredible modpacks to change the game completely. The Lord of the Rings version of MEII (Third Age: Total War) is still the Numero Uno on my strategy game list. Just watch this, you cannot not be impressed by it:

4) Caesar III:
Caesar III combined my love for classic history with my love of strategy games, and did it superbly. This city-building game from 1998 was revolutionary in its day and was honestly a great way to learn about the basic principles of macroeconomics and accounting in a way so fun you just wanted to 'work' on your city all day long. Its economic background was much more sophisticated and realistic than any other game I've played, but it only made the game more fun, not more boring. The things I love about this game are endless, from the music to the superb gameplay. But what I liked most were the lively streets once your city starts to prosper. Every single person on the streets had something to say about how much they liked it there or what needed improvement. And often those were pretty funny quotes too. In the campaign you gradually help the Emperor (not entirely historically accurate as the Senate is forgotten) expand the Roman Empire by building new cities in freshly conquered lands. Loads of fun and it gets even better when Hannibal tries to raise your proud new settlement of Mediolanum to the ground but fails completely against the all-powerful hit 'n run skirmishers of yours. Good times.

5) Pro Evolution Soccer 6 - 12:
How can I leave out this game? In the first years of college we used to play this so often. Go downstairs because your class starts in 10 minutes, but then you find your friends all sitting comfortably in the couch in front of the television playing PES on the Playstation 2. Obviously, I didn't go to a lot of my classes and had to catch up a lot when the exam period approached. But it wasn't just laughing a lot with my friends that made the game so much fun, it was a genuinely great game. The movement of the players was fluid, the passing and shooting fairly realistic and it felt 'right'. When I play PES or FIFA nowadays, it all looks better, but it feels forced and not fluid at all. Perhaps it's just the fact I enjoyed the game so much that I am completely biased towards it and have developed an overly critical view on new football games, perhaps it's just that the engine behind PES in the 2006-2012 years actually was really excellent.

There are more games I really enjoyed of course. Anno 1602, Runescape, Football Manager, Shogun 2: Total War, Age of Empires I, Mythology and III, Pokémon yellow (yes, loved it) and a whole lot more.

What are your favourites?
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 3 years ago
"These houses pay so little tax, it hardly seems worth my time!"
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 3 years ago
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Nice! That's your Pride of Prides eh? I used to have a 20k population city on the Valencia map (I loved Valencia ever since) with about 80% Grand Insulae plebs and 20% Luxury Palace patricians as well City got so huge that the game wouldn't let me build anything else!

Some more memorable quotes from the people:
"Pushing carts all day is hardly a laugh, but living in this great city makes it worthwhile!"
"I've heard there are jobs here. I.... I want to be a lion tamer!"
"This basket is killing me! I don't care who needs the food, there should be a law against child labour!"
"Collecting taxes from these hard-working people aaalmost brings a tear to my eye. But not quite. "

The music was great too. Always the same songs for a given population, but I never got bored of them
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 3 years ago
Haha that's awesome. Brings back memories. Before I discovered that 6 Javelin legions would destroy the Carthaginians, Lugdunum and Carthage were the most epic maps to play. Oh man, what great memories.

I recently downloaded the game and played it for 10 days.... Was great. It doesn't hold my interest for long periods now, since I know all the tricks, but reliving the experience is just wow.
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I did that too last year, hehe. Got as far as the 6th map in the campaign. I wish there was a new version with a multiplayer feature. It would be cool to see the Caesar-series back up again.

I would be as happy as I always became when this started playing for the first time:

Alfrodo (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Starcraft: Brood Wars
So many maps, such unique yet balanced races, a competitive (and lucrative) South Korea scene that was unreal for years with its own rich history and controversy. The graphics are long outdated but the gameplay is still untouchable. I used to spend hours watching and re-watching the demigods of starcraft in all their real-time brilliance. Up until the very end, new strategies were being discovered and implemented, 15 years after it was released! Don't ask me about SC2

Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3
If you add up all the hours I've played battlefield games it probably amounts to years now. No gaming experience has ever matched the intensity, passion, excitement, and thrill of all out modern warfare with up to 64 players duking it out on foot, in tanks, in choppers, and in jets. Battlefield 4 will be just as epic, bringing back the commander mode. Goodbye 2014. Say "hi" to my daughter for me :S

Borderlands 2
FPS + RPG + Coop = Lots of action, loot, and teamwork. Add a great storyline, flawless drop-in/drop-out 4 player coop, witty dialogue, and tough bosses, and you got one helluva game.

Half-Life 2
The first Half-life seems so old but was so monumental. The second one was just as groundbreaking. The graphics were way ahead of its time, the gameplay was intuitive and action-packed, and the third one was even better. Oh wait, THEY still haven't released THE third ONE ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mass Effect 3
If you ever wanted to be in an action movie with a compelling storyline, look no further than ME3! You kind of owe it to yourself to play the first two so you know and appreciate the whole story but my goodness what a memorable franchise. Beautiful and epic.

BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 3 years ago
^ agreed. You have NOT lived till you play Mass Effect 2 (game of the year I might add)    Also Uncharted 2 (also game of the year)
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I just bought Mass Effect 3 Alf. It better be as good as you say it is There's no way you can play it with two, I suppose?
JRaty (Barcelona) 3 years ago
A good lot of games here already, many of which would also apply to me. To not to repeat the same games I'll just name other ones.

1. Baldurs Gate II + Throne of Bhaal

The first real RPG I've played, and by far the best. Close to 200 hours of great quests set in a beautiful and interesting world with tactical 6-squad fantasy combat. I've probably played through the campaign half a dozen times. My favorite game of all times, by far.

2. Counter-Strike

I started playing when it was in beta, and I played 1.6 for years. It might look like a dog, but mechanically it's still one of the best, if not the best twitch shooter ever made. Challenging yet really satisfying gun models that actually require trigger control. Tactically deep maps. I don't think I've played another game where shooting an M4 was as fun, and I've played a few.

3. Shogun: Total War

Where it all started, Creative Assembly's first foray in to strategy games. Revolutionary at time with its unique mixture of turn-based strategy and real time tactics, as well as massive, medieval fights. And it had character oozing out of the wazoo. Probably my favorite of the Total War series, and gameplay wise it's not far behind its contemporary brethren.

Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I'm interested in what you thought of Medieval II and Shogun 2 JRaty. I found Medieval II and the Third Age mod just incredibly fantastic, since I never played any of the Total War games before. I think I've spent 10 hours a week on average playing MEII and Third Age after that for about three years. This summer I bought Shogun 2, and although far from the awesome experience MEII was, it's still a very nice game albeit too predictable and one-dimensional if you have absolutely mastered Medieval II. I wonder if you had the same feeling about MEII as I did with Shogun 2

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