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Any Wish For 2010 Fellas?
Derby22 (Derby County) 7 years ago
Erm.... My wish for 2010 would have to be for Derby County to win the Championship and make it throught to the Premier League the next season. I wish for footytube to be improved (But we all know that's impossible, don't we?)!
Incuteration (Everton) 7 years ago
A healthy team and a consistent scoreline in the Everton team, no injuries please.

For myself, I would like to be in the top 30 out of 200 in my school, which seems unachievable, I got 141th placing this year.
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
Pffft. You're no. 1 in Dreamfooty. Who needs education?
Incuteration (Everton) 7 years ago
Education is fundamental, without education, I would see myself cleaning the toilet as a job in 10 years' time
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
My plan for the new year is to get into proper shape - like gym shape. I play football regularly and it means my legs are decent but I could really do with just knuckling down and doing some proper exercise
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Good one there Diablo, my resolution is going to be to not watch tv, get on the internet or play video games until the world cup starts. I will miss le footytube We are playing an alumni game vs. Good old Flagstaff High probably on the 3 or 4 of January, and I was going to have someone take pictures of me and all three of my brothers, it is very rare that all four of us are on a pitch together. My little brother is in his senior year, and then we are out of that school I think the alums will probably beat the high schoolers, even though everyone is out of shape we have infinite talent. I would like to post those pictures on footy, and have one of them be my profile picture, but that would kind of negate my whole resolution if we play the game after the first, maybe I will ask one of my brothers to do it for me haha.

Also I would like to get 200 touches on a tennis ball, 100 on each foot without it hitting the ground. Another is to play guitara mucho, I love music but my skills on guitar leave many things to be desired, but as little as I practice that is to be expected, people tell me I have a natural talent for playing la guitara though. I have been getting into a lot of Flamenco lately, some of those guys are way to good(Sabicas, you should look him up). Also write every day, even if it something very short and seemingly unimportant

Those are all things I can control myself though, they are not really wishes. For a wish, I would have to say less children are hungry, and less innocent people are killed in meaningless wars *cough* Afghanistan *cough* Obama why did you do it? He didn't really get us into it I guess, but sending more kids over is no way to get out. And hopefully world peace, but I have a feeling the state of the world is in that would be some wish to come true And that more people are happy and fall in love, that one isn't too hard haha
Raj (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Very bohemian of you Pirate haha. I couldn't imagine how you could survive without the internet not only for footytube but for everything else that's gained on it but you're the best judge of that . Good luck with the alumni v school match although it wouldn't be so bad if your brothers got one over you. Post those pictures!Tape that juggling act!Video the s**t out of your guitaring exploits. Youtube is your friend hah.

I know what you mean about writing everyday, I've always wanted to keep a journal or a diary of sorts or even a bloody blog about the most random obscure thoughts but I've just been too damn lazy to actually do it. It would make for interesting reading at a later time, cataloging the daily occurrences of the present. Poverty can be tackled if the world's resources were pulled in, wars can be averted if ulterior motives are restrained. Some of the conflicts that have been going on around the world to this day are just insane.

Every one a unique situation, there still is and can be a solution for each one of them. As far as the Afghan war goes, Obama looks like he completely wants to wipe away the remaining 100(?) or so Taliban around but it sure seems a futile exercise. Even if he tackled that, there is the problem of the remaining who fled into Pakistan who have been tricky allies. Ah well, atleast the Iraq war looks like its drawing to a conclusion. It always strikes a sad chord to see people dying everyday, be it soldiers or innocent civilians or brainwashed fundamentalists who blow themselves up in the middle of a marketplace. Hey, love prevails and conquers all at the end right? Haha. Every single one you've come up with attainable, so you haven't been reaching at all .

My short and not-pondered-much-over-list would have :

-Getting back on my feet for some football and to shoot some hoops, post broken bones or make a good recovery atleast in time for the World Cup.

-Education to everyone. I think, there is literally nothing more empowering than knowledge. I say spend as much time as you can playing the guitar, learning new tunes, stray on the internet for as long as you can haha, call a random person in a chosen country on the other side of the planet on Skype, try the daily crossword and even if you cheat you're learning words. As long as people and the masses are aware of how things, other cultures, phenomena among other things work, I daresay even wars won't happen. Dictators will erode away, free-thinking and that spirit of entrepreneurship will take over. It's what the world needs, an aware, thinking individual who can make informed choices.

- Space research. Ever since the Cold War ended, I'd say the rate of progress has been saddening. It took two superpowers and bulging egos to make a vital chapter in human and scientific history. Who would've thunk it? Be it the Soviet sending the first guy into space or the Americans putting the first man on the moon. The funds for space research is less than a fraction of the military budget of most countries. Has to change.

-Get back to playing the violin. I haven't done so in years and although it seems trivial and I am no genius at it, would feel good.

-Find my calling, so far I haven't figured out what to do in life if there ever was a purpose but I try to make the best of most of my days.

-More humility. One can never be too humble. Well, unless you were Messi.

-Strive to live life one day at a time. I've realized that if I treat everyday as my last one, my demeanor, outlook, take on things and personal relationships go to a much better place. I just have to remember that everyday.

That'll do it haha. I realize some of them won't happen come 2010, but hey if I was to start wishing sometime, sooner better than later right?
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
It's a pleasure to have fella's like you two on the site. You will be sorely missed Pirate. Hopefully your hiatus won't be too long, or you fail in your first resolution

And whenever you're feeling sad about the state of the world in 2010, just remember:

Diablo28 (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
I know by experience that each year people wish for something and others follow traditions.... Mine for 2010 is to be a better person and be able to forgive people who hates me.... Sounds crazy right? But I wish for that and wishing to have better health than 2009.... These are mine, what is yours?
Yogan (Chelsea) 7 years ago
That Chelsea will win the League again! No seriously.... Erm what do I wish for.... For not to be as selfish as I was and not to go on footytube as much - I'm on it nearly 24/7!

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