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A Place To Discuss Cricket.
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
"where to discuss cricket"    Simple answer to that is find a cricket forum, I'm sure theres a "crickytube" around somewhere.... Lol
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I'll take the fall for this one, Tony. I suggested that we could have an off topic forum where cricket can be discussed as I found that a few of us were always discussing it on each other's wall, or IMs. Might as well have one topic to pool it all together
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Matt should think of making crikytube while tony and magneto for the mods
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
No thanks, we have enough trouble keeping this rabble in order.... The last thing we needs the "barmy army" descending on us
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Nice Arsenalmylove.    What THE HELL are India doing :\
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 4 years ago
They look a team who simply don't care about playing Test cricket. Dhoni has done great things in the past and is one of the reasons for our rise to #1 as was Tendulkar. I think Dhoni needs some time off, too much cricket surely affects a person, a new captian could be a wise choice for the remaining test

I would like to see Ifran Pathan for the next test as well
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Two high profile series going on, and we're witnessing what I term as test cricket on its deathbed. Modern day legends like Dravid, Laxman, Ponting have all retired recently. Kallis, Tendulkar, Hussey are all on the verge of retirement. Truly a great loss for the sport, test cricket in particular! Which is a true shame, as it is the only form of Cricket that I have any respect for.

The only game currently going on is the England vs India game. Frankly, I think we ought to stop moaning and whining about pitches not turning enough and start worrying about our batting. On a flat track where it took a bit of a farce to get Cook out, the entire Indian batting order just didn't look like they gave a damn. The likes of Dhoni, Kohli and Yuvraj particularly annoy me, as they tend to get out to the softest dismissals off casual strokes. Test cricket is not a question of "Talent", but of temperament. If you don't have the temperament, do us all a favour and stick to T20s, the fake excitement from the commentators and the cheap tricks like Cheerleaders to bring people to the stands.

Credit where its due. Cook and Panesar have been phenomenal this series! Ashwin atleast has put a price on his wicket and is playing well with the tail
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
Hardly the deathbed of cricket because india lost to england.
India are in transition at present with so many great players bowing out, like tendulkar etc:
Its going to be hard to replace players of that calibre, but when someone of the magnitude of tendulkar retires someone always seems to step up to the plate to replace him.
I don't expect india to be out of sorts for very long
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I don't mean the deathbed of cricket in general, but that of Test cricket. The grounds are empty all the time, and players have lost that spirit where they can call it "the gentleman's game". Hence why I've given examples of the likes of Ponting, Hussey, Kallis.... All players on the verge of retiring. All players who excelled in test cricket and set a brilliant example. I quite enjoy watching any team playing test cricket, apart from Sri Lanka.... Somehow they don't inspire me in any way. Two great players there too that are about to retire.... Sangakkara and Jayawardane. Again, losses that will be felt on the test squad, not the One day or the T20 formats
BluFFmaster (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I wouldn't go as far as to say it's the Deathbed but it definatly has been declining. Look at the SA and Aus series, it was hardly packed. I think the last day of the Gabba test was the most packed it was.

Why is this? Its not because of T20s because they weren't invented in the last 2 years, they came to life back in 07 and tbh that kickstarted India's dominace in Test Cricket for the next 4 years.

No I blame the quality of stars being produced recently (and I can blame that on t20s....), Go back to 2004-2006 and look at all the world class stars that were produced back then


Micheal Clarke, Hussey

AB De Villiers, Hasim Amla, Dale Steyn

Andrew Strauss, Alastair Cook, Kevin Pietersen

Since 2006 who has emerged as a true class batsman? None from India. Australia had many stars retire (Warne, Magrath, Hayden, Katich) and were going through transition. Jonathan Trott is possibly the only one that rings a bell, maybe even Marlon Sameuls (who looks a very good Test batsman).

Sure there have been promsing talents like the likes of

Ross Taylor, Guptill, Ryder from NZ
Eion Morgan, Bairstow from ENG
Shaun Marsh, Usman Khawaja from AUS
Suresh Raina, Murli Vijjay, Mukund, Kholi and Pujara

But none have really stamped thier authoirty like the ones mentioned earlier (Kholi looked promising but his form in the last 2 tests was shocking to say the least)

So what happens when the 2004-06 batch of players retire? Add to that some of the greats that Magneto already mentioned, the result is very poor Test results (batting wise).

Now bowling wise its alot better since bowlers have to work harder and smarter to remain top dog in the Test industy. The likes of Veron Philander and Morne Morkel are two good new bowlers of the post 2006 batch, add to that the world no. 1 bowler Steyn (from 2004). Stuart Broad and Swann are well known, Finn looks promising, From pakistan Ajmal. And from the current series in AUS we have seen what Siddle and Pattison are capbable of.

Now where is India? Who is our replacement to Zaheer Khan? Sreesanth, RP singh, Yadav, Ishant Sharma? All of whom had promise but none kept thier word in the long run. Who is our replacement to Kumble and Bhajji? Ojja, Chawla, Jadeja, Ashwin? Again all good promise but no consitency. Ashwin looked a very strong candidate but the tours of ENG and AUS certainy dencted that and he has been relativly poor (bowling wise) in the last two tests, although he has been our best batsman.

In the next few years Test Cricket will get a LOT worse unless new stars (especially batsman) don't start gracing the scene
HaRdCoReMaN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Best Sportz EVer!
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Here you can share your thoughts on the ongoing cricket matches taking place around the world. So anyone who is interested in cricket or have good knowledge regarding cricket are most welcome.

At present the biggest series is going on between India and England. Unfortunately, our (referring to india) being at home are on level (1-1) in the 4 match test series, and even in 3rd test match our position is terrible. England has already taken hefty lead and yet to play his second inning.

So guyzzz lets start the discussion.... ...

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