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10 Songs From Your Favorite Band
Rockerr (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Post your ten(at most) favorite songs from your favorite band, this way you can help me and others to discover new songs!

ps Would be great if you guys post just one or two videos instead of spamming too many videos

Okay....I'll start with my favorite band, Queen!

- Bohemain Rhapsody
- Killer Queen
- Under pressure ft David Bowie
- The show must go on
- I'm going slightly mad
- I want it all
- It's a hard life
- Another one bites the dust
- Spread your wings
- Another one bites the dust

Under pressure

5 years ago
LOL queen, classic

But my fave is coldplay but I can't pick 10 cuase they are all my favorite but Up with the birds is a good new song from them!
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Awesome topic anything with music I am down. Queen is the f*****g cats pajamas by the way definitely supposed to be one of the seminal live acts in rock and roll history. And from the concerts I have seen they are. Some songs I dig you didn't have on your list though yours is great: '39, death on two legs, sweet lady, fat bottomed girls and the bicycle song, and of course we will rock you and we are the champions

Jimi Hendrix is my favorite artist, musician and he wrote some of my favorite lyrics too. Definitely one of my idols even if he died 20 years before I was born haha

1.)Voodoo Child(Slight Return) without a doubt my favorite song of all time, always stuck in my head and I never get tired of it, love that song. Preferably a live version, so many good ones. My favorite is from the Albert Hall in 69, a recording also known as smashing the amps. Woodstock is a classic performance of the song. Another one of my favorites is a recording of Yimi just jamming in his apartment you can even hear the phone ringing in parts of it and him flipping pages to read the lyrics from One of the all time classic recordings in music history and something I could listen to all day every day, great if your stressed out or on a 10 on the anxiety scale. Just beautiful music it actually isn't slight return but the other Voodoo Chile but c'est la vie here it is

2.)Hear my Train a comin'(acoustic version) all versions of this song are classic Hendrix but the acoustic 12 string version is my favorite remember one time I was listening to this song sitting in someone's car and the little hairs on the backs of my fingers were standing up haha

3.) Angel also from the Hendrix by himself apartment jams. Beautiful song about Yimi's mom who died while he was young. Love this song too, hard to choose these haha

4.) Room Full of Mirror's, some of my favorite lyrics of any song ever written. "I used to live in a room full of mirror's, all I could see was me, but than I took my spirit and I smashed my mirror, now the whole world is here for me to see." Delivered in classic Hendrix fashion, Jimi was a very humble cat and he stated many times he thought his voice was no good but I think it's awesome.

5.) Isabella another great Hendrix song that was never released on record in his lifetime all of the ones above were not, cept Slight Return of course. Another one of my favorites check out the woodstock version

6.) Purple Haze classic riff, classic song. One of the coolest chords ever on the guitar, called the Hendrix chord is the heart of the song. From one of the coolest albums ever, Are You Experienced?

7.) Little Wing another song about Jimi's mom, from one of the most underrated albums in my opinion Axis Bold as Love Powerful stuff, not enough can be said about Hendrix haha and it's all been said before

8.) Hey Joe another Hendrix staple, a cover one he seemed to always like to play at shows. Both the Woodstock and Monterey performances are amazing.

9.) Machine Gun live at Filmore East, some of the best guitar playing ever

10.) Fire & Foxy Lady, classic songs both are too good not to put on the list but there are many that fit in that category pure sex is what they are about basically got to love it haha

Honorable mentions Are you Experienced, Castles Made of Sand, If 6 was 9, Bold as Love, Manic Depression, All Along the Watchtower, Voodoo Chile(coincides a bit with slight return), Red House/Electric Church the list goes on and on

And I did plan to do a Sublime top 10 and Zeppelin top 10 but this is already super long, Hendrix deserves something this long though nice topic Rockerr
Pragathish (AC Milan) 5 years ago
Agreed!Drifting and Crosstown traffic deserve a shout too I believe
Grunde (FC Schalke 04 II) 5 years ago
Thank you for the great info on hendrix - I will definitely check it out, I just never managed to listen to him properly.

Here are the best songs of my current favourite - the foo fighters:

1 let it die
2 All my life
3 Times like these
4 Stacked actors
5 Learn to fly
6 white limo
7 in your honour
8 Ain't it the life
9 Best of you
10 The pretender
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
You are welcome my friend, Hendrix is the man

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