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Newcastle United V Liverpool, Dec 11
SpursTillIDIe (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Bon voyage hudson!
Surfryn89 (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Bon voyage isn't a pun you retard^^^ it means pleasant journey or goodbye in french and its hodgson not hudson idiots
Kotaru13 (Atletico Belo Horizonte) 6 years ago
Maybe it was meant as a joke? No need to be rude
Ephdethulias (Liverpool) 6 years ago
I believe he was being sarcastic
BarcaXI (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Meh.... Dailymotion and these ads...
Poopyronaldo (Bayern München) 6 years ago
I bet Kyrgiakos is a poop loaf off the pitch
Yashioman (Liverpool) 6 years ago
So if that WERE true, what difference would it make? Performance on the pitch is what we are all here to watch, isn't it?
Pauleta (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Liverpool is TOO sad...
Pauleta (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Then again.... I believe that is the most stylish goal I have seen kuyt score
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Kevman (Manchester United) 6 years ago
You cannot blame hodgens for the players mistakes, he can only do too much, the team has to put in as well
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Wow maybe Padre is the right man for the job. Great performance by the magpies
Surfryn89 (Arsenal) 6 years ago
I'm sick of liverpool fans blaming their manager your players suck blame it on them
Thias (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Exquisite goal from carroll
Mackiznay (Manchester City) 6 years ago
Barton really sacrificed for that goal. He took a boot to the chest as he was putting it in
Uconn2004 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Andy carroll was fantastic today winning headers and scoring goals
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 6 years ago
1) lmao at "plenty have tried, and chris hughton didn't even fail, in what is seemingly a revolving stage in the st james' park theater"

That's so wrong that he was sacked. That's what I hate most about the EPL, besides ignorant chanting fans. Managers have so little job security

2) lol at roy's expression at 9:26 after the second goal. He reminds me of the lion in 'the wizard of oz'

3) andy caroll really is a beast
Siddarth14 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Roy hodgson's reaction after the second goal. Hahaha
Andy carrol's goal was pure class. Torres couldn't take his chance from a similar distance at the other end but carrol did. That's what form and confidence can do to you.
Spartan (West Ham United) 6 years ago
He looked like a hamster rubbing his face! LMAO!
Siddarth14 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Ha ha ha. Good one.
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Its never easy at St James Park for any team if New Castle is on good form ^^

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