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Newcastle United V Chelsea, Feb 2
Matt612346 (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Lampard goal, wow!
SirVim (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Chelsea scored some amazing goals in this game
Futboller92 (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Chelsea will surely put in a bid for Sissoko in the next transfer window
Oddshot (Newcastle United) 3 years ago
And get it rejected
Kokm1 (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Yeah way to treat your old hero Ba, shows real class in the squad. Have fun at 15th
Shadowolfs (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Kokm1 that just shows more about your squad in 3rd who just got beat by that 15th placed team. They didn't treat him badly, it is football crap happen. Everyone remembers John Terry and him getting kicked in the face vs arsenal. It happens move on
Oddshot (Newcastle United) 3 years ago
I believe he was referring to the fact that some of the fans booed him
GoonSquad (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Lampard vs gerrard    Again!  Good god, which is better
The1boss (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Good question dude lol
Kokm1 (Chelsea) 3 years ago
They are both great but you have to give it to Lampard minimum 10 goals a year since joining Chelsea more than ten years ago. Also stronger than Stevie g. Hardly gets injured with Gerrard getting out two three times every year.... IMO
Honestabe (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Both awesome players both beautiful goals clearly with regard to your last statement @Kokm1 though "Gerrard (32), completed another 90 minutes, being the only midfielder or forward to have played every Premier League minute this season. " but yes the past two seasons he has had injury problems unfortunately
Balotelli45 (Manchester City) 3 years ago
Sissoko is a f'cking beast! He's like Yaya just younger, future EPL star
Acphenom (Borussia Dortmund) 3 years ago
Loved Guardiola going to Bayern. What's the plan now, Roman?

Wouldn't mind seeing him swallow his pride and bring back Mourinho - only for José to tell him to shove it
Mik0lai (KS Widzew Lódz) 3 years ago
He will bring him back.... I don't think he'll tell him to shove it if roman puts a couple million pounds on the table....

Although I would love to see your scenario play out as well
Ghanaboy95 (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Good assists from Santon
The1boss (Chelsea) 3 years ago
This feels like the good old days with lampard and gerrard at their best f*ck this is beautiful, I'm enjoying every second of it, 2 legends!
Someone (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Except Chelshit lost?
Peruvianking (Chelsea) 3 years ago
^ another useless man utd fan
Mik0lai (KS Widzew Lódz) 3 years ago
^ ever seen a useful one?
ZIZO (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Pardew and his perfect white hair is full of wisdom...
Andyeswecan (Newcastle United) 3 years ago
For the conspiracy theorists complaining that Newcastle should have had a red card or two:

I find it interesting that Ramires' knee-high, two-footed tackle on Jonas wasn't shown in the highlights.

That was the clearest 'red card' of the day
NAOTA (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Sure that's a clear red but a kick to the f*****g face is a red card clear as day
FmSingapore (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Surely Benitez would be sacked now?

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Soccerfaithful (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Great goals by Chelsea but great signings by Newcastle. Somewhat lucky that the ref didn't give them cards, but Newcastle deserved that win (11 shots on target v. 5 shots on target)
Ilhanner (Galatasaray SK) 3 years ago
Completely right and this day was dedicated to sissoko...
Andyb08 (Manchester United) 3 years ago
What a debut
Icarus505 (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Poor Ba received boos and a broken nose on his return to St. James Park. Hope he comes back with a vengeance
Otownballer (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Frankie freakin' Lampard.... That creep can roll, man

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