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NorthanMonkee Arrives
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Brilliant introduction, and please accept a warm welcome to the site mate! You'll find a lot of us are just like yourself, true footy fans with stories and memories. If you fancy writing a little more about some fond memories you have of playing football, I'd recommend the legendary thread below


Enjoy the site!
NorthanMonkee (Manchester United) 7 years ago

I found the "how to post a picture thread"

NorthanMonkee (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Hello to all, first of all, let me just say that this site is an absolute god send! Can't believe I didn't know about this sooner. I'm loving the access to all manor of footballing highlights, and have also just dipped into the forums as well.

I think it was asked that I state my team and why? Well my team is the mighty Manchester United - being Manchester born and bred I grew up knowing nothing else, and walking into the stretford end whilst surveying the sight in front of you, just takes your breath away. I knew I was going to support Utd from the 1st game I watched at the age of 6, the 1990 FA Cup Final vs Crystal Palace - what a game that was. Had everything you could want in a match, and more, and for the 19years that have followed that, I have lived and breathed united ever since. I would say through the ups and downs, but there havent been that many downs (touch wood) so far. Maybe Brian McClair not putting away that shot against Ludek Miklosko of West Ham during the final game of the 95 season. Damn Blackburn.

Anyway, I digress, that's my team and why - my favourite player of yonder year would have to be Duncan Edwards, everything I have read about him and seen about him has always defied belief, and was such a tragic loss. (by saying that, I'm not implying that the other lives lost weren't tragic) My favourite player from yester year would have to be Lee Sharpe, I loved that man growing up, as I was left footed, and it was my dream to play winger just like he did. I enjoyed the playboy-esque antics he brought to the team, even if SAF didn't and after every goal looked forward to the Sharpey Shuffle, less so the Elvis Corner flag celebration. I liked him so much that I actually resented Giggs for coming along and replacing him. It didn't matter to me that Giggs was a country mile ahead of Lee in terms of ability, Lee was my boy and that's how I felt, I mean, he even stole his number!

Sharpey was never worth a No. 5? Plain wrong. All water under the bridge now, in my mind, that's the main reason Giggs has been the perfect player and the most decorated - pure guilt from having replaced my sharpey!

Favourite player of now has to go to Rooooooney - prior to Roon would have been Becks, I'm a sucker for someone who clearly wears the badge on their sleeve, digs deep and gets on with it. They always played/play their heart out for Man Utd and brought/bring so much to their respective roles.

Can't wait to get more involved in the site and will look forward to rustling a few feathers!

Just a couple questions regarding the dynamics of the site -

How do you change font type and put links or pictures onto a post? In my short time of being here, I couldn't find a way, but I know there is one!

On Forum topics, when you view it in the topic list, is their a way to view the last post written? The only reason I ask is that I went to try find the latest post in one of the threads, but due to the way the site is set out, the post could easily have been a reply to an earlier post on a different page, and to the best of my knowledge (which granted is weak) I couldn't see a way to go to it, other than searching through the pages of posts. I hope I am just being very thick - and hope that all makes sense.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
{- wipes tear of nostalgia away

Welcome aboard monkee (can I call you monkee?)

Great story, looking forward to seeing more of ya' on the forums.

With regard to last post, we'll work on making that easier to get to, that pesky issue has been on our to do list for some time. I see you've figured out how to make a picture / video post.

Any more probs, take a look in the FAQ section, we've only just put it together so it's not as comprehensive as we'd like, but we'll get there. Anything missing, just create another topic in there and we'll add to it.

Here's the link:

NorthanMonkee (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Cheers for the greeting, and you yes may call me 'monkee', nobody else mind.... Just you      

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