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RipCitySavagery (Portland Timbers) 5 years ago
I played every major North American sport as a kid. Now as an Adult I'm getting real hip to Football- having a storied club in my hometown doesn't hurt either. Other than the Timb's I have favorite clubs in almost every European league. I base my fandom on pop culture. Being that music is my first love, I base my love for Arsenal on the fact that both John Lydon and Ray Davies are Gooners, hence I am as well. I also love the Fall, and Mark E. Smith is a Man City fan, so I kinda gotta' soft spot for them as well. (not being MAN you helps their case doesn't hurt either) The band Can were from Cologne, so I dig FC Koeln in the Bundesliga. Igor Calvera is a Palmeiras supporter, so I dig them as well. I've also been to Rome and loved it- I ain't no goddamn fascist so AS Roma is my Serie A club. Despite my support of international clubs- the timbers are my main club. American (Association) Football DOES have a long way to catch up with the rest of the world, but we're comin' on strong, especially in the Pacific Northwest, the land where I was born.

I also dig baseball, despite my avowed hatred for the Sounders, I love the Mariners. And being from Portland, I have been a Blazer fan since before I was born. And until Portland gets an NHL franchise, the Habs are my hockey team (I majored in French)- but I'll still root for the Portland Winterhawks for the time being
Tony (footytube staff) 5 years ago
Hi charlie, and on behalf of the footytube staff, welcome to our wonderful site.
As you are new, do have a read of our community guidelines, theres loads of important info in there, the do's and dont's etc:, designed to keep you out of trouble...Lol
I have left you the link below.
If you have any questions regarding footytube, don't hesitate to contact myself or any of the other staff here on footytube, and we will do our best to help you out.
Its great you have found room in your life for the beautiful game of football {soccer}, and I find it funny you base your allegience to music...Lol, if that was the case I would support man city......Yuk...!, as I am a big oasis fan, and they all support man city.
So I would rather have the stone roses, they are all united fans.
Anyway charlie, welcome again, and enjoy the site.

RipCitySavagery (Portland Timbers) 5 years ago
I also like HIbs in Scotland, on account of my being an avid reader of all of Irvine Welsh's books. They kinda suck, but I'm a sucker for the under dog. Being raised Catholic, I should be a Celtic fan- but I don't like their kits, plus religious factionalism is retarded. SO f**k BOTH celtic AND rangers! Glory glory TO THE HIb-IES!
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
I was about to give you a nice warm Scottish welcome until I read the f**k Rangers bit, now you just get an ordinary hello and welcome to the site hope you enjoy it blah blah blah!

Just kidding mate, it's punishment enough you having to support Hib's so I'll leave it! Lol
Tony (footytube staff) 5 years ago
Did you know hibernian are from the same irish catholic background as celtic and dundee united?
I wouldn't dwell on the religious end of it, its improving slowly
RipCitySavagery (Portland Timbers) 5 years ago
From Wikipedia:
"A significant change at the time of this reconstitution was that players were no longer required to be members of the Catholic Young Men's Society. [17][25] Hibs are not seen today as being an Irish or Roman Catholic institution, as it was in the early years of its history. [4][5] For instance, the Irish harp was only re-introduced to the club badge when it was last re-designed in 2000. This design reflects the three pillars of the club's identity: Ireland, Edinburgh (the castle) and Leith (the ship). Geography rather than religion is now seen as the primary reason for supporting Hibs, [6][7] who draw most of their support from the north and east of Edinburgh. " That last sentence is why I'm Hibs and not Hoops
RipCitySavagery (Portland Timbers) 5 years ago
Thanks for the welcome, fellas. See you on the pitch!
RipCitySavagery (Portland Timbers) 5 years ago
Oh and pardon the typos.... I was high off my gourd on coffee
RipCitySavagery (Portland Timbers) 5 years ago
Redsince63 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Hey Charlie welcome to footytube we've got a saying in the North 'He's a right Charlie that one is "" you seem to fit the bill mate LOL ! Well theres plenty of things to get your teeth/head into on footytube so once again have a great time mate !
Greetings Patrick
RipCitySavagery (Portland Timbers) 5 years ago
So is 'a right Charile' like a nutter?
Redsince63 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
In a friendly way, yes !
Tony (footytube staff) 5 years ago
You won't get any friendlier than" redsince 63".... He's not being nasty, isn't that right paddy?
Redsince63 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I'm a pussycat, as long as you don't swing on me tail !Lol
RipCitySavagery (Portland Timbers) 5 years ago
Good to know.

And just so you know, I'll be back to gloat about the Arsenal's revenge game against MU.... Rvp=mvp

Lalalalynds (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Welcome! Seeing as you're a Timbers fan I must ask--what do you think of Eric Brunner? When he was nabbed in the expansion draft I was heartbroken (Columbus Crew fan here) as I had just managed to finally meet him that May, and I've watched a lot of Timbers games since. You guys are great fun to watch.
Also, a Blazers fan, eh? I'm not an NBA kind of girl but keep an eye on J. Dielber, eh? He's a good kid
RipCitySavagery (Portland Timbers) 5 years ago
A solid defender, no doubt.... The only mistake I remember was the free kick in the Derby against Shittle, it cost us the game, but he's been a wall in the back.... He and Chabala for real.

I dunno who Dielber is, but I know Oden, he's from Ohio
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Rctid bro. Need some more Timbers fans up in here (:
RipCitySavagery (Portland Timbers) 5 years ago
To the max
FootballForever (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Good to see a fellow Football fan from the North West. Can't say I agree with you on the Timbers part though, Sounder respect!

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