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Predicto Footy Points
Redsince63 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Q: on the final I predicted a 2-2 draw and the score was 1-1 at 90 minutes NO points?
The guy above me bet on a Chelsea win 2-3 and got 450 points? If the 90 minute score is the one where the points are payed out on then somethings gone wrong !
Or am I missing something the rest of the season its been a case of wrong score 0 points.
Can somebody tell me what the score is please !
Northgreen (AC Milan) 4 years ago
I've asked the same after a Bayern München Real Madrid match.

Apparently the correct scoreline pays out after 90 minutes so you would have to bet 1-1, but in a match with penalty shootouts, the one who win the penalties would be counted as correct winner.

Thereby, it seems you can't get correct in saying draw here but you can still get correct scoreline points.


Copy from Matts wall on the subject:

Alexinho(AC Milan)3 weeks ago
Quick question about the predict footy league. I predicted a 3-2 win for real madrid in champions league. They won 2-1 and lost in penalty shootout.

Yet it says I got it wrong. Even if it means I was wrong because Bayern won the match in penalties, wouldn't Bayern won on goal aggregate anyway if it ended 3-2 so that I should get the stakes I betted with correct winner odds as well?


Matt(Southampton)2 weeks ago
All Predictofooty games are based on the result after 90 mins, extra time and penalties do not count.
This is done due to the fact the way the odds are calculated and the data given to us. We may look to change this next season

Alexinho(AC Milan)2 weeks ago
Still. I betted they would win 3-2, they won 2-1 (this was after 90 minutes)

That is the correct team winning yet it said I lost on the bet?

Matt(Southampton)2 weeks ago
Right I have managed to confuse myself and you so I have verified the games mechanic and here it is:

Correct scores = Scores are taken at the end of full time (90 minutes) of play.

Correct results = Result taken on game end including extra time and penalties.

So in this instance it was possible to get the correct score but the incorrect result

Alexinho(AC Milan)2 weeks ago
I must say that I am still confused

The result of my prediction would have been that Real won but Bayern move on to next leg (away goal rule).

Would I need to put a Bayern win to get the money from that match when I thought Bayern would move on after full time or is it just in cases where it goes to extra time and penalty shootout that one can get correct score and wrong result?

(Example, in the champions league final. If I think the game will end a 1-1 draw and then Bayern Munich winning in extra time/penalty shootout, what do I have to bet to get the correct result and will it be possible to get both correct scores and correct result?)

Matt(Southampton)1 week ago
You hit the nail on the head here:
"or is it just in cases where it goes to extra time and penalty shootout that one can get correct score and wrong result? "

It is only in this situation this issue can arise

Link: Wall
Page 3 or so
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
I just noticed that myself paddy, you predicted the right result but got the correct scoreline wrong, which meant you should have had points.
The guy who went above you "hithere" got the result wrong as he went for a chelsea win, and yet he got over 400 points?
I don't get that, I thought the game was based on 90 minutes of football?
I will have a word with matt regarding this paddy, if I can get the hold of him.... Lol
Redsince63 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Cheers Tony, that's the way its usually gone you get less points but you do get them, as for the post above I can't make head ner tail out of it !

@ Northgreen (Alexinho)thanks for the help mate but I'm still confused lol
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
Poor lads went nuts since the name change.... Lol
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
Reading what northgreen posted from matts wall above your stuffed paddy, but surely if the correct score stands at the end of ninety minutes, so must the result?
Whats the sense in taking a draw unless you get the scoreline exact.... Lol?
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
That's why bookies offer bets on the ninety minutes, or winning the game or compo "outright" which you get less of a price for, and would include extra time, penalties, and even a replay
Northgreen (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Correct scores is calculated from 90 minutes (1-1 instead of 2-2 and thereby wrong)
Correct outcome is from the final result (Chelsea won in penalties and thereby not a draw)

Basically red betted here that the score after 90 minutes would be 2-2 and the match would end in a draw.

The match ended 1-1 and Chelsea win
Northgreen (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Oh, And I guess the odds for Chelsea winning the final was 4. 5 since your friend got 450
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
I don't agree with it carrying on after the 90 minutes, it should stop there as not every game has more than 90 minutes, extra time and penalties, so it should be based on only the ninety.
And it would simplify things and we would not be having this convo
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
Northgreen would it not have been 4. 5? For the chelsea win. not 45.  It was a 100pt stake for everyone don't forget.
Northgreen (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Yeah seems like I missed a ". " there  4. 5 ofc. Edited now.    
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
I was s**t at maths too, still am.... Lol
Northgreen (AC Milan) 4 years ago
I am s**t at typing,

Btw, it wouldnt be some way to undo a thumb up? I am apparently s**t at aiming to and do thumb up to stupid comments instead of reply.
Redsince63 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Ah well at least I didn't lose any cash on it !
Thanks for the explanation lads !, still think its a wierd way of doing things but WTF theres always next year, I think the fun went out of it a bit when I noticed one guy just bets 100 points on 1 game each week ? Maybe the mods could look at a new system where people have to spread there bets that way its down to a bit of thinking and not just pot luck
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
The game is the baby of "bet365" paddy, so I would doubt we have any imput into the game mate.
Great idea's, but not much we can do.
I think the game is great fun based on actual prices at the bookmakers, and I was surprised more didn't get involved, its every bit as good as dreamfooty, well I think so

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